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Palitoy - Top Team

 The case that holds the cards

Arsenal - Top Team
Aston Villa - Top Team
Everton - Top Team
Liverpool - Top Team
Manchester City - Top Team
Manchester United - Top Team
Nottingham Forest - Top Team
Tottenham Hotspur - Top Team
11 players per team

Arsenal - Top Team
Frank Stapleton
Malcolm Macdonald
Alan Sunderland
Graham Rix
David Price
Liam Brady
Wilie Young
Sammy Nelson
David O'Leary
Pat Rice
Pat Jennings

Aston Villa - Top Team
Andy Gray
John Deehan
Brian Little
Gordon Cowans
Dennis Mortimer
Tom Craig
Ken McNaught
John Gidman
Gordon Smith
Alan Evans
Jimmy Rimmer

Everton - Top Team
Martin Dobson
Bob Latchford
Mike Lyons
Mike Pejic
Dave Thomas
Colin Todd
Mick Walsh
Billy Wright
George Wood
Andy King
Geoff Nulty

Liverpool - Top Team
Phil Neal
Jimmy Case
Emlyn Hughes
Phil Thompson
Ray Kennedy
Terry McDermott
Kenny Dalglish
Steve Heighway
Graeme Souness
Alan Kennedy
Ray Clemence

Manchester City - Top Team
Paul Futcher
Wilie Donachie
Joe Corrigan
Mick Channon
Peter Barnes
Brian Kidd
Asa Hartford
Dave Watson
Gary Owen
Kenny Clements
Colin Viljoen

Manchester United - Top Team
Joe Jordan
Steve Coppell
Jimmy Greenhoff
Paddy Roche
Martin Buchan
Brian Greenhoff
Lou Macari
Gordon McQueen
Sammy McIlroy

Nottingham Forest - Top Team
John Robertson
Tony Woodcock
Garry Birtles
Kenny Burns
Larry Lloyd
Viv Anderson
John McGovern
Archie Gemmill
Martin O'Neill
Peter Shilton

Tottenham Hotspur - Top Team
Colin Lee
Ricardo Villa
Peter Taylor
Steve Perryman
Oswaldo Ardiles
Glenn Hoddle
John Lacy
Jim Holmes
Don McAllister
Terry Naylor
Barry Daines

Other cards
Free Kick
Play On
Play On

Jeans Fussball / Panini - Football Club Badges - United Kingdom


Football Club Badges
Jeans Fussball / Panini
40 stickers

This checklist comprises of the first set of Jean's Fussball cards, with many more British clubs, issued in the United Kingdom. I'm not sure if these were issued elsewhere.
Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Bristol City
Glasgow Celtic
Coventry City
Crystal Palace
Derby County
Ipswich Town
Leeds United
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Queens Park Rangers
Glasgow Rangers
Sheffield United
Stoke City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United
Real Madrid
Inter Milan
A.S. Roma
R.S.C. Anderlecht
F.C. Brugge

Cohen, Weenen & Co. ~ Sweet Crop Cigarettes - Celebrities ~ Cricketers, Footballers & Jockeys


Celebrities ~ Cricketers, Footballers & Jockeys
Cohen, Weenen & Co. ~ Sweet Crop Cigarettes
22 (7 footballers)

There are over 250 cards in the complete set, but the sporting personalities are usually listed as a sub-set. These cards can be found in two versions, as detailed below. All the cards are very rare. There are really only six footballers in the collection, C.B. Fry is included even though he appears as a cricketer. He was a famous all-rounder who also player football for Southampton.

