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Unknown issuer (Czech Republoc) - Dukla Praha ~ Hall of Fame


Dukla Praha ~ Hall of Fame
Unknown issuer
Czech Republic
Unknown number

I don't know anything about these cards, they appeared on eBay recently. It may be a subset of cards from a bigger series. The cards seem to be numbered but I can't make out the numbers. Any further information would be much appreciated.

Josef Masopust

Jiří Čadek
Jan Brumovský

Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards - Top Managers (3)

Score - Top Managers
Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards

More additions to the Top Managers collection.

1.  Brian Clough (Derby County)
2.  Matt Busby (Manchester United)
3.  Herbert Chapman (Arsenal)
4.  Ron Greenwood (West Ham United)
5.  Bill Nicholson (Tottenham Hotspur)
6.  Ted Bates (Southampton)
7.  David Pleat (Luton Town)
8.  Dave Sexton (Chelsea)
9.  Geoff Hurst (Chelsea)
10.  Billy Wright (Arsenal)
21.  George Graham (Arsenal)
22.  Alan Ball (Preston North End)
23.  Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest)
24.  Steve Coppell (Crystal Palace)
25.  Osvaldo Ardiles (Tottenham Hotspur)
26.  Bill Shankly (Liverpool)
27.  Graham Taylor (Watford)
28.  Don Revie (Leeds United)
29.  Howard Kendall (Everton)
30.  Stuart Boam (Mansfield Town)
31.  Terry Butcher (Sunderland)
32.  Allan Clarke (Barnsley)
33.  Osvaldo Ardiles (West Bromwich Albion)
34.  Alan Durban (Stoke City)
35.  Ron Atkinson (Manchester United)
36.  John Hagart (Hearts)
37.  Graham Turner (Aston Villa)
38.  Raich Carter (Hull City)
39.  Tommy Docherty (Aston Villa)
40.  Ray Wilkins (Queens Park Rangers)
41.  Liam Brady (Celtic)
42.  Lawrie McMenemy (Southampton)
43.  Johnny Giles (West Bromwich Albion)
44.  Terry Venables (Barcelona)
45.  Ron Atkinson (West Bromwich Albion)
46.  Bob Stokoe (Sunderland)
47.  Bobby Robson (Ipswich Town)
48.  Ted Drake (Arsenal)
49.  Harry Catterick (Everton)
50.  Keith Burkinshaw (Tottenham Hotspur)

Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards - Score ~ International Stars ~ Series 2


Score - International Stars - Series 2
Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards

Another collection by Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards, a further set of 10 cards showing players at unusual moments in their careers.

1 of 10.  George Best (Middlesbrough)

2 of 10.  Terry Venables (Chelsea)
3 of 10.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
4 of 10.  Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
5 of 10.  Johan Cruyff (Ajax)
6 of 10.  Alan Hudson (Chelsea)
7 of 10.  Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
8 of 10.  Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
9 of 10.  Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur)
10 of 10.  Denis Law (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Topps - 2014 MLS (4)


2014 Topps MLS
5 Short Print Variations

Four of the five Short Print variations. Regular card on the left, Short Print variation on the right. I'll add the other one as soon as I find it... If you've got the Zusi SP card please send a scan if you can.

All the Short Print variation shots were taken at the MLS All-Star game against A.S. Roma on 31 July, 2013 when the All-Stars, playing in blue kit, lost 3-1 at Sporting Park in Kansas City.

Short Print variations

5 cards

1.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)

50.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
100.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
107.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
120.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

WS-Verlag / Bilder und Werbedienst - 30245-31 Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 1958


30245-31 Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 1958
Bilder und Werbedienst
West Germany

A 32 page album produced after the World Cup was completed, showing various highlights, concentrating on the German involvement and the eventual winners - Brazil. I'm always unsure how the stickers in some German albums are numbered so I'm listing these stickers in the order they appear in the album.

page 3

Die Deutsche Nationalmannschaft - Schäfer, Herkenrath, Eckel, Schmidt, Szymaniak, Rahn, Walter, Stollenwork, Seeler, Erhardt, Juskowiak.

