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Bruguera (Spain) - Ases del Futbol (1952-53)

Ases del Futbol
192 cards

Ases del Futbol (plain back - Bruguera)
Ases del Futbol (Chocolates Yago, Cervera (Lérida))

Escudo (At. de Bilbao)
Carmelo (At. de Bilbao)
Orue (At. de Bilbao)
Areta (At. de Bilbao)
Garay (At. de Bilbao)
Manolín (At. de Bilbao)
Canito (At. de Bilbao)
Arteche (At. de Bilbao)
Venancio (At. de Bilbao)
Zarra Panizo (At. de Bilbao)
Gaínza (At. de Bilbao)
Escudo (At. de Madrid)
Montes (At. de Madrid)
Tinte (At. de Madrid)
Mencía (At. de Madrid)
Lozano (At. de Madrid)
Silva (At. de Madrid)
Hernández (At. de Madrid)
Miguel (At. de Madrid)
Ben Barek (At. de Madrid)
Escudero (At. de Madrid)
Carlsson (At. de Madrid)
Callejo (At. de Madrid)
Escudo (Celta de Vigo)
Simó (Celta de Vigo)
Juan Francisco (Celta de Vigo)
Lolín (Celta de Vigo)
Otero (Celta de Vigo)
Vilariño (Celta de Vigo)
Villar (Celta de Vigo)
Atienza (Celta de Vigo)
Hermida (Celta de Vigo)
Amoedo (Celta de Vigo)
Vázquez (Celta de Vigo)
Pineda (Celta de Vigo)
Escudo (C. de F. Barcelona)
Ramallets (C. de F. Barcelona)
Segarra (C. de F. Barcelona)
Biosca (C. de F. Barcelona)
Seguer (C. de F. Barcelona)
Gonzalvo III (C. de F. Barcelona)
Bosch (C. de F. Barcelona)
Basora (C. de F. Barcelona)
Kubala (C. de F. Barcelona)
César (C. de F. Barcelona)
Moreno (C. de F. Barcelona)
Manchón (C. de F. Barcelona)
Escudo (C.D. Málaga)
Vera (C.D. Málaga)
Becerril (C.D. Málaga)
Antúnez (C.D. Málaga)
Soto (C.D. Málaga)
Gutiérrez (C.D. Málaga)
Loli (C.D. Málaga)
Estruch (C.D. Málaga)
Bazán (C.D. Málaga)
Galacho (C.D. Málaga)
Rodríguez (C.D. Málaga)
San Emeterio (C.D. Málaga)
Escudo (F.C. Sevilla)
Bustos (F.C. Sevilla)
Guillamón (F.C. Sevilla)
Campanal (F.C. Sevilla)
Navarro (F.C. Sevilla)
Ramoni (F.C. Sevilla)
Enrique (F.C. Sevilla)
Mangui (F.C. Sevilla)
Arza (F.C. Sevilla)
Araujo (F.C. Sevilla)
Domenech (F.C. Sevilla)
Uncilla (F.C. Sevilla)
Escudo (Oviedo C.F.)
Argila (Oviedo C.F.)
Toni (Oviedo C.F.)
Diestro (Oviedo C.F.)
Celaya (Oviedo C.F.)
Pacheco (Oviedo C.F.)
Falín (Oviedo C.F.)
Salaverry (Oviedo C.F.)
Sara (Oviedo C.F.)
Areta (Oviedo C.F.)
Durán (Oviedo C.F.)
Basabe (Oviedo C.F.)
Escudo (Real Madrid)
J. Alonso (Real Madrid)
G. Alonso (Real Madrid)
Hon (Real Madrid)
Navarro (Real Madrid)
Zárraga (Real Madrid)
Montalvo (Real Madrid)
Olmedo (Real Madrid)