Cricketers, Footballers & Jockeys (caption in Brown)

Cricketers, Footballers & Jockeys (caption in Grey-black)

C.B. Fry (as cricketer) (Southampton)
W.C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
H. Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal)
J. Cowan (Aston Villa)
G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
F. Wheldon (Aston Villa)
W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)

The Book of Football - England's New Internationals

England's New Internationals
The Book of Football
9 cameos

Chris Lee has sent in photographs of the rest of the pages, similar to those featured previously, from The Book of Football. I will include them all over the next few days. Check out Chris' Reading F.C. website - The Biscuitmen: Reading Football Card Homepage

England's New Internationals
H. Ruddlesdin (Sheffield Wednesday)
H.P. Hardman (Everton)
R. Bond (Preston North End)
Herbert Smith (Reading)
J.V. Bache (Aston Villa)
C. Roberts (Manchester United)
H.J. Linacre (Notts Forest)
A. Bridgett (Sunderland)
F. Booth (Manchester City)

Golden Wonder - GOI-1-1 Soccer All Stars

GOI-1-1 Soccer All Stars
Golden Wonder
24 cards

Date amended to 1977 (from 1978) and scans of the album cover added, courtesy of Martin Bennett. The back of the album states 'First issue' but I'm not aware of a second one.

1.  Martin Buchan (Manchester United)
2.  Mick Channon (Southampton)
3.  Steve Highway (Liverpool)
4.  Joe Royle (Manchester City)
5.  Dennis Tueart (Manchester City)
6.  Ray Wilkins (Chelsea)
7.  Lou Macari (Manchester United)
8.  Malcolm MacDonald (Arsenal)
9.  Liam Brady (Arsenal)
10.  Don Masson (Queens Park Rangers)
11.  John Toshack (Liverpool)
12.  Gerry Francis (Queens Park Rangers)
13.  Alfie Conn (Glasgow Celtic)
14.  Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town)
15.  Peter Shilton (Stoke City)
16.  Leighton James (Derby County)
17.  Bruce Rioch (Everton)
18.  Martin Peters (Norwich City)
19.  Derek Parlane (Glasgow Rangers)
20.  Ray Clemence (Liverpool)
21.  Kenny Dalglish (Glasgow Celtic)
22.  Frank Worthington (Leicester City)
23.  Joe Jordan (Leeds United)
24.  Trevor Francis (Birmingham City)

Topps - TOH-10 Football Posters

TOH-10 Football Posters
18 posters

These posters are folded twice to fit inside the packets of cards that they came with. The cards came in strips of three and had pink backs.

1.  Ray Clemence (Liverpool)
2.  Peter Shilton (Nottingham Forest)
3.  Phil Neal (Liverpool)
4.  Kenny Burns (Nottingham Forest)
5.  Dave Watson (Southampton)
6.  Viv Anderson (Nottingham Forest)
7.  Terry Yorath (Tottenham Hotspur)
8.  Glenn Hoddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
9.  Ray Wilkins (Manchester United)
10.  Joe Jordan (Manchester United)
11.  Trevor Brooking (West Ham United)
12.  Frank Stapleton (Arsenal)
13.  Kevin Reeves (Manchester City)
14.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
15.  Brian Flynn (Leeds United)
16.  Paul Mariner (Ipswich Town)
17.  Kevin Keegan (Southampton)
18.  Andy Gray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Ogden's Cigarettes - AFC Nicknames

AFC Nicknames
Ogden's Cigarettes

This set was reprinted a while ago. The set was also issued by Hignett Bros. & Co.

Ogden's Cigarettes - AFC Nicknames
Hignett Bros. & Co. - AFC Nicknames
Imperial Publishing Ltd. - AFC Nicknames (Reprinted in 1996)
Phoenix Postcards - AFC Nicknames (Reprinted as postcards in 2012)