pages 4 and 5

Sepp Herberger (Bundestrainer)
Fritz Herkenrath (Rot-Weiß Essen)
Heinrich Kwiatkowski (Borussia Dortmund)
Herbert Erhardt (SpVgg. Fürth)
Erich Juskowiak (Fortuna Düsseldorf)
Georg Stollenwork (FC Köln)
Kalr-Heinz Schnellinger (Düren 99)
Horst Eckel (FC Kaiserslautern)
Heinz Wevers (Rot-Weiß Essen)
Horst Szymaniak (SV Wuppertal)
Helmut Rahn (Rot-Weiß Essen)
Fritz Walter (FC Kaiserslautern)
Alfred Schmidt (Borussia Dortmund)
Uwe Seeler (Hamburger SV)
Alfred Kelbasse (Borussia Dortmund)
Hans Schäfer (FC Köln)
Hans Sturm (FC Köln)
Berni Klodt (Schalke 04)

page 7

Schweden - Mexiko 3:0
Schweden - Mexiko
Fußballstadion Malmö
Uwe Seeler und Hans Schäfer 
Deutschland - Argentinien 3:1 - Uwe Seeler
Deutschland - Argentinien - Uwe Seeler

page 9

Deutschland - Argentinien Torwart (Goalkeeper)
Deutschland - Argentinien Torwart (Goalkeeper), Fritz Walter
Francesco Lombardo (Argentinien)
Dellacha, Carrizo und Vairo (Argentinien)
Lombardo, Rossi, Varacka (Argentinien)
Argentinien Mannschaft Training

page 11

Die Nationalelf von Nordirland (at Ninian Park, Cardiff)
Argentinien - Nordirland 3:1 - Menendez, Gregg
Nordirland - CSR 1:0 - Cush
Nordirland - CSR 2:1 - Zikan (CSR), Uprichard
Nordirland - CSR - Dolejsi (CSR)

page 13

Argentinien - Nordirland 
Deutschland - Nordirland 2:2 - McParland
Deutschland - Nordirland 2:2 - Gregg, Hans Schäfer
Deutschland - Nordirland 2:2 - McIlroy
Deutschland - CSR 2:2 - Hans Schäfer
Deutschland - CSR 2:2 (Penalty)

page 15

CSR - Deutschland 2:2 - Rückricher, Hans Schäfer
Jugoslawien - Schottland 1:0 Petakovits
Ungarn - Mexiko 4:0 - Carbajal (Mexiko), Budai (Ungarn)
Ungarn - Mexiko 4:0 - Sandor (Ungarn)
Ungarn - Wales 1:1 - Kelsey (Wales)
Ungarn - Wales

page 17

Schweden - Wales 0:0 (John Charles)
Brasilien - Wales - Pele, Kelsey (Mel Charles)
Brasilien - Wales
Brasilien - Wales - Bellini, Santos (Brasilien), Medwin (Wales)
Brasilien - Sowjetunion - Manuel dos Santos (11), Jaschin, Glück
Russiche Training

page 19

Brasilien - Österreich
Brasilien - Österreich
Arthur Ellis, Reginald Leafe
England - Rußland
England - Sowjetunion - MacDonald, Ivanov

page 21

Schweden - Sowjetunion - Hamrin (Schweden), Jaschin (Russichen)
Trainingsquartier der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft
Deutschen Volkstanzgruppe
Deutschen Volkstanzgruppe
Deutschen Autogramm-Jägernumlagert
Deutschen Training - Herberger, Rahn

page 23

Jugoslawische Training
Deutschland - Jugoslawien - Herkenrath
Deutschland - Jugoslawien 1:0 - Helmut Rhan, Winkel
Deutschland - Jugoslawien - Fritz Walter, Crnkovic
Deutschland - Jugoslawien - Schäfer
Schweden Training

page 25

Trainingsquartier der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft
Trainingsquartier der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft
Der Deutschen und Schwedischen Mannschaft ins Stadion.
Schäfer, Schbellinger, Herkenrath und König Gustaf Adolf VI
Deutschland - Schweden - Skoglund, Stollenwerk

page 27

Deutschland - Schweden 1:3 - Juskowiak, Platz
Deutschland - Schweden 1:3 - Gunnar Gren
Schweden - Deutschland - Gunnar Gren, Eckel, Skoglund
Schweden - Deutschland
Deutschland - Schweden - Erhard, Eckel
Deutschland - Schweden

page 29

Frankreich - Deutschland - Kelbassa, Schäfer
Frankreich - Deutschland 5:3 - Kwiatkowski
Didi (Brasilien)
Der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft vor Hotel
Brasilien - Schweden 5:2 - Hamrin (Schweden), Bellini (Brasilien)
Brasilien - Schweden 5:2 - Pele

page 31

Der Schwedische Mannschaft
König Gustaf Adolf VI, Brasilienischen Spieler und Offiziellen
Bellini (Brasilien), FIFA Präsidenten Arthur Drewry
Die Brasilienische Weltmeisterelf
Die Brasilienische Mannschaft

Panini - Adrenalyn XL 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil - Limited Editions (8)


Adrenalyn XL 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil - Limited Editions
71 LE's + 16 XXL cards

Thanks to Jan for the photo of the Thiago Silva card.