Joseíto (Real Madrid)
Pahiño (Real Madrid)
Molowny (Real Madrid)
Arsuaga (Real Madrid)
Escudo (R.C.D. Coruña)
Acuña (R.C.D. Coruña)
Clemente (R.C.D. Coruña)
Ponte (R.C.D. Coruña)
Rodolfo (R.C.D. Coruña)
Ríos (R.C.D. Coruña)
Cuenca (R.C.D. Coruña)
Corcuera (R.C.D. Coruña)
Lechuga (R.C.D. Coruña)
Arsenio (R.C.D. Coruña)
Moll (R.C.D. Coruña)
Tino (R.C.D. Coruña)
Escudo (R.C.D. Español)
Domingo (R.C.D. Español)
Argilés (R.C.D. Español)
Parra (R.C.D. Español)
Cata (R.C.D. Español)
Artigas (R.C.D. Español)
Bolinches (R.C.D. Español)
Arcas (R.C.D. Español)
Marcet (R.C.D. Español)
Mauri (R.C.D. Español)
Piquín (R.C.D. Español)
Egea (R.C.D. Español)
Escudo (R.D. Valladolid)
Goicolea (R.D. Valladolid)
Matito (R.D. Valladolid)
Lesmes I (R.D. Valladolid)
Losco (R.D. Valladolid)
Ortega (R.D. Valladolid)
Lasala (R.D. Valladolid)
Domingo (R.D. Valladolid)
Coque (R.D. Valladolid)
Morro (R.D. Valladolid)
Lolo (R.D. Valladolid)
Tini (R.D. Valladolid)
Escudo (Real Gijón)
Sión (Real Gijón)
Tamayo (Real Gijón)
Cástulo (Real Gijón)
Ladreda (Real Gijón)
Molinuco (Real Gijón)
Medina (Real Gijón)
Cholo (Real Gijón)
Ortiz (Real Gijón)
Prendes (Real Gijón)
Grau (Real Gijón)
Sánchez (Real Gijón)
Escudo (Real Santander)
Juanito (Real Santander)
Marquitos (Real Santander)
Barrenechea (Real Santander)
Farias (Real Santander)
Villita (Real Santander)
Nando (Real Santander)
Macala (Real Santander)
Martínez (Real Santander)
Jaro (Real Santander)
Alsua (Real Santander)
Mayoub (Real Santander)
Escudo (Real Sociedad)
Eizaguirre (Real Sociedad)
Murillo (Real Sociedad)
Suárez (Real Sociedad)
Pérez (Real Sociedad)
Ontoria (Real Sociedad)
Artigas (Real Sociedad)
Epi (Real Sociedad)
Carlos (Real Sociedad)
Barinaga (Real Sociedad)
Igoa (Real Sociedad)
Echeveste (Real Sociedad)
Escudo (Real Zaragoza)
Pita (Real Zaragoza)
Jugo (Real Zaragoza)
Cantero (Real Zaragoza)
Gonzalvo II (Real Zaragoza)
Bello (Real Zaragoza)
Samu (Real Zaragoza)
Pitarch (Real Zaragoza)
Atienza (Real Zaragoza)
Sarossy (Real Zaragoza)
Tacoronte (Real Zaragoza)
Nogueras (Real Zaragoza)
Escudo (Valencia C. de F.)
Quique (Valencia C. de F.)
Mañó (Valencia C. de F.)
Sendra (Valencia C. de F.)
Díaz (Valencia C. de F.)
Paquito (Valencia C. de F.)
Puchades (Valencia C. de F.)
Buqué (Valencia C. de F.)
Monzó (Valencia C. de F.)
Fuertes (Valencia C. de F.)
Pasieguito (Valencia C. de F.)
Seguí (Valencia C. de F.)