1.  Arsenal
2.  Aston Villa
3.  Barnsley
4.  Birmingham
5.  Blackburn Rovers
6.  Bolton Wanderers
7.  Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic
8.  Brentford
9.  Bristol City
10.  Bristol Rovers
11.  Bury
12.  Chelsea
13.  Clapton Orient
14.  Crystal Palace
15.  Darlington
16.  Derby County
17.  Everton
18.  Exeter City
19.  Fulham
20.  Grimsby Town
21.  Hull City
22.  Leicester City
23.  Lincoln City
24.  Liverpool
25.  Luton Town
26.  Manchester City
27.  Millwall
28.  New Brighton
29.  Newcastle United
30.  Northampton Town
31.  Norwich City
32.  Nottingham Forest
33.  Notts County
34.  Oldham Athletic
35.  Plymouth Argyle
36.  Portsmouth
37.  Preston North End
38.  Reading
39.  Sheffield United
40.  Sheffield Wednesday
41.  Southampton
42.  Stockport County
43.  Stoke City
44.  Swansea Town
45.  Swindon Town
46.  Sunderland
47.  Tottenham Hotspur
48.  West Bromwich Albion
49.  West Ham United
50.  Wolverhampton Wanderers

AFC Nicknames - errors/varieties

22.  Leicester City - founded 1844 (on the back)
22.  Leicester City - founded 1884 (on the back)

Friday 27 December 2013

Primrose Confectionery - PRI-190/PRI-5 Famous Footballers - F.B.S.1

PRI-190/PRI-5 Famous Footballers - F.B.S.1
Primrose Confectionery
50 cards

A collection of cards given away in packets of sweet cigarettes. The illustration shows two Welsh goalkeepers, Graham Vearncombe of Cardiff City and Arsenbal's Jack Kelsey.

1.  Ronnie Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)
2.  Norman Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
3.  Ronnie Allen (Stoke City)
4.  Jimmy Murray (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
5.  Graham Vearncombe (Cardiff City)
6.  Don Howe (West Bromwich Albion)
7.  Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
8.  Maurice Setters (Manchester United)
9.  Peter Brabrook (Chelsea)
10.  John Sydenham (Southampton)
11.  Denis Law (Manchester City)
12.  Jack Charlton (Leeds United)
13.  Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
14.  Peter Swan (Sheffield Wednesday)
15.  Jim Iley (Nottingham Forest)
16.  Maurice Norman (Tottenham Hotspur)
17.  Stevens (Bolton Wanderers)
18.  Ray Wilson (Huddersfield Town)
19.  Tommy Harmer (Tottenham Hotspur)
20.  Joe Haverty (Arsenal)
21.  Vic Groves (Arsenal)
22.  Mel Nurse (Swansea Town)
23.  Gerry Harris (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
24.  Pat Saward (Aston Villa)
25.  Tony Knapp (Leicester City)
26.  George Eastham (Newcastle United)
27.  Dennis Viollet (Manchester United)
28.  Peter Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
30.  Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
31.  Brian Clough (Middlesbrough)
32.  Harry Gregg (Manchester United)
33.  Bert Trautmann (Manchester City)
34.  Peter McParland (Aston Villa)
35.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
36.  Bobby Robson (West Bromwich Albion)
37.  Charlie Hurley (Sunderland)
38.  Derek Kevan (West Bromwich Albion)
39.  Jack Kelsey (Arsenal)
39.  Jimmy McIlroy (Burnley)
40.  Eddie Hopkinson (Bolton Wanderers)
41.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
42.  Bryan Douglas (Blackburn Rovers)
43.  Danny Blanchflower (Tottenham Hotspur)
44.  Bill Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
45.  Graham Shaw (Sheffield United)
46.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
47.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
48.  Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea)
49.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
50.  Alan A'Court (Liverpool)

Jeans Fussball / Panini - WM Argentina 78 / Europa Cup I-II-III (01)

WM Argentina 78 / Europa Cup I-II-III
Jeans Fussball / Panini
West Germany etc.

This collection was the second to be issued. A set of 40 football club badges were released a year earlier. I hope to have details of the set soon. This one included flags of all the countries competing at the World Cup Finals in 1978, plus 30 badges of some of the top european clubs.