Lionel Messi (Argentina)  -  XXL   -   China, Poland Starterpack

Marouane Fellaini (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium Starterpack
Eden Hazard (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium, Poland Starterpack
Romelu Lukaku (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium Starterpack
Neymar Jr. (Brasil)  -  XXL   -   Hungary Kepes Sport magazine
Thiago Silva (Brasil)  -  XXL  -   Poland - Bravo Sport magazine
Mesut Özil (Deutschland)  -  XXL   -   Turkey (photo needed)
Marco Reus (Deutschland)  -  XXL   -   Poland
Andrés Iniesta (España)  -  XXL   -   not yet found (Spain? - photo needed)
Franck Ribéry (France)  -  XXL  -   Nordic Edition Starterpack
Andrea Pirlo (Italia)  -  XXL  -   Finland Starterpack
Wesley Sneijder (Nederland)  -  XXL  -   Finland Starterpack
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)  -  XXL   -   Poland Starterpack
Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)  -  XXL  -   Sweden Nordic Edition Starterpack
Luis Suarez (Uruguay)  -  XXL  -   Sweden Nordic Edition Starterpack
World Cup Trophy  -  XXL   -   Hungary, Poland Starterpack

Bon-Accord's Football Supplement - Souvenir of Scottish Cup Final Tie: Renton v St. Bernards


Souvenir of Scottish Cup Final Tie: Renton v St. Bernards
Bon-Accord's Football Supplement

The supplement, showing the team photos of the two Finalists, Renton and St. Bernards was included with the Bon-Accord's Football Supplement, dated 18 May 1895.

Team Photo (Renton)

Team Photo (St. Bernards)

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Fleetway Publications / The Hurricane - FLE-190/FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964


FLE-190/FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964
Fleetway Publications / The Hurricane
40 cards

UPDATE (27-12-2016 13:13):  Mark Hughesdon has been in touch with the issue dates for this collection. Even though I have the sheets numbered as 1, 2, 3 and 4 I'm not sure if they are numbered in the order they were issued, so I haven't dated the sheets in the list, The first sheet and the four page album were included with the issue dated 26 September, 1964. The other three sheets were included with subsequent issues dated 3 October, 10 October and 17 October.

1.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City)
2.  Jimmy McIlroy (Stoke City)
3.  Ray Crawford (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
4.  Willie Henderson (Rangers)
5.  Fred Pickering (Everton)
6.  Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)
7.  Don Howe (Arsenal)
8.  Ron Yeats (Liverpool)
9.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
10.  Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
11.  Derek Kevan (Manchester City)
12.  Johnny Crossan (Sunderland)
13.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
14.  Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
15.  Terry Paine (Southampton)
16.  Alan Peacock (Leeds United)
17.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
18.  Ian Ure (Arsenal)
19.  Billy McNeil (Celtic)
20.  Denis Law (Manchester United)
21.  Charles Aitken (Aston Villa)
22.  Jim Kelly (Preston North End)
23.  Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
24.  Johnny Byrne (West Ham United)
25.  John Connelly (Manchester United)
26.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
27.  David Gibson (Leicester City)
28.  John Kaye (West Bromwich Albion)
29.  Ronnie Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)
30.  Gerry Baker (Ipswich Town)
31.  Charlie Hurley (Sunderland)
32.  Alex Elder (Burnley)
33.  Terry Hennessey (Birmingham City)
34.  Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday)
35.  Bobby Collins (Leeds United)
36.  Tony Macedo (Fulham)
37.  Frank Wignall (Nottingham Forest)
38.  Ian St. John (Liverpool)
39.  Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
40.  Davie Wilson (Rangers)

FLE-190 / FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964 - Hurricane (sheet 1)

3.  Ray Crawford (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

7.  Don Howe (Arsenal)
9.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
14.  Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)
16.  Alan Peacock (Leeds United)
24.  Johnny Byrne (West Ham United)
27.  David Gibson (Leicester City)
30.  Gerry Baker (Ipswich Town)
33.  Terry Hennessey (Birmingham City)
38.  Ian St. John (Liverpool)

FLE-190 / FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964 - Hurricane (sheet 2)

6.  Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)

10.  Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)
12.  Johnny Crossan (Sunderland)
18.  Ian Ure (Arsenal)
21.  Charles Aitken (Aston Villa)
25.  John Connelly (Manchester United)
34.  Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday)
36.  Tony Macedo (Fulham)
39.  Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
40.  Davie Wilson (Rangers)