Dubreq / Top Trumps - World Cup '78

World Cup '78
Dubreq / Top Trumps
32 cards

Americo Gallego (Argentina)
Daniel Ortiz (Argentina)
Daniel Killer (Argentina)
Paulo Cesar (Brazil)
Alberto Rivelino (Brazil)
Ze Maria (Brazil)
Christian Lopez (France)
Michel Platini (France)
Dominique Rocheteau (France)
Marius Treson (France) (sic - Tresor)
Rudi Krol (Holland)
Johan Neeskens (Holland)
Jan Peters (Holland)
Robbie Rensenbrink (Holland)
Ali Parvin (Iran)
Antonioni (Italy)
Roberto Betega (Italy)
Claudio Gentile (Italy)
Dino Zoff (Italy)
Deyna (Poland)
Szamach (Poland)
Tomaszewski (Poland)
Kenny Dalglish (Scotland)
Willie Donachie (Scotland)
Archie Gemmill (Scotland)
Asa Hartford (Scotland)
Lou Macari (Scotland)
Ralf Edstrom (Sweden)
Bonhof (West Germany)
Uli Hoeness (West Germany)
Sepp Maier (West Germany)
Berti Vogts (West Germany)

A&BC - (AAB-070) Bazooka Joe and his Gang

(AAB-070) Bazooka Joe and his Gang

60 cards

A set of 60 cards, none of the comics feature football but there was a range of offers available including footballs and football pennants.

