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Carreras Ltd. - Famous Footballers (1935)


Famous Footballers
Carreras Ltd.

There are two versions, with nos. 25-48 re-drawn. Some of the more obvious differences are noted below.

1.  R. Hollingworth (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

2.  Dr.J. Marshall (West Ham United)
3.  W. Simpson (Nottingharn Forest)
4.  W. Cresswell (Everton)
5.  J. Simpson (Glasgow Rangers)
6.  D. Liddle (Leicester City)
7.  D. Thackeray (Plymouth Argyle)
8.  J. Bambrick (Chelsea)
9.  S. Weaver (Newcastle United)
10.  J.C. Burns (Brentford)
11.  W. Cook (Bolton Wanderers)
12.  C. Napier (Derby County)
13.  J. Bruton (Blackburn Rovers)
14.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
15.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
16.  J.G. Bestall (Grimsby Town)
17.  J. Milburn (Leeds United)
18.  E.J. Rimmer (Sheffield Wednesday)
19.  J. Holliday (Brentford)
20.  J. Connor (Sunderland)
21.  E. Hart (Leeds United)
22.  H. Gallacher (Derby County)
23.  G. Hunt (Tottenhan Hotspur)
24.  T. Cooper (Liverpool)
25.  J.H. Brown (Sheffield Wednesday)
26.  C.S. Bastin (Arsenal)
27.  J. Allen (Aston Villa)
28.  R. Mills (Chelsea )
29.  A. James (Arsenal)
30.  E. Blenkinsop (Liverpool)
31.  D.J. Astley (Aston Villa)
32.  T.W. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)
33.  J. Weddle (Portsmouth)
34.  L. Stoker (Birmingham)
35.  E.F. Brook (Manchester City)
36.  H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion)
37.  J.W. Barrett (West Ham United)
38.  H.E. Hibbs (Birmingham City)
39.  W.R. Dean (Everton)
40.  R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)
41.  W. McGonagle (Glasgow Celtic)
42.  F.R. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)
43.  A.F. Campbell (Huddersfield Town)
44.  E.M. Glover (Grimsby Town)
45.  S. Cowan (Manchester City)
46.  S.D. Crooks (Derby County)
47.  W. Evans (Tottenhan Hotspur)
48.  H.A. Davies (Stoke City)

Famous Footballers - errors/varieties

26.  C.S. Bastin (Arsenal) (facing forward)
26.  C.S. Bastin (Arsenal) (facing left, less hair)
27.  J. Allen (Aston Villa) (Facing forward)
27.  J. Allen (Aston Villa) (Facing left)
32.  T.W. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion) (white shirt/striped jacket)
32.  T.W. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion) (striped shirt)
33.  J. Weddle (Portsmouth) (facing lower left)
33.  J. Weddle (Portsmouth) (facing)
34.  L. Stoker (Birmingham) (light yellow background)
34.  L. Stoker (Birmingham) (purple background)
36.  H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion) (facing)
36.  H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion) (slight turn to right)
38.  H.E. Hibbs (Birmingham) (facing)
38.  H.E. Hibbs (Birmingham) (slight turn to right)
44.  E.M. Glover (Grimsby Town) (facing)
44.  E.M. Glover (Grimsby Town) (looking left)
45.  S. Cowan (Manchester City) (no transfer clause)
45.  S. Cowan (Manchester City) (with transfer clause (Bradford City))


  1. 25 J.H. Brown is Wednesday not United

    1. Thank you Paul, that's another one from the Half Time book.


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