Saturday 28 December 2013

The Book of Football - England's New Internationals

England's New Internationals
The Book of Football
9 cameos

Chris Lee has sent in photographs of the rest of the pages, similar to those featured previously, from The Book of Football. I will include them all over the next few days. Check out Chris' Reading F.C. website - The Biscuitmen: Reading Football Card Homepage

England's New Internationals
H. Ruddlesdin (Sheffield Wednesday)
H.P. Hardman (Everton)
R. Bond (Preston North End)
Herbert Smith (Reading)
J.V. Bache (Aston Villa)
C. Roberts (Manchester United)
H.J. Linacre (Notts Forest)
A. Bridgett (Sunderland)
F. Booth (Manchester City)

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