23.  Football Pennant
24.  Football
35.  Football
37.  Football Pennant
54.  Football
57.  Football Pennant

Pacific Trading Cards - MISL (1989-90) (02) - Error card - Scoop Stanisic

Pacific Trading Cards
110 cards

The card on the left depicts Scott Manning.

34.  Scoop Stanisic (Baltimore Blast)  -  error  -  photo of Scott Manning
34.  Scoop Stanisic (Baltimore Blast)  -  correct

Panini America - 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Wrapper Redemption (06) - Sketch Cards

2018 National Sports Collectors Convention Wrapper Redemption
Panini America
150/175 cards

Also included in the silver packets are sketch cards, 150 regular cards and 175 thick cards. The 'artists' are a selection of basketball players, baseball players and NFL stars. Each card has a drawing on the front and the players signature on the back. This card is probably the only one which relates to football, as French NBA rookie Élie Okobo, who plays for Phoenix Suns, takes the opportunity to celebrate France winning the World Cup.

Élie Okobo (Phoenix Suns) - Sketch card  1/1

RetroCrafts - League Ladders 2018/19 - German Football League

League Ladders 2018/19 - German Football League
56 team tabs


FC Augsburg
Hertha BSC
Werder Bremen
Borussia Dortmund
Fortuna Düsseldorf
Eintracht Frankfurt
SC Freiburg
Hannover 96
1899 Hoffenheim
RB Leipzig
Bayer Leverkusen
Mainz 05
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Bayern Munich
1. FC Nürnberg
Schalke 04
VfB Stuttgart
VfL Wolfsburg


Erzgebirge Aue
Union Berlin
Arminia Bielefeld
VfL Bochum
Darmstadt 98
Dynamo Dresden
MSV Duisburg
SpVgg Greuther Fürth
Hamburger SV
1. FC Heidenheim
FC Ingolstadt
Holstein Kiel
1. FC Köln
1. FC Magdeburg
SC Paderborn
Jahn Regensburg
SV Sandhausen
FC St. Pauli


VfR Aalen
Eintracht Braunschweig
Energie Cottbus
SG Sonnenhof Großaspach
Hallescher FC
Carl Zeiss Jena
1. FC Kaiserslautern
Karlsruher SC
Fortuna Köln
Sportfreunde Lotte
SV Meppen
1860 Munich
Preußen Münster
VfL Osnabrück
Hansa Rostock
KFC Uerdingen
SpVgg Unterhaching
SV Wehen Wiesbaden
Würzburger Kickers
FSV Zwickau

Urawa Red Diamonds / 浦和レッズ - Urawa Red Diamonds Official Matchday Cards (2006)

Urawa Red Diamonds Official Matchday Cards
Urawa Red Diamonds / 浦和レッズ
20? cards

I don't have a checklist for this collection so I thought I'd just add this one card in the hope that someone will be able to provide further information about the 2006 cards.

160.  2006.09.23.  Yuichiro Nagai (v. Shimizu S-Pulse)

160.  2006.09.23.  永井 雄一郎 (v. 清水エスパルス)

froggx / stick in (Germany) - FC Jura 05 (2014-15)

FC Jura 05
froggx / stick in
200+ stickers

A locally issued sticker album that I don't have a checklist for.

Topps - Topps NOW Bundesliga (2018-19) - The Road To Kick Off (02)

Topps NOW Bundesliga - The Road To Kick Off
15 cards per team

Some more cards - Amine Hart (FC Schake 04), Jean-Kévin Augustin and Kevin Kampl (RB Leipzig), Renato Sanches (FC Bayern München) and Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund).