FLE-190 / FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964 - Hurricane (sheet 3)

1.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City)

4.  Willie Henderson (Rangers)
5.  Fred Pickering (Everton)
11.  Derek Kevan (Manchester City)
17.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur)
20.  Denis Law (Manchester United)
22.  Jim Kelly (Preston North End)
28.  John Kaye (West Bromwich Albion)
31.  Charlie Hurley (Sunderland)
35.  Bobby Collins (Leeds United)

FLE-190 / FLC-22 The Hurricane Footballers of 1964 - Hurricane (sheet 4)

2.  Jimmy McIlroy (Stoke City)

8.  Ron Yeats (Liverpool)
13.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
15.  Terry Paine (Southampton)
19.  Billy McNeil (Celtic)
23.  Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
26.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
29.  Ronnie Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)
32.  Alex Elder (Burnley)
37.  Frank Wignall (Nottingham Forest)

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Topps - 2014 MLS (3)


2014 Topps MLS
190 base cards +

Here is the checklist. I think this listing includes all the various parallel versions. If I discover anything not recorded here, I will update this checklist, so if you've got an interest in this collection please bookmark this page and pop back from time to time over the next few weeks.

Base set

190 cards
Base set - Parallel version - Purple #/99
Base set - Parallel version - Blue #/50
Base set - Parallel version - Gold #/25
Base set - Parallel version - Black #/10
Base set - Parallel version - Brazilian #/5
Base set - Parallel version - Golazo 1/1 (Hobby)
Base set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Black 1/1 (Hobby)
Base set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Cyan 1/1 (Hobby)
Base set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Magenta 1/1 (Hobby)
Base set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Yellow 1/1 (Hobby)

