Tuesday 4 February 2014

Ardath Tobacco (State Express 333 Cigarettes/Ardath Cork Cigarettes) - (A72-39B) Sports Champions


(A72-39B) Sports Champions
Ardath Tobacco
UK & New Zealand
50 cards (6 footballers)

The U.K. version is the one where the title is printed in one line on the back of the card and was issued with State Express 333 cigarettes, with the other version being issued in New Zealand. I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to Roger Pashby, as his Huddersfield Town website was the only place I could find good illustrations of cards from this set.
UPDATE (21-08-2022 12:48):  Glyn Roberts has kindly provided a complete list of all the cards in this collection to supplement my original list of footballers.

A72-39B Sports Champions (Title 1 line - State Express 333 Cigarettes) - UK
A72-39B Sports Champions (Title 2 lines - Ardath Cork Cigarettes) - New Zealand

1.  C.V. Grimmett (Cricket)
2.  Donald G Bradman (Cricket)
3.  Stanley Woods (Motor Cycling)
4.  H.W. Austin (Lawn Tennis)
5.  Fred Perry (Lawn Tennis)
6.  R. E. S. Wyatt (Cricket)
7.  J. Brough (Rugby League Football)
8.  Ft-Lt. G.H. Stanforth (Aviation)
9.  Steve Donoghue (Jockey)
10.  Sir Malcolm Campbell (Motoring)
11.  J.M. McKinlay (Bowls)
12.  Vic Huxley (Speedway Racing)
13.  Pam Barton  (Golf)
14.  J. Hampson  (Cricket)
15.  Hedley Verity  (Cricket)
16.  Tom Newman  (Billiards)
17.  Joe Davis  (Billiards)
18.  Nel Tarleton  (Boxing)
19.  Len Harvey  (Boxing)
20.  Jack Petersen  (Boxing)
21.  E.A. "Ted" Phelps  (Rowing)
22.  Tom Farndon  (Speedway Racing)
23.  Dorothy Round  (Tennis)
24.  Helen Jacobs  (Tennis)
25.  Enid Wilson  (Golf)
26.  R.Y. Fison  (Hockey)
27.  Thomas W Green  (Walking)
28.  T.O.M. Sopwith  (Yachting)
29.  E.H. Temme  (Swimming)
30.  James Sullivan  (Rugby League Football)
31.  H.G. Owen Smith  (Rugby Football)
32.  Gordon Richards  (Jockey)
33.  Harry Lind  (Rugby Football)
34.  Miss M.M. Scott  (Hockey)
35.  C. Smirke  (Jockey)
36.  F.W. Southall  (Cycling)
37.  H. Scott-Paine  (Motor Boat Racing)
38.  R.M.N. Tisdall  (Athletics - Hurling)
39.  T.H. Cotton  (Golf)
40.  J.E. Lovelock  (Athletics-Running)
41.  A.H. Padgham  (Golf)
42.  Doug Tomalin  (Diving)
43.  Peggy Scriven  (Lawn Tennis)
44.  Eileen Hiscock  (Athletics - Running)
45.  J. McGrory  (Association Football - Celtic)
46.  H. Hibbs  (Association Football - Birmingham)
47.  A. James  (Association Football - Arsenal)
48.  E. Brook  (Association Football - Manchester City)
49.  F.R. Goodall  (Association Football - Huddersfield Town)
50.  S. Crooks  (Association Football - Derby County)

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