Friday 17 August 2018

Oliveira & Benassi (Brazil) - Balas Equipe (1957) (02)

Balas Equipe
Oliveira & Benassi
220 stickers

Gabriele Fraulini provided a partial checklist for this rare Brazilian album earlier this year. Rod has now provided a great deal of information about this collection, filling in all the missing names for the first 9 teams and all except 4 stickers for the remaining 11 teams. So that leaves just 118, 139, 148 and 162 left to identify.
UPDATE (05-09-2018 13:29):  Paul Bowditch has been researching this collection and has been able to confirm that the album was issued prior to the 1958 World Cup. Two World Cup winners made high profile moves just after the 1958 World Cup - Vava (#64) left Vasco Da Gama for Atlético Madrid and Jose Altafini (Mazzola #97) left Palmeiras for AC Milan. Both transfers happened just after the World Cup in time for the 1958/59 season. Also, two players left their clubs in 1957 -  Cabacao (Luis Morais #67) left Portuguesa during the 1957 season and Claudio Pinho (#29) left Corinthians and joined São Paulo FC sometime after the 1957 and before the 1958 season commenced.
Paul has also been able to identify two of the four missing stickers.
UPDATE (15-02-2020 17:11):  This checklist is now complete, thanks to Peter for providing the last two names.

1.  Poy (S. Paulo F.C.)
2.  De Sordi (S. Paulo F.C.)
3.  Mauro (S. Paulo F.C.)
4.  Dino (S. Paulo F.C.)
5.  Vitor (S. Paulo F.C.)
6.  Riberto (S. Paulo F.C.)
7.  Maurinho (S. Paulo F.C.)
8.  Amauri (S. Paulo F.C.)
9.  Gino (S. Paulo F.C.)
10.  Zizinho (S. Paulo F.C.)
11.  Canhoteiro (S. Paulo F.C.)
12.  Amauri (Botafogo de F.R.)
13.  Ronald (Botafogo de F.R.)
14.  Tome (Botafogo de F.R.)
15.  Pampolini (Botafogo de F.R.)
16.  Servilhio (Botafogo de F.R.)
17.  N. Santos (Botafogo de F.R.)
18.  Garrincha (Botafogo de F.R.)
19.  Didi (Botafogo de F.R.)
20.  Paulinho (Botafogo de F.R.)
21.  Edson (Botafogo de F.R.)
22.  Quiarentinha (Botafogo de F.R.)
23.  Gilmar (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
24.  Olavo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
25.  Alfredo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
26.  Idario (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
27.  Walmir (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
28.  Oreco (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
29.  Claudio (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
30.  Luizinho (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
31.  Indio (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
32.  Rafael (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
33.  Zague (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
34.  Castilho (Fluminense F.C.)
35.  Caca (Fluminense F.C.)
36.  Pinheiro (Fluminense F.C.)
37.  Jair (Fluminense F.C.)
38.  Cloves (Fluminense F.C.)
39.  Paulo (Fluminense F.C.)
40.  Tele (Fluminense F.C.)
41.  Leo (Fluminense F.C.)
42.  Valdo (Fluminense F.C.)
43.  J. Francisco (Fluminense F.C.)
44.  Escurinho (Fluminense F.C.)
45.  Veludo (Santos F.C.)
46.  Getulio (Santos F.C.)
47.  Dalmo (Santos F.C.)
48.  Fiotti (Santos F.C.)
49.  Ramiro (Santos F.C.)
50.  Zito (Santos F.C.)
51.  Tite (Santos F.C.)
52.  Alvaro (Santos F.C.)
53.  Pagao (Santos F.C.)
54.  Pelé (Santos F.C.)
55.  Pepe (Santos F.C.)
56.  C. Alberto (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
57.  Paulinho (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
58.  Beline (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
59.  Laerte (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
60.  Orlando (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
61.  Coronel (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
62.  Sabara (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
63.  Livinho (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
64.  Vava (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
65.  Rubens (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
66.  Pinga (C.R. Vasco Da Gama)
67.  Cabeção (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
68.  D. Santos (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
69.  Juths (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
70.  M. Ferreira  (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
71.  Herminio (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
72.  Odorico (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
73.  Amaral (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
74.  Ipojucan (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
75.  Alfeu (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
76.  Ocimar (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
77.  Raul (A. Portuguesa De Desportos)
78.  Fernando (C.R. Flamengo)