1.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)    +   Short Print

2.  Gonzalo Segares (Chicago Fire)
3.  Erick Torres (Chivas USA)
4.  Patrick Nyarko (Chicago Fire)
5.  Chris Klute (Colorado Rapids)
6.  Nathan Sturgis (Colorado Rapids)
7.  Federico Higuain (Columbus Crew)
8.  Tyson Wahl (Columbus Crew)
9.  Carlos Borja (Chivas USA)
10.  Chris Korb (D.C. United)
11.  Raul Fernandez (FC Dallas)
12.  Jair Benitez (FC Dallas)
13.  Corey Ashe (Houston Dynamo)
14.  Zach Loyd (FC Dallas)
15.  Frederic Piquionne (Portland Timbers)
16.  Gyasi Zardes (Los Angeles Galaxy)
17.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
18.  Scott Caldwell (New England Revolution)
19.  Jose Goncalves (New England Revolution)
20.  Kevin Alston (New England Revolution)
21.  Dax McCarty (New York Red Bulls)
22.  Jamison Olave (New York Red Bulls)
23.  Sebastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
24.  Conor Casey (Philadelphia Union) and Matteo Ferrari (Montreal Impact)  -  updated
25.  Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)
26.  Andrew Jean-Baptiste (Chivas USA)
27.  Tony Beltran (Real Salt Lake)
28.  Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake)
29.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
30.  Jon Busch (San Jose Earthquakes)
31.  Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes)
32.  DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders)
33.  Jason Kreis (New York City FC)
34.  Seth Sinovic (Sporting Kansas City)
35.  Matias Laba (Vancouver Whitecaps)
36.  Robert Earnshaw (Toronto FC)
37.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
38.  Kenny Miller (Vancouver Whitecaps)
39.  Andres Romero (Montreal Impact)
40.  Djimi Traore (Seattle Sounders) and Sam Garva (San Jose Earthquakes)  -  updated
41.  Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire)
42.  Chris Rolfe (Chicago Fire)
43.  Carlos Bocanegra (Chivas USA)
44.  Eric Avila (Chivas USA)
45.  Deshorn Brown (Colorado Rapids)
46.  Atiba Harris (San Jose Earthquakes)
47.  Adam Moffat (FC Dallas)
48.  Andy Gruenebaum (Sporting Kansas City)
49.  Bill Hamid (D.C. United)
50.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)    +   Short Print
51.  Blas Perez (FC Dallas)
52.  Kenny Cooper (Seattle Sounders)
53.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
54.  Giles Barnes (Houston Dynamo)
55.  Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy)
56.  Jose Villarreal (Los Angeles Galaxy)
57.  Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)
58.  Andrew Wenger (Montreal Impact)
59.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
60.  Oriol Rosell (Sporting Kansas City)
61.  Saer Sene (New England Revolution)
62.  Fabian Espindola (D.C. United)
63.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
64.  Michael Farfan (Philadelphia Union)
65.  Donovan Ricketts (Portland Timbers)
66.  Diego Chara (Portland Timbers)
67.  Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake)
68.  Olmes Garcia (Real Salt Lake)
69.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
70.  Sam Cronin (San Jose Earthquakes)
71.  Eddie Johnson (D.C. United)
72.  Soony Saad (Sporting Kansas City)
73.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
74.  Claudio Bieler (Sporting Kansas City)
75.  Jonathan Osorio (Toronto FC)
76.  Michael Bradley (Toronto FC)
77.  Nigel Reo-Coker (Vancouver Whitecaps)
78.  Kekuta Manneh (Vancouver Whitecaps)
79.  Steven Caldwell (Toronto FC)
80.  Jairo Arrieta (Columbus Crew)
81.  Austin Berry (Philadelphia Union)
82.  Matt Hedges (FC Dallas)
83.  Dan Kennedy (Chivas USA)
84.  Ashtone Morgan (Toronto FC)
85.  Dillon Powers (Colorado Rapids)
86.  Edson Buddle (Colorado Rapids)
87.  Chad Marshall (Seattle Sounders)
88.  Danny O'Rourke (Columbus Crew)
89.  Perry Kitchen (D.C. United)
90.  Luis Silva (D.C. United)
91.  Chance Myers (Sporting Kansas City)
92.  George John (FC Dallas)
93.  Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo)
94.  Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo) and Nick DeLeon (D.C. United)  -  updated
95.  Juninho (Los Angeles Galaxy)
96.  Gershon Koffie (Vancouver Whitecaps)
97.  Felipe Martins (Montreal Impact)  and  Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo)  -  updated
98.  Troy Perkins (Montreal Impact)
99.  Diego Fagundez (New Engfland Revolution)
100.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)    +   Short Print
101.  Tim Cahill (New York Red Bulls)
102.  Markus Holgersson (New York Red Bulls)
103.  Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia Union)
104.  Sheanon Williams (Philadelphia Union)
105.  Will Johnson (Portland Timbers)
106.  Jack Jewsbury (Portland Timbers)
107.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)    +   Short Print
108.  Ned Grabavoy (Real Salt Lake)
109.  Dwayne De Rosario (Toronto FC)
110.  Steven Beitashour (Vancouver Whitecaps)
111.  Obafemi Martins (Seattle Sounders)
112.  Lamar Neagle (Seattle Sounders)
113.  Marcelo Sarvas (Los Angeles Galaxy)
114.  Benny Feilhaber (Sporting Kansas City)
115.  Joseph Bendik (Toronto FC)
116.  Jermain Defoe (Toronto FC)
117.  Russell Teibert (Vancouver Whitecaps)
118.  Jordan Harvey (Vancouver Whitecaps)
119.  Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Chicago Fire)
120.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)    +   Short Print
121.  Jalil Anibaba (Seattle Sounders)
122.  Dilly Duka (Chicago Fire)
123.  Bakary Soumare (Chicago Fire)
124.  Bobby Burling (Chivas USA)
125.  Clint Irwin (Colorado Rapids)
126.  Marvell Wynne (Colorado Rapids)
127.  Dominic Oduro (Columbus Crew)
128.  Charlie Davies (New Engfland Revolution)
129.  Nick DeLeon (D.C. United) and Scott Caldwell (New England Revolution)  -  updated
130.  Jermaine Taylor (Houston Dynamo)
131.  Michel (FC Dallas)
132.  Jaime Penedo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
133.  Tally Hall (Houston Dynamo)
134.  Devon Sandoval (Real Salt Lake)
135.  Robbie Keane (Los Angeles Galaxy)
136.  A.J. DeLaGarza (Los Angeles Galaxy)
137.  Matteo Ferrari (Montreal Impact)
138.  Jeb Brovsky (Montreal Impact)
139.  Pa Modou Kah (Portland Timbers)
140.  Andrew Jacobson (FC Dallas)
141.  Luis Robles (New York Red Bulls)
142.  Jonny Steele (New York Red Bulls)
143.  Zac MacMath (Philadelphia Union)
144.  Jeff Parke (D.C. United)
145.  Ryan Johnson (Portland Timbers)
146.  Rodney Wallace (Portland Timbers)
147.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
148.  Nat Borchers (Real Salt Lake)
149.  Steven Lenhart (San Jose Earthquakes)
150.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
151.  Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle Sounders)
152.  Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders)
153.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)
154.  C.J. Sapong (Sporting Kansas City)
155.  Jeremy Hall (Toronto FC)
156.  Reggie Lambe (Toronto FC)
157.  Darren Mattocks (Vancouver Whitecaps)
158.  Jun Marques Davidson (Vancouver Whitecaps)
159.  Jerry Bengtson (New Engfland Revolution)
160.  Claudio Reyna (New York City F.C.)   -   updated
161.  Jeff Larentowicz (Chicago Fire)
162.  Todd Dunivant (Los Angeles Galaxy)
163.  Carlos Alvarez (Chivas USA)
164.  Jorge Villafana (Portland Timbers)
165.  Drew Moor (Colorado Rapids)
166.  Danny Mwanga (Colorado Rapids)
167.  Josh Williams (Columbus Crew)
168.  Bernardo Anor (Columbus Crew)
169.  Chris Pontius (D.C. United)
170.  Kyle Porter (D.C. United)
171.  Fabian Castillo (FC Dallas)
172.  Chad Barson (Columbus Crew)
173.  Kofi Sarkodie (Houston Dynamo)
174.  Boniek Garcia (Houston Dynamo)
175.  Jack McBean (Los Angeles Galaxy) and Juninho (Los Angeles Galaxy)  -  updated
176.  Robbie Rogers (Los Angeles Galaxy)
177.  Justin Mapp (Montreal Impact)
178.  Hassoun Camara (Montreal Impact)
179.  Andrew Farrell (New Engfland Revolution)
180.  Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution)
181.  Lloyd Sam (New York Red Bulls)
182.  Eric Alexander (New York Red Bulls)
183.  Brian Carroll (Philadelphia Union)
184.  Fabinho (Philadelphia Union)
185.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
186.  Michael Harrington (Portland Timbers)
187.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
188.  Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake)
189.  Justin Morrow (Toronto FC)
190.  Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes)