World Cup 1978
Argentina 78
Gauchito (Mascot)
West Germany

European Clubs
R.S.C. Anderlecht
Club Brugge
Standard Liege
F.C. Bayern München
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Eintracht Frankfurt
V.f.B. Stuttgart
Aston Villa
Ipswich Town
Manchester United
Real Madrid
S.E.G. Bastia
F.C. Nantes
A.S.S.E. Saint-Etienne
Servette Geneve
F.C. Zurich
P.S.V. Eindhoven
F.C. Twente Enschede
Austria Wien
Rapid Wien
Wacker Innsbruck
Wiener Sport-Club
Glasgow Celtic
Glasgow Rangers
Malmo F.F.

Sheffield Wednesday F.C. programme - Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Football Portraits

Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Football Portraits
Sheffield Wednesday F.C. programme

The cards measure 7" x 5" and included a facsimile autographs plus statistics and the players position.

David Clemets
Peter Grummitt
David Layne
Jackie Sinclair
Peter Swan
Eric Potts
Roy Coyle
Eddie Prudham
John Holsgrove
John Sissons
Willie Henderson
Brian Joicey
Jimmy Mullen
David Sunley
Tommy Craig
Mick Prenderghast
Peter Rodrigues
Peter Springett
Alan Thompson

Sporting Profiles - (SP14-WCCP) World Cup Posters

(SP14-WCCP) World Cup Posters
Sporting Profiles

Originally issued in 2002 as a set of 17 trade cards and postcards, it has been updated to coincide with each of the following two World Cup tournaments. Up to and including the 2002 card, the backs featured full details of the World Cup Final for that year. The last two cards show maps of the host countries and the stadia.

1930 World Cup
1934 World Cup
1938 World Cup
1950 World Cup
1954 World Cup
1958 World Cup
1962 World Cup
1966 World Cup
1970 World Cup
1974 World Cup
1978 World Cup
1982 World Cup
1986 World Cup
1990 World Cup
1994 World Cup
1998 World Cup
2002 World Cup
2006 World Cup
2010 World Cup

Topps - 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold (7)

Topps Premier Gold
200 cards - base set

This is the first card from this collection that I've seen that shows a player other than the featured player. I've already added it to my 'wants' list.

Star Players Autographs
SP-JC.  James Collins (West Ham United) and Frazier Campbell (Cardiff City)

Golden Wonder - GOI-1-4 Soccer World Cup All Stars

GOI-1-4 Soccer World Cup All Stars
Golden Wonder

Two different versions, with and without a printers credit. Unfortunately I don't have examples to show you.
UPDATE (23-11-2020 08:11):  I've finally got around to adding examples of both back types.

Soccer World Cup All Stars (with printer credit James Upton, B'ham)
Soccer World Cup All Stars (without printers credit)

1.  Daniel Bertoni (Argentina)
2.  Jan Peters (Holland)
3.  Don Masson (Derby County)
4.  Grzegorz Lato (Poland)
5.  Rivelino (Brazil)
6.  Migieli (Spain)
7.  Manfred Kaltz (West Germany)
8.  Danny McGrain (Scotland)
9.  Zico (Brazil)
10.  Mario Kempes (Argentina)
11.  Roberto Bettega (Italy)
12.  Kazimierz Deyna (Poland)
13.  Michel Platini (France)
14.  Leao (Brazil)
15.  Tibor Nyilasi (Hungary)
16.  Willie Johnston (West Bromwich Albion)
17.  Attouga (Tunisia)
18.  Giacinto Facchetti (Italy)
19.  Franco Causio (Italy)
20.  Berti Vogts (West Germany)
21.  Dominique Rocheteau (France)
22.  Hans Krankl (Austria)
23.  Rob Rensenbrink (Holland)
24.  Rene Houseman (Argentina)
25.  Bruce Rioch (Derby County)
26.  Ali Parvin (Iran)
27.  Victor Rangel (Mexico)
28.  Giancarlo Antognoni (Italy)
29.  Oswaldo Ramirez (Peru)
30.  Joe Jordan (Manchester United)
31.  Bjorn Nordqvist (Sweden)
32.  Sepp Maier (West Germany)
33.  Rudi Krol (Holland)
34.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
35.  Klaus Fischer (West Germany)
36.  Luiz Pereira (Brazil)

Manchester United F.C. - MU Youth Trump Cards

MU Youth Trump Cards
Manchester United F.C. - MU Youth

Large cards, measuring 75mm x 120mm.