79.  Jober (C.R. Flamengo)
80.  Pavao (C.R. Flamengo)
81.  Jadir (C.R. Flamengo)
82.  Dequinha (C.R. Flamengo)
83.  Jordan (C.R. Flamengo)
84.  Joel (C.R. Flamengo)
85.  Paulinho (C.R. Flamengo)
86.  Henrique (C.R. Flamengo)
87.  Dida (C.R. Flamengo)
88.  Zagalo (C.R. Flamengo)
89.  Edgar (S.E. Palmeiras)
90.  Mucio (S.E. Palmeiras)
91.  Martins (S.E. Palmeiras)
92.  Maurinho (S.E. Palmeiras)
93.  Fiume (S.E. Palmeiras)
94.  Dema (S.E. Palmeiras)
95.  Renatinho (S.E. Palmeiras)
96.  Nilo (S.E. Palmeiras)
97.  Mazzola (S.E. Palmeiras)
98.  Caraballo (S.E. Palmeiras)
99.  Tati (S.E. Palmeiras)
100.  Pompeia (America F.C.)
101.  Lucio (America F.C.)
102.  Edson (America F.C.)
103.  Rubens (America F.C.)
104.  Maneco (America F.C.)
105.  Helio (America F.C.)
106.  Canario (America F.C.)
107.  Alarcon (America F.C.)
108.  Leonidas (America F.C.)
109.  J. Carlos (America F.C.)
110.  Ferreira (America F.C.)
111.  Machado (Botafogo F.C.)
112.  Julião I (Botafogo F.C.)
113.  Sula (Botafogo F.C.)
114.  Diogines (Botafogo F.C.)
115.  Julião II (Botafogo F.C.)
116.  Dicão (Botafogo F.C.)
117.  Zezé (Botafogo F.C.)
118.  Nico (Botafogo F.C.)   -   added 15-02-2020
119.  Mairipora (Botafogo F.C.)
120.  Moreno (Botafogo F.C.)
121.  Helio (Botafogo F.C.)
122.  Nadinho (Bangu A.C.)
123.  Darci I (Bangu A.C.)
124.  Darci II (Bangu A.C.)
125.  Nilton (Bangu A.C.)
126.  Zozimo (Bangu A.C.)
127.  Alcides (Bangu A.C.)
128.  Calazans (Bangu A.C.)
129.  Ubaldo (Bangu A.C.)
130.  Hilton (Bangu A.C.)
131.  Mario (Bangu A.C.)
132.  Luiz Carlos (Bangu A.C.)
133.  Fernandes (A.A. Ponte Preta)
134.  Bruninho (A.A. Ponte Preta)
135.  Pirani (A.A. Ponte Preta)
136.  Pitico (A.A. Ponte Preta)
137.  Carlito (A.A. Ponte Preta)
138.  Carlinhos (A.A. Ponte Preta)
139.  Noca (A.A. Ponte Preta)   -   added 05-09-2018   -   thanks to Paul Bowditch
140.  Airton (A.A. Ponte Preta)
141.  Paulinho (A.A. Ponte Preta)
142.  Bibe (A.A. Ponte Preta)
143.  Adamastor (A.A. Ponte Preta)
144.  Garcia (Canto do Rio F.C.)
145.  Paulo (Canto do Rio F.C.)
146.  Ismael (Canto do Rio F.C.)
147.  Vitor (Canto do Rio F.C.)
148.  Dodoca (Canto do Rio F.C.)   -   added 15-02-2020
149.  Floriano (Canto do Rio F.C.)
150.  Caboclo (Canto do Rio F.C.)
151.  Celio (Canto do Rio F.C.)
152.  Mituca (Canto do Rio F.C.)
153.  Osmar (Canto do Rio F.C.)
154.  Pinheiro (Canto do Rio F.C.)
155.  Canarinho (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
156.  Idearte (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
157.  C. Renzi (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
158.  Biglia (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
159.  Drace (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
160.  Geraldo (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
161.  Arlindo (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
162.  Luizinho (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)   -   added 05-09-2018   -   thanks to Paul Bowditch
163.  Xixico (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
164.  Gatao (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
165.  Nelsinho (E.C. XV De Novembro de Piracicaba)
166.  Barbosinha (A.C. Jabaquara)
167.  Ivan (A.C. Jabaquara)
168.  Sarno (A.C. Jabaquara)
169.  D. Pedro (A.C. Jabaquara)
170.  China (A.C. Jabaquara)
171.  Miguel (A.C. Jabaquara)
172.  Washington (A.C. Jabaquara)
173.  Helio (A.C. Jabaquara)
174.  Baltazar (A.C. Jabaquara)
175.  Melão (A.C. Jabaquara)
176.  Ari (A.C. Jabaquara)
177.  Aparecido (A.A. Portuguesa)
178.  Gerolino (A.A. Portuguesa)
179.  Jorge (A.A. Portuguesa)
180.  Carlito (A.A. Portuguesa)
181.  Perinho (A.A. Portuguesa)
182.  Henrique (A.A. Portuguesa)
183.  Robertinho (A.A. Portuguesa)
184.  Guilherme (A.A. Portuguesa)
185.  Bota (A.A. Portuguesa)
186.  Grilo (A.A. Portuguesa)
187.  Jari (A.A. Portuguesa)
188.  Julião (E.C. Noroeste)
189.  Pedro (E.C. Noroeste)
190.  Pierre (E.C. Noroeste)
191.  Fernando (E.C. Noroeste)
192.  Gaspar (E.C. Noroeste)
193.  Vila (E.C. Noroeste)
194.  Nivaldo (E.C. Noroeste)
195.  Felião (E.C. Noroeste)
196.  Wilson (E.C. Noroeste)
197.  Nestor (E.C. Noroeste)
198.  Ismar (E.C. Noroeste)
199.  Bonelli (E.C. Taubate)
200.  Rubens (E.C. Taubate)
201.  Porunga (E.C. Taubate)
202.  Orlando Maia (E.C. Taubate)
203.  Zé Américo (E.C. Taubate)
204.  Ivan (E.C. Taubate)
205.  Alcino (E.C. Taubate)
206.  Taino (E.C. Taubate)
207.  Gato (E.C. Taubate)
208.  Mario (E.C. Taubate)
209.  Valdo (E.C. Taubate)
210.  Aldo (Comercial F.C.)
211.  Alan (Comercial F.C.)
212.  Saverio (Comercial F.C.)
213.  Elpidio (Comercial F.C.)
214.  Antoninho (Comercial F.C.)
215.  Diogo (Comercial F.C.)
216.  Vicente (Comercial F.C.)
217.  Zé Carlos (Comercial F.C.)
218.  Tico (Comercial F.C.)
219.  Dema (Comercial F.C.)
220.  Oswaldo (Comercial F.C.)

