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Tempo (Italy) - Campionato del Mondo di Calcio (1966)

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio
358 cards

Steve Owens has provide a checklist and all the scans relating to this set from Italy. The collection consists of 352 regular issue cards plus 6 promo cards cut from the front cover of issue no. 26 of Tempo magazine, dated 29 June, 1966. The backs of the promo cards have ads from the inside cover of the magazine but most of the main collection have blank backs, though some do include parts of instructions on how to cut out cards for placement in the album. The regular cards were issued as 24 card sheets that also included one card with the flag of one of the competing nations and were included in issues of Tempo magazine in the summer of 1966. The flag cards were intended to be attached to page 3.
When cut the regular cards, with white borders, measure approx. 42mm x 70mm while the promo cards have a yellow border and are approx. 46mm x 72mm.
Readers had to mail in a separate payment to get the album. The cards are not numbered so individual player cards can be placed anywhere on the team pages. I've sorted them by the players full names.

Alberto Gonzales (Argentina)
Alberto Sainz (Argentina)
Alfredo Rojas (Argentina)
Anibal Tarabini (Argentina)
Antonio Roma (Argentina)
Antonio U. Rattin (Argentina)
Daniel Onega (Argentina)
Ermindo Onega (Argentina)
Hugo Orlando Gatti (Argentina)
Jorge R. Albrecht (Argentina)
Jorge Raul Solari (Argentina)
Jose' Omar Pastoriza (Argentina)
Jose' Varacka (Argentina)
Juan Carlos Sarnari (Argentina)
Luis Artime (Argentina)
Nelson Juan Lopez (Argentina)
Norberto Chaldu' (Argentina)
Oscar Calics (Argentina)
Oscar Mas (Argentina)
Roberto Ferreiro (Argentina)
Roberto Perfumo (Argentina)
Silvio Marzolini (Argentina)
Alcindo (Brasile)
Altair (Brasile)
Denilson (Brasile)
Djalma Santos (Brasile)
Edu (Brasile)
Fidelis (Brasile)
Garrincha (Brasile)
Gerson (Brasile)
Gilmar (Brasile)
Hercules Brito Ruas (Brasile)
Hideraldo Bellini (Brasile)
Jairzinho (Brasile)
Lima (Brasile)
Manga (Brasile)
Orlando (Brasile)
Parana' (Brasile)
Paulo Henrique (Brasile)
Pele' (Brasile)
Rildo (Brasile)
Silva (Brasile)
Tostao (Brasile)
Zito (Brasile)
Alex Chalamanov (Bulgaria)
Alexander Kostov (Bulgaria)
Boris Gaganelov (Bulgaria)
Dimiter Penev (Bulgaria)
Dinko Dermendjiev (Bulgaria)
Dobromir Jecev (Bulgaria)
Eimiter Largov (Bulgaria)
Evgeni Yanchovski (Bulgaria)
Georgi Asparukov (Bulgaria)
Ivan Davidov (Bulgaria)
Ivan Deianov (Bulgaria)
Ivan Kolev (Bulgaria)
Ivan Voutzov (Bulgaria)
Peter Jekov (Bulgaria)
Spiro Jakimov (Bulgaria)
Spiro Vassilev (Bulgaria)
Stephan Abadjiev (Bulgaria)
Stoyan Kitov (Bulgaria)
Stoyan Kotkov (Bulgaria)
Todor Simeonov (Bulgaria)
Vasil Methodiev (Bulgaria)
Widen Apostolov (Bulgaria)
Adan Godoy (Cile)
Alberto Foullioux (Cile)
Aldo Valentini (Cile)
Armando Tobar (Cile)
Carlos Campos (Cile)
Elias Figueroa (Cile)
Francisco Valdes (Cile)
Guillermo Yavar (Cile)
Honorino Landa (Cile)
Hugo Berly (Cile)
Hugo Villanueva (Cile)
Humberto Cruz (Cile)
Humberto Donoso (Cile)
Ignacio Prieto (Cile)
Jaime Ramirez (Cile)
Juan Olivares (Cile)
Leonel Sanchez (Cile)
Luis Eyzaguirre (Cile)
Orlando Ramirez (Cile)
Pedro Araya (Cile)
Roberto Hodge (Cile)
Ruben Marcos (Cile)
An Se Bok (Corea Del Nord)
Ha Jung Woon (Corea Del Nord)
Han Bong Jin (Corea Del Nord)
Im Sung Hwi (Corea Del Nord)
Kang Bong Chil (Corea Del Nord)
Kank Ryong Woon (Corea Del Nord)
Ke Seung Woon (Corea Del Nord)
Kim Bong Hwan (Corea Del Nord)
Kim Seung Il (Corea Del Nord)
Kim Yung Kil (Corea Del Nord)
Li Chi (Corea Del Nord)
O Jung Kyung (Corea Del Nord)
Pak Doo Ik (Corea Del Nord)
Pak Ri Sup (Corea Del Nord)
Pak Seung Jin (Corea Del Nord)
Ri Chan Myung (Corea Del Nord)
Ri Dong Woon (Corea Del Nord)
Ri Keun Hak (Corea Del Nord)
Rim Joong Sun (Corea Del Nord)
Sin Yung Kyoo (Corea Del Nord)
Yang Sung Kook (Corea Del Nord)
Yoo Chang Kil (Corea Del Nord)
Andre' Chorda (Francia)
Bernard Bosquier (Francia)