Short Print variations

5 cards

1.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)

50.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
100.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
107.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
120.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

MLS Minis set

15 cards

TM-AC.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

TM-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
TM-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
TM-CS.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
TM-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
TM-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
TM-EJ.  Eddie Johnson (D.C. United)
TM-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
TM-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TM-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
TM-MD.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
TM-MM.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)
TM-RK.  Robbie Keane (Los Angeles Galaxy)
TM-TC.  Tim Cahill (New York Red Bulls)
TM-TH.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)

1976/77 English Footballers set

31 cards

EF-AC.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

EF-AS.  Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake)
EF-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
EF-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
EF-CS.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
EF-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
EF-DB.  Deshorn Brown (Colorado Rapids)
EF-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
EF-DP.  Dillon Powers (Colorado Rapids)
EF-DR.  Donovan Ricketts (Portland Timbers)
EF-DV.  Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)
EF-EJ.  Eddie Johnson (D.C. United)
EF-FH.  Federico Higuain (Columbus Crew)
EF-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
EF-JG.  Jose Goncalves (New England Revolution)
EF-JM.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
EF-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
EF-KR.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
EF-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
EF-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
EF-MD.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
EF-MM.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)
EF-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
EF-PB.  Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)
EF-RJ.  Ryan Johnson (Portland Timbers)
EF-RK.  Robbie Keane (Los Angeles Galaxy)
EF-TC.  Tim Cahill (New York Red Bulls)
EF-TH.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
EF-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
EF-WB.  Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo)
EF-WJ.  Will Johnson (Portland Timbers)

1976/77 English Footballers Autographs set - Serial Numbered #/25

18 cards

EFA-AC.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

EFA-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
EFA-CS.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
EFA-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
EFA-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
EFA-DP.  Dillon Powers (Colorado Rapids)
EFA-DR.  Donovan Ricketts (Portland Timbers)
EFA-DV.  Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)
EFA-FH.  Federico Higuain (Columbus Crew)
EFA-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
EFA-JG.  Jose Goncalves (New England Revolution)
EFA-JM.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
EFA-KR.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
EFA-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
EFA-MD.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
EFA-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
EFA-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
EFA-WJ.  Will Johnson (Portland Timbers)

24 Under 24 Die-Cut Autographs set
14 cards

U24-AF.  Andrew Farrell (New Engfland Revolution)

