Monday 23 December 2013

Panini (Japan) - Panini Football League (PFL04) (4)

Panini Football League (PFL04)
Panini Japan / Bandai
146 cards

Jasper Van Hoof has sent in some information about this set....
I hope I can contribute something with the following. I saw your post about Japanese Panini PFL04 ( and you mentioning 3 promo cards. But this seems not completely correct.
These cards are added as a box topper and they are taped to a little promotion sheet, as you can see here:
I have a put a scan of these promo cards in attachment. The front of the card is identical to the normal card, but the back doesn't have the unique serial and QR code which a normal card does have.
I am sure that all 4 Legend and 5 Bandiera cards in this set have a promo variation. If I do a quick search, of the 9 Super cards I can find 4 as Promo variation: #131 Alba, #132 Riquelme, #133 Ozil, #136 Reus. My guess is that the other 5 also exist as Promo variation (they just don't pop up often because these cards are not popular in Japan as they cannot be used to play the online game).
The 3 Promo cards that you mention in your blog post: #13 Marchisio, #36 Xavi Hernandez and #92 Javi Martinez are all Star+ cards. The fact is that I have never seen a Star+ (or Star, or Regular) card in Promo variation of this set, although it is possible that they simply don't pop up on Japanese auction sites. Are you sure these 3 cards exist as Promo variation? My guess is that these cards don't exist.
Furthermore, I guess you are already aware that Panini WCCF 2012-13 was released on 12 December 2013, in Japan. There is no information on a Chinese version release.
Cheers, Jasper

I've got two poor pictures of the backs of the Xavi Hernandez and Claudio Marchisio regular and promo cards. It's possible to just make out the letter 'P' added to the card number on the promo cards. So I think all the Star+ cards may be available as promo cards too.

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