Billy Meredith
Mark Hughes
Ryan Giggs
Brian McClair
Eric Cantona
Denis Irwin
Wes Brown
Bryan Robson
Paul McGrath
Norman Whiteside
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Viv Anderson
Dwight Yorke
Jaap Stam
Gary Neville
Paul Scholes
Duncan Edwards
Denis Law
Jesper Blomqvist
Bobby Charlton
George Best
Teddy Shringham
Peter Schmeichel
Gary Pallister
Jordi Cruyff
Nicky Butt
David Beckham
Roy Keane
Phil Neville

The Boy's Own Paper - Woolwich Arsenal


Woolwich Arsenal
The Boy's Own Paper
1 print

I've been sent a scan of this sheet that came with Boys Own magazine, featuring members of Woolwich Arsenal. It seems to be one of a series.
UPDATE (11-07-2022 00:18):  Sean C. has confirmed the issue date as being 9 October, 1909.



Thursday 26 December 2013

Topps - 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold (6)

Topps Premier Gold
200 cards - base set

The Star Players Autographs are broken down into four sub-sets, as shown below.

Star Players Autographs

34 cards
Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Platinum (1/1), 
Printing Plates - Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (1/1)

Star Players Autographs
SP-AC.  Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
SP-AH.  Aaron Hughes (Fulham)
SP-DB.  Darren Bent (Aston Villa, on loan at Fulham)
SP-FL.  Frank Lampard (Cheslea)
SP-GT.  George Thorne (West Bromwich Albion, on loan at Watford)
SP-JC.  James Collins (West Ham United)
SP-JH.  Joe Hart (Manchester City)
SP-MA.  Mikel Arteta (Arsenal)
SP-MF.  Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United)
SP-PC.  Peter Crouch (Stoke City)
SP-PJ.  Phil Jagielka (Everton)
SP-PM.  Paul McShane (Hull City)
SP-SG.  Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
SP-SS.  Scott Sinclair (Manchester City, on loan at West Bromwich Albion)
SP-TK.  Tim Krul (Newcastle United)
SP-TW.  Tim Howard (Everton)

Star Players Autographs - Future Stars

SP-AT.  Aleksandar Tonev (Aston Villa)
SP-AW.  Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa)
SP-BD.  Ben Davies (Swansea City)
SP-BG.  Brad Guzan (Aston Villa)
SP-CB.  Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)
SP-CW.  Connor Wickham (Sunderland, on loan at Sheffield Wednesday)
SP-JH.  Jonny Howson (Norwich City)
SP-JW.  Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
SP-KW.  Kyle Warker (Tottenham Hotspur)
SP-YB.  Yannick Bolaise (Crystal Palace)

Star Players Autographs - International Icons

SP-CR.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
SP-GB.  Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)
SP-GZ.  Gianfranco Zola (Chelsea)
SP-JB.  John Barnes (Liverpool)
SP-P.  Pelé (Brazil)

Star Players Autographs - Match Winners

SP-AY.  Ashley Young (Manchester United)
SP-FC.  Frazier Campbell (Cardiff City)
SP-JHE.  Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

Esso - Team Photos

Team Photos 
The Netherlands
49 issued

Roughly A4 sized team groups of the leading clubs in the Netherlands. Trvoe Ford, the Welsh international is in the front row of the P.S.V. team group.

Eredivisie - Team Groups

Blauw Wit
SC Enschede
Fortuna '54
Rapid JC
Willem II

Eerste Divisie A - Team Groups

De Graafschap
Fortuna Vlaardingen

Eerste Divisie B - Team Groups

De Volewijckers
Helmondia '55
Hermes DVS
Roda Sport

Celtic F.C. - 125th Anniversary Scratchcards

125th Anniversary Scratchcards
Celtic F.C.
10 cards

A collection of scratchcards issued this season by Celtic.

