Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Topps - Match Attax 2018/19 (005) - Club Badges

Match Attax 2018/19
500+ cards

Topps have provided a sneak peek at some of the Club Badge cards and I am very grateful to them for including Cardiff City in this preview.

1.  Club Badge (AFC Bournemouth)
19.  Club Badge (Arsenal)
37.  Club Badge (Brighton & Hove Albion)
55.  Club Badge (Burnley)
73.  Club Badge (Cardiff City)
91.  Club Badge (Chelsea)
109.  Club Badge (Crystal Palace)
127.  Club Badge (Everton)
145.  Club Badge (Fulham)
163.  Club Badge (Huddersfield Town)
181.  Club Badge (Leicester City)
199.  Club Badge (Liverpool)
217.  Club Badge (Manchester City)
235.  Club Badge (Manchester United)
253.  Club Badge (Newcastle United)
271.  Club Badge (Southampton)
289.  Club Badge (Tottenham Hotspur)
307.  Club Badge (Watford)
325.  Club Badge (West Ham United)
343.  Club Badge (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Nice to see Topps have finally realised that Arsenal comes before Bournemouth alphabetically.

  2. I was disappointed when they changed from Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic. But I think the numbering is wrong here, sorry.

  3. Funnily enough Match Attax is becoming the definitive collection of choice. The cheapest way to collect the most players in any given season and a good record of kits worn. As a last measure they can even be given to the kids to play with. :)

    1. Hi Nik,

      I suppose you are right, but I'm a purist... I just wish they'd dump all the game stuff on the backs of the cards, but I know that will never happen. Like all big business it's all to do with making the most money from least effort.



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