U24-AJ.  Andrew Jean-Baptiste (Chivas USA)
U24-AO.  Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia Union)
U24-BH.  Bill Hamid (D.C. United)
U24-DF.  Diego Fagundez (New Engfland Revolution)
U24-DM.  Darren Mattocks (Vancouver Whitecaps)
U24-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
U24-DP.  Dillon Powers (Colorado Rapids)
U24-FM.  Felipe Martins (Montreal Impact)
U24-GK.  Gershon Koffie (Vancouver Whitecaps)
U24-JM.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
U24-JV.  Jose Villarreal (Los Angeles Galaxy)
U24-OR.  Oriol Rosell (Sporting Kansas City)
U24-RT.  Russell Teibert (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Generation Adidas set

10 cards

GA-AF.  Andrew Farrell (New Engfland Revolution)

GA-DB.  Deshorn Brown (Colorado Rapids)
GA-DM.  Darren Mattocks (Vancouver Whitecaps)
GA-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
GA-JM.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
GA-KR.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
GA-OG.  Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy)
GA-PK.  Perry Kitchen (D.C. United)
GA-SJ.  Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire)
GA-WB.  Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo)

Autographed Relics set

Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Purple #/75  -  updated
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Gold Prime #/50
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Black Prime #/25
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Red #/15  -  updated
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Orange #/10 (Hobby)
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Green #/5  -  updated
Autographed Relics set - Parallel version - Golazo Prime 1/1
10 cards

AR-AC.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

AR-CS.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
AR-DV.  Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)
AR-FM.  Felipe Martins (Montreal Impact)
AR-JG.  Jose Goncalves (New England Revolution)
AR-JM.  Jack McInerney (Philadelphia Union)
AR-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
AR-MD.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
AR-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
AR-WJ.  Will Johnson (Portland Timbers)

Icons Autographs set
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Purple #/50  -  updated
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Gold #/25
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Black #/10
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Red #/5 (Hobby)
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Brazilian #/5
Icons Autographs set - Parallel version - Golazo 1/1 (Hobby)
7 cards

US-AL.  Alexi Lalas (USA)

US-BG.  Brad Guzan (USA)
US-CJ.  Cobi Jones (USA)
US-EW.  Eric Wynalda (USA)
US-KK.  Kasey Keller (USA)
US-TH.  Tim Howard (USA)
US-TR.  Tab Ramos (USA)

Mexican National Team set

10 cards
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Purple #/99
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Blue #/50
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Gold #/25
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Black #/10
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Brazilian #/5
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Golazo 1/1 (Hobby)
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Black 1/1 (Hobby)
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Cyan 1/1 (Hobby)
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Magenta 1/1 (Hobby)
Mexican National Team set - Parallel version - Printing Plates - Yellow 1/1 (Hobby)

MX-1.  Francisco Rodriguez (Mexico)

MX-2.  Jose de Jesus Corona (Mexico)
MX-3.  Javier Hernandez (Mexico)
MX-4.  Andres Guardado (Mexico)
MX-5.  Hector Moreno (Mexico)
MX-6.  Jesus Zavala (Mexico)
MX-7.  Carlos Salcido (Mexico)
MX-8.  Javier Aquino (Mexico)
MX-9.  Giovani dos Santos (Mexico)
MX-10.  Oribe Peralta (Mexico)

MLS Kits Relics set

MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Purple #/49  -  updated
MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Red #/25
MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Green #/10 (Hobby)
MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Silver Jumbo #/5
MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Gold Letters 1/1 (Hobby)
MLS Kits Relics set - Parallel version - Golazo Jumbo 1/1  -  updated
40 cards

KIT-AF.  Andrew Farrell (New England Revolution)

KIT-AO.  Amobi Okugo (Philadelphia Union)
KIT-AS.  Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake)
KIT-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
KIT-BP.  Blas Perez (FC Dallas)
KIT-CB.  Carlos Bocanegra (Chivas USA)
KIT-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
KIT-CR.  Claudio Reyna (New York Red Bulls)
KIT-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
KIT-DB.  Deshorn Brown (Colorado Rapids)
KIT-DF.  Diego Fagundez (New England Revolution)
KIT-DM.  Darren Mattocks (Vancouver Whitecaps)
KIT-DN.  Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers)
KIT-DP.  Dillon Powers (Colorado Rapids)
KIT-DY.  DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders)
KIT-EJ.  Eddie Johnson (D.C. United)
KIT-ET.  Erick Torres
KIT-FH.  Federico Higuain (Columbus Crew)
KIT-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
KIT-JM.  Javier Morales (Real Salt Lake)
KIT-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
KIT-KR.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
KIT-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KIT-LG.  Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake)
KIT-MI.  Michel (FC Dallas)
KIT-ML.  Matias Laba (Vancouver Whitecaps)
KIT-MM.  Mike Magee (Chicago Fire)
KIT-NR.  Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
KIT-NRC.  Nigel Reo-Coker (Vancouver Whitecaps)
KIT-OG.  Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KIT-OM.  Obafemi Martins (Seattle Sounders)
KIT-PB.  Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)
KIT-PK.  Perry Kitchen (D.C. United)
KIT-RJ.  Ryan Johnson (Portland Timbers)
KIT-RK.  Robbie Keane (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KIT-SJ.  Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire)
KIT-SL.  Sebastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
KIT-TC.  Tim Cahill (New York Red Bulls)
KIT-TH.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
KIT-WB.  Will Bruin (Houston Dynamo)