Brother Walfrid
First Celtic Team 1888-89
Jimmy McGrory
Jock Stein
Billy McNeill
European Cup 1967
Jimmy Johnstone
Henrik Larsson
Celtic Park
Celtic Fans

The Book of Football - Some Famous Goalkeepers / Some Famous Full-Backs

Some Famous Goalkeepers
Some Famous Full-Backs
The Book of Football
9 cameos

These prints come from The Book of Football, really superb items. There are probably ufther prints covering the other football positions.

Some Famous Goalkeepers
Kitchen (West Ham United)
Whittaker (Brentford)
Eggett (Tottenham Hotspur)
Williamson (Middlesbrough)
Fryer (Fulham)
Clawley (Southampton)
Lawrence (Newcastle United)
Ashcroft (Woolwich Arsenal)
Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Some Famous Full-Backs
Johnson (Sheffield United)
Watson (Sunderland)
W. McCracken (Newcastle United)
W. Dunlop (Liverpool)
Stokes (Birmingham)
J. Sharp (Woolwich Arsenal)
Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
A. Tait (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ross (Fulham)

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Service Line - Eurocups Stars Parade 94-95

Eurocups Stars Parade 94-95
Service Line
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal... 

1.  Alain Sutter (Bayern Munchen)
2.  Alain Sutter (Bayern Munchen)
3.  Alain Sutter (Bayern Munchen)
4.  Alain Sutter (Bayern Munchen)
5.  Lothar Matthaus (Bayern Munchen)
6.  Lothar Matthaus (Bayern Munchen)
7.  Jari Litmanen (Bayern Munchen)
8.  Jari Litmanen (Bayern Munchen)
9.  Patrick Kluivert (Bayern Munchen)
10.  Edgar Davids (Bayern Munchen)
11.  Marc Overmars (Bayern Munchen)
12.  Marc Overmars (Bayern Munchen)
13.  Frank Rijkaard (Bayern Munchen)
14.  Frank Rijkaard (Bayern Munchen)
15.  Frank Rijkaard (Bayern Munchen)
16.  Frank Rijkaard (Bayern Munchen)
17.  Finidi George (Bayern Munchen)
18.  Paolo Maldini (Milan)
19.  Paolo Maldini (Milan)
20.  Paolo Maldini (Milan)
21.  Paolo Maldini (Milan)
22.  Franco Baresi (Milan)
23.  Franco Baresi (Milan)
24.  Roberto Donadoni (Milan)
25.  Demetrio Albertini (Milan)
26.  Dejan Savicevic (Milan)
27.  Dejan Savicevic (Milan)
28.  Daniele Massaro (Milan)
29.  Marcel Desailly (Milan)
30.  Abel Xavier (Benfica)
31.  Abel Xavier (Benfica)
32.  Jose Carlos Mozer (Benfica)
33.  Isaias Marques Soares (Benfica)
34.  Joao Pinto (Benfica)
35.  Michel Preud'Homme (Benfica)
36.  Michel Preud'Homme (Benfica)
37.  Caludio Caniggia (Benfica)
38.  Caludio Caniggia (Benfica)
39.  Caludio Caniggia (Benfica)
40.  Caludio Caniggia (Benfica)
41.  Albert Ferrer (Barcelona)
42.  Gheoghe Hagi (Barcelona)
43.  Jose Maria Bakero (Barcelona)
44.  Jose Maria Bakero (Barcelona)
45.  Josep Guardiola (Barcelona)
46.  Josep Guardiola (Barcelona)
47.  Hristo Stoichkov (Barcelona)
48.  Hristo Stoichkov (Barcelona)
