Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Book of Football - Some Famous Goalkeepers / Some Famous Full-Backs

Some Famous Goalkeepers
Some Famous Full-Backs
The Book of Football
9 cameos

These prints come from The Book of Football, really superb items. There are probably ufther prints covering the other football positions.

Some Famous Goalkeepers
Kitchen (West Ham United)
Whittaker (Brentford)
Eggett (Tottenham Hotspur)
Williamson (Middlesbrough)
Fryer (Fulham)
Clawley (Southampton)
Lawrence (Newcastle United)
Ashcroft (Woolwich Arsenal)
Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Some Famous Full-Backs
Johnson (Sheffield United)
Watson (Sunderland)
W. McCracken (Newcastle United)
W. Dunlop (Liverpool)
Stokes (Birmingham)
J. Sharp (Woolwich Arsenal)
Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
A. Tait (Tottenham Hotspur)
Ross (Fulham)


  1. Lovely items! Wish my team had been around in this era; HTAFC only started in 1908, League team by 1910.

  2. There certainly were other pages Alan, covering half-backs, forwards and referees, plus similar pages featuring 'England's new Internationals' as well as Scotland's. 'The Book of Football' is, I think, the best book on the sport ever issued, with fantastic pictures that wouldn't have been available anywhere else. It was originally published in 12 weekly parts, designed to be bound into book form. I will see if I can photograph the relevant pages and send them in.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the information. If you send in any scans, I'll certainly include them on this website.


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