MLS Maestros Autographs set
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Purple #/50   -   updated
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Gold #/25
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Black #/10
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Red #/5 (Hobby)
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Brazilian #/5
MLS Maestros Autographs set - Parallel version - Golazo 1/1 (Hobby)
23 cards

MA-AC.  Aurelien Collin (Sporting Kansas City)

MA-BP.  Blas Perez (FC Dallas)
MA-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
MA-CK.  Chris Klute (Colorado Rapids)
MA-CR.  Claudio Reyna (New York Red Bulls)
MA-CS.  Camilo Sanvezzo (Vancouver Whitecaps)
MA-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
MA-DR.  Donovan Ricketts (Portland Timbers)
MA-DV.  Diego Valeri (Portland Timbers)
MA-FH.  Federico Higuain (Columbus Crew)
MA-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
MA-JG.  Jose Goncalves (New England Revolution)
MA-JK.  Jason Kreis (New York City FC)
MA-JU.  Juninho (Los Angeles Galaxy)
MA-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
MA-KR.  Kelyn Rowe (New England Revolution)
MA-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
MA-MD.  Marco Di Vaio (Montreal Impact)
MA-NRC.  Nigel Reo-Coker (Vancouver Whitecaps)
MA-OA.  Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle Sounders)
MA-SL.  Sebastien Le Toux (Philadelphia Union)
MA-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)
MA-WJ.  Will Johnson (Portland Timbers)

MLS Supporter Group set

22 cards

SG-CC.  Curva Collective (Vancouver Whitecaps)

SG-DBG.  Dallas Beer Guardians (FC Dallas)
SG-ESC.  Empire Supporters Club (New York Red Bulls)
SG-ESS.  Eastside Supporters (Seattle Sounders)
SG-GFC.  Gorilla FC (Seattle Sounders)
SG-LAR.  LA Riot Squad (Los Angeles Galaxy)
SG-LBB.  La Barra Brava (D.C. United)
SG-LN.  La Norte (D.C. United)
SG-MR.  The Midnight Riders (New England Revolution)
SG-NEF.  North End Faithful (Seattle Sounders)
SG-O109.  Original 109 (Toronto FC)
SG-RCB.  Rain City Brigade (Vancouver Whitecaps)
SG-RPB.  Red Patch Boys (Toronto FC)
SG-S8.  Section 8 (Chicago Fire)
SG-SB.  Sons Of Ben (Philadelphia Union)
SG-SE.  Screaming Eagles (D.C. United)
SG-SL.  Sector Latino (Chicago Fire)
SG-SS.  South Stand SC (Sporting Kansas City)
SG-TA.  Timbers Army (Portland Timbers)
SG-US.  U-Sector (Toronto FC)
SG-VA.  Viking Army SC (New York Red Bulls)
SG-VS.  Vancouver Southsiders (Vancouver Whitecaps)

World's Stage set

20 cards

WS-AS.  Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake)

WS-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)
WS-BE.  Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders)
WS-BG.  Boniek Garcia (Houston Dynamo)
WS-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
WS-CG.  Clarence Goodson (San Jose Earthquakes)
WS-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
WS-EJ.  Eddie Johnson (D.C. United)
WS-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
WS-JB.  Jerry Bengtson (New Engfland Revolution)
WS-KB.  Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake)
WS-LD.  Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy)
WS-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
WS-MBR.  Michael Bradley (Toronto FC)
WS-OG.  Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles Galaxy)
WS-RK.  Robbie Keane (Los Angeles Galaxy)
WS-RW.  Rodney Wallace (Portland Timbers)
WS-TC.  Tim Cahill (New York Red Bulls)
WS-TH.  Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls)
WS-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)

World's Stage Autographs set - Serial Numbered #/25
6 cards

WSA-BD.  Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo)

WSA-CD.  Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders)
WSA-CW.  Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)
WSA-GZ.  Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)
WSA-MB.  Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City)
WSA-VB.  Victor Bernardez (San Jose Earthquakes)