49.  Hristo Stoichkov (Barcelona)
50.  Hristo Stoichkov (Barcelona)
51.  Ronald Koeman (Barcelona)
52.  Ronald Koeman (Barcelona)
53.  George Weah (Paris Saint-German)
54.  George Weah (Paris Saint-German)
55.  George Weah (Paris Saint-German)
56.  George Weah (Paris Saint-German)
57.  Bernard Lama (Paris Saint-German)
58.  Bernard Lama (Paris Saint-German)
59.  Rai (Paris Saint-German)
60.  Paul Le Guen (Paris Saint-German)
61.  Vincent Guerin (Paris Saint-German)
62.  David Ginola (Paris Saint-German)
63.  David Ginola (Paris Saint-German)
64.  Goran Vucevic (Hajduk Split)
65.  Igor Stimac (Hajduk Split)
66.  Aliosha Asanovic (Hajduk Split)
67.  Stefan Rehn (I.F.K. Goteborg)
68.  Thomas Ravelli (I.F.K. Goteborg)
69.  Jesper Blomqvist (I.F.K. Goteborg)
70.  Jesper Blomqvist (I.F.K. Goteborg)
71.  Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
72.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
73.  Ian Wright (Arsenal)
74.  Vitor Baia (Porto)
75.  Vitor Baia (Porto)
76.  Rui Barros (Porto)
77.  Sergej Juran (Porto)
78.  Joao Pinto (Porto)
79.  Secretario (Porto)
80.  Domingos Oliveira (Porto)
81.  Domingos Oliveira (Porto)
82.  Walter Zenga (Sampdoria)
83.  Walter Zenga (Sampdoria)
84.  Pietro Vierchowod (Sampdoria)
85.  Riccardo Ferri (Sampdoria)
86.  Sinisa Mihajlovic (Sampdoria)
87.  David Platt (Sampdoria)
88.  Attilio Lombardo (Sampdoria)
89.  Attilio Lombardo (Sampdoria)
90.  Attilio Lombardo (Sampdoria)
91.  Attilio Lombardo (Sampdoria)
92.  Roberto Mancini (Sampdoria)
93.  Roberto Mancini (Sampdoria)
94.  Arnold Scholten (Feyenoord)
95.  Ed De Goey (Feyenoord)
96.  Ulrich van Gobbel (Feyenoord)
97.  Gaston Taument (Feyenoord)
98.  Gaston Taument (Feyenoord)
99.  Jozsef Kiprich (Feyenoord)
100.  Regi Blinker (Feyenoord)
101.  Henryk Larsson (Feyenoord)
102.  Henryk Larsson (Feyenoord)
103.  Cafu (Real Zaragoza)
104.  Cafu (Real Zaragoza)
105.  Alberto Belsue Arias (Real Zaragoza)
106.  Francisco Higuera (Real Zaragoza)
107.  Fernando Caceres (Real Zaragoza)
108.  Jesus Angel Solana (Real Zaragoza)
109.  Miguel Pardeza (Real Zaragoza)
110.  Gustavo Poyet (Real Zaragoza)
111.  Gustavo Poyet (Real Zaragoza)
112.  Juan Eduardo Esnaider (Real Zaragoza)
113.  Frank Verlaat (Auxerre)
114.  Frank Verlaat (Auxerre)
115.  Corentin Martins (Auxerre)
116.  Corentin Martins (Auxerre)
117.  Lilian Laslandes (Auxerre)
118.  Sabri Lamouchi (Auxerre)
119.  Lionel Charbonnier (Auxerre)
120.  Pascal Vahirua (Auxerre)
121.  Moussa Saib (Auxerre)
122.  Franky van der Elst (Club Brugge)
123.  Gert Verheyen (Club Brugge)
124.  Rene Eykelkamp (Club Brugge)
125.  Dirk Medved (Club Brugge)
126.  Dirk Medved (Club Brugge)
127.  Lorenzo Staelens (Club Brugge)
128.  Lorenzo Staelens (Club Brugge)
129.  Vital Borkelmans (Club Brugge)