Question of Sport - Question of Sport ~ 1996 Edition

Question of Sport ~ 1996 Edition
Question of Sport
100 cards (26 football)

Kyle Colip has provided a checklist of the picture cards in this edition of Question of Sport board game.
UPDATE (12-09-2018 16:48):  Two further cards added, making a full set of 100 cards, thanks again to Kyle Colip.

Adrian Moorhouse (Swimming)
Alain Prost (Motor Racing) - Playing Golf
Alec Stewart (Cricket)
Allison Fisher (Billiards)
Andre Agassi (Tennis)
Andy Townsend (Football)
Ben Johnson (Athletics)
Bernard Gallacher (Golf)
Bernhard Langer (Golf)
Boris Becker (Tennis)
Brian Lara (Cricket)
Brian Moore (Rugby)
Bruce Grobbelaar (Football)
Bryan Roy (Football)
Carlos Sainz (Motor Racing)
Carlton Palmer (Football)
Chris Eubank (Boxing)
Chris Waddle (Football)
Chris Woods (Football)
Damon Hill (Motor Racing)
David Campese (Rugby)
David Coulthard (Motor Racing)
David Ginola (Football)
David Platt (Football)
Dean Richards (Rugby)
Duncan Shearer (Football)
Ernie Els (Golf)
Evander Holyfield (Boxing)
Frank Bruno (Boxing)
Frankie Dettori (Horse Racing)
Fred Couples (Golf)
Gabriela Sabatini (Tennis)
Garth Crooks (Football)
Gary Lineker (Football)
Gavin Hastings (Rugby)
Geoffrey Boycott (Cricket)
Gerhard Berger (Motor Racing)
Gerry Francis (Football)
Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis)
Gordon Durie (Football)
Graeme Le Saux (Football)
Graham Taylor (Football)
Greg Norman (Golf)
Herbie Hide (Boxing)
Ian Botham (Cricket)
Ian Wright (Football)
Jackie Stewart (Motor Racing) - Playing Golf
Jana Novotna (Tennis)
Jason Leonard (Rugby)
Jayne Torvill/Christopher Dean (Ice Skating)
Jeremy Guscott (Rugby)
Jim Courier (Tennis)
Joakim Haeggman (Golf)
John Barnes (Football)
John McEnroe (Tennis)
John Parrott (Billiards)
Johnny Herbert (Motor Racing)
Jonathan Davies (Rugby)
Jose Maria Olazabel (Golf)
Kate Staples (Athletics)
Katrin Krabbe (Athletics)
Lester Piggot (Horse Racing)
Magic Johnson (Basketball)
Mark Spitz (Athletics)
Martin Brundle (Motor Racing)
Martin Offiah (Rugby)
Martina Navratilova (Tennis)
Matthew Le Tissier (Football)
Michael Atherton (Cricket)
Michael Schumacher (Motor Racing)
Monica Seles (Tennis)
Muhammed Ali (Boxing)
Nick Faldo (Golf)
Nigel Benn (Boxing)
Nigel Clough (Football)
Nigel Mansell (Motor Racing)
Paul Gascoigne (Football)   -   added 12-09-2018
Paul McGrath (Football)
Payne Stewart (Golf)
Phil Tufnell (Cricket)
Philip DeFreitas (Cricket)
Rob Andrew (Rugby)
Roger Milla (Football)
Rory Underwood (Rugby) - Playing Golf
Sandy Lyle (Golf)
Sean Kelly (Cycling)
Severiano Ballesteros (Golf)
Shane Warne (Cricket)
Stefan Edberg (Tennis)
Stefan Schwartz (Football)
Steffi Graf (Tennis)
Steve Elkington (Golf)   -   added 12-09-2018
Steve Ogrizovic (Football)
Stuart Pearce (Football)
Terry Phelan (Football)
Tony Underwood (Rugby) - Playing Golf
Va'Aiga Tuigamala (Rugby)
Warren Hegg (Cricket)
Wes Hall (Cricket)
Will Carling (Rugby)

Lidl / Football Bubble Gum - Football (Crazy Football)

Lidl / Football Bubble Gum
Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
20 stickers

These sheets use the same illustrations as the Dunkin Crazy Football stickers also issued in 1998. Nos. 4 and 6 are missing from the checklist.

1.  Ivan Zamorano (Chile) (61) & Youri Djorkaeff (France) (9)
2.  Oliver Bierhoff (Germany) (22) & Roberto Baggio (Italy) (15)
3.  Cafu (Brazil) (2) & Fernando Couto (Portugal) (37)
5.  Didier Deschamps (France) (8) & Anton Polster (Austria) (44)
7.  ????? (50) & Paul Gascoigne (England) (23)
8.  Didier Deschamps (France) (11) & Andriy Shevchenko (Russia) (33)
9.  Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) (19) & Francisco ‘Kiko’ Narváez  (Spain) (12)
10.  ????? (53) & Patrick Kluivert (Holland) (30)
11.  Paolo Maldini (Italy) (17) & Yordan Lechkov (Bulgaria) (39)
12.  Ally McCoist (Scotland) (54) & Lothar Mattheus (Germany) (20 - without the helmet)
13.  Gheorghe Hagi (Romania) (46) & Florin Radicioiu (Romania) (45)
14.  Raul (Spain) (13) & Robert Carlos (Brazil) (5)
15.  Ronaldo (Brazil) (4) & Rui Costa (Portugal) (38)
16.  Dejan Savicevic (Yugoslavia) (34) & Clarence Seedorf (Holland) (31)
17.  Rafael Alkorta (Spain) (14) & Alan Shearer (England) (25)
18.  Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) (40) & Davor Suker (Croatia) (58)
19.  Matthias Sammer (Germany) (21) & ????? (59)
20.  Edwin van der Sar (Holland) (32) & Gianfranco Zola (Italy) (18)