130.  Paul Furlong (Chelsea)
131.  Gavin Peacock (Chelsea)
132.  Andreas Kopke (Eintracht Frankfurt)
133.  Ralf Weber (Eintracht Frankfurt)
134.  Thomas Doll (Eintracht Frankfurt)
135.  Thomas Doll (Eintracht Frankfurt)
136.  Ralf Falkenmayer (Eintracht Frankfurt)
137.  Thorsten Legat (Eintracht Frankfurt)
138.  Manfred Binz (Eintracht Frankfurt)
139.  Jan Furton (Eintracht Frankfurt)
140.  Paulo Souza (Juventus)
141.  Paulo Souza (Juventus)
142.  Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus)
143.  Jurgen Kohler (Juventus)
144.  Ciro Ferrara (Juventus)
145.  Fabrizio Ravanelli (Juventus)
146.  Gianluca Vialli (Juventus)
147.  Gianluca Vialli (Juventus)
148.  Roberto Baggio (Juventus)
149.  Roberto Baggio (Juventus)
150.  Matthais Sammer (Borussia Dortmund)
151.  Matthais Sammer (Borussia Dortmund)
152.  Andreas Muller (Borussia Dortmund)
153.  Andreas Muller (Borussia Dortmund)
154.  Andreas Muller (Borussia Dortmund)
155.  Andreas Muller (Borussia Dortmund)
156.  Karlheinz Riedle (Borussia Dortmund)
157.  Karlheinz Riedle (Borussia Dortmund)
158.  Stefan Reuter (Borussia Dortmund)
159.  Stephane Chapuisat (Borussia Dortmund)
160.  Michael Zorc (Borussia Dortmund)
161.  Roberto Rambaudi (Lazio)
162.  Roberto Cravero (Lazio)
163.  Aron Winter (Lazio)
164.  Aron Winter (Lazio)
165.  Alen Boksic (Lazio)
166.  Alen Boksic (Lazio)
167.  Giuseppe Signori (Lazio)
168.  Giuseppe Signori (Lazio)
169.  Giuseppe Signori (Lazio)
170.  Giuseppe Signori (Lazio)
171.  Diego Fuser (Lazio)
172.  Pier Luigi Casiraghi (Lazio)
173.  Ioan Lupescu (Bayer Leverkusen)
174.  Hans-Peter Lehnhoff (Bayer Leverkusen)
175.  Rudolf Voller (Bayer Leverkusen)
176.  Rudolf Voller (Bayer Leverkusen)
177.  Rudolf Voller (Bayer Leverkusen)
178.  Rudolf Voller (Bayer Leverkusen)
179.  Bernd Schuster (Bayer Leverkusen)
180.  Bernd Schuster (Bayer Leverkusen)
181.  Ulf Kirsten (Bayer Leverkusen)
182.  Andreas Thom (Bayer Leverkusen)
183.  Paulo Sergio (Bayer Leverkusen)
184.  Reynald Pedros (Nantes)
185.  Reynald Pedros (Nantes)
186.  Claude Makelele (Nantes)
187.  Jean-Michel Ferri (Nantes)
188.  Japhet Ndoram (Nantes)
189.  Nicolas Ouedec (Nantes)
190.  Nicolas Ouedec (Nantes)
191.  Nicolas Ouedec (Nantes)
192.  Nicolas Ouedec (Nantes)
193.  Patrice Loko (Nantes)
194.  Patrice Loko (Nantes)
195.  Gianfranco Zola (Parma)
196.  Gianfranco Zola (Parma)
197.  Gianfranco Zola (Parma)
198.  Gianfranco Zola (Parma)
199.  Faustino Asprilla (Parma)
200.  Massimo Crippa (Parma)
201.  Fernando Couto (Parma)
202.  Fernando Couto (Parma)
203.  Alberto Di Chiara (Parma)
204.  Lorenzo Minotti (Parma)
205.  Dino Baggio (Parma)
206.  Dino Baggio (Parma)
207.  Lars Hogh (O.B. Odense)
208.  Alphonse Tchami (O.B. Odense)
209.  Michael Schjonberg (O.B. Odense)