Didier Couecou (Francia)
Edmond Baraffe (Francia)
Gabriel De Michele (Francia)
Georges Carnus (Francia)
Gerard Hausser (Francia)
Hector De Bourgoing (Francia)
Jacques Simon (Francia)
Jean Claude Piumi (Francia)
Jean Djorkaeff (Francia)
Joseph Bonnel (Francia)
Laurent Robushi (Francia)
Lucien Muller (Francia)
Marcel Artelesa (Francia)
Michel Aubour (Francia)
Nestor Combin (Francia)
Philippe Gondet (Francia)
Robert Budzynski (Francia)
Robert Herbin (Francia)
Yves Herbet (Francia)
Yvon Douis (Francia)
Albert Bruells (Germania Ovest)
Bernd Patzke (Germania Ovest)
Franz Beckenbauer (Germania Ovest)
Friedl Lutz (Germania Ovest)
Gunter Bernard (Germania Ovest)
Hans Tilkowski (Germania Ovest)
Heinz Hornig (Germania Ovest)
Helmut Haller (Germania Ovest)
Horst Hottges (Germania Ovest)
Josef Maier (Germania Ovest)
Jurgen Grabowski (Germania Ovest)
Karl H. Schnellinger (Germania Ovest)
Klaus Dieter Sieloff (Germania Ovest)
Lothar Emmerich (Germania Ovest)
Max Lopez (Germania Ovest)
Siegfried Held (Germania Ovest)
Uwe Seeler (Germania Ovest)
Werner Kramer (Germania Ovest)
Willi Schulz (Germania Ovest)
Wolfgang Overath (Germania Ovest)
Wolfgang Paul (Germania Ovest)
Wolfgang Weber (Germania Ovest)
Alan James Ball (Inghilterra)
Bobby Charlton (Inghilterra)
Bobby Moore (Inghilterra)
Geoffrey Hurst (Inghilterra)
George Cohen (Inghilterra)
George Eastham (Inghilterra)
Gerald Byrne (Inghilterra)
Gordon Banks (Inghilterra)
Ian Callaghan (Inghilterra)
Jackie Charlton (Inghilterra)
Jimmy Armfield (Inghilterra)
Jimmy Greaves (Inghilterra)
John Connelly (Inghilterra)
Martin Peters (Inghilterra)
Nobby Stiles (Inghilterra)
Norman Hunter (Inghilterra)
Peter Bonetti (Inghilterra)
Ramon Wilson (Inghilterra)
Roger Hunt (Inghilterra)
Ron Springett (Inghilterra)
Ronald Flowers (Inghilterra)
Terry Paine (Inghilterra)
Antonio Juliano (Italia)
Aristide Guarneri (Italia)
Enrico Albertosi (Italia)
Ezio Pascutti (Italia)
Francesco Janich (Italia)
Francesco Rizzo (Italia)
Franco Leoncini (Italia)
Giacinto Facchetti (Italia)
Giacomo Bulgarelli (Italia)
Gianni Rivera (Italia)
Giovanni Lodetti (Italia)
Luigi Meroni (Italia)
Marino Perani (Italia)
Paolo Barison (Italia)
Pier Luigi Pizzaballa (Italia)
Roberto Anzolin (Italia)
Roberto Rosato (Italia)
Romano Fogli (Italia)
Sandro Mazzola (Italia)
Sandro Salvadore (Italia)
Spartaco Landini (Italia)
Tarcisio Burgnich (Italia)
Aaron Padilla (Messico)
Antonio Carbajal (Messico)
Arturo Chaires (Messico)
Elias Munoz (Messico)
Enrique Borja (Messico)
Ernesto Cisneros (Messico)
Felipe Revulcaba (Messico)
Francisco Jara (Messico)
Gabriel Nunez (Messico)
Guillermo Hernandez (Messico)
Gustavo Pena (Messico)
Ignacio Calderon (Messico)
Ignacio Jauregui (Messico)
Isidoro Dias (Messico)
Javier Fragoso (Messico)
Javier Vargas (Messico)
Jesus Del Muro (Messico)
Jose' Luis Gonzales (Messico)
Luis Regueiro (Messico)
Magdaleno Mercado (Messico)
Ramiro Navarro (Messico)
Salvador Reyes (Messico)
Alberto Festa (Portogallo)
Alexander Baptista (Portogallo)
Americo Lopes (Portogallo)
Antonio Simoes (Portogallo)
Colugna (Portogallo)
Cruz (Portogallo)
Custodio Pinto (Portogallo)
Ernesto Figueiredo (Portogallo)
Eusebio (Portogallo)
Fernando Peres (Portogallo)
Germano (Portogallo)
Hilario Conceicao (Portogallo)
Jaime Graca (Portogallo)
Joao Laurenco (Portogallo)
Joao Morais (Portogallo)
Joaquim Carbalho (Portogallo)
Jose' Augusto (Portogallo)
Jose' Carlos (Portogallo)
Jose' Pereira (Portogallo)
Jose' Torres (Portogallo)
Manuel Duarte (Portogallo)
Vicente Lucas (Portogallo)
Adelardo Rodriguez (Spagna)
Amancio (Spagna)
Antonio Betancort (Spagna)
Carlos Lapetra (Spagna)
Eladio Silvestre (Spagna)
Feliciano Rivilla (Spagna)
Fernando Olivella (Spagna)
Francisco Fernandez (Spagna)
Gento (Spagna)
Georges Vuilleumier (Spagna)
Ignacio Zoco (Spagna)
Jesus Glaria (Spagna)
Joaquin Peiro' (Spagna)
Jose' Angel Iribar (Spagna)
Jose' Fuste' (Spagna)
Jose' Martinez (Spagna)
Jose' Ufarte (Spagna)
Luis Del Sol (Spagna)
Luisito Suarez (Spagna)
Manuel Sanchis (Spagna)
Marcelino (Spagna)
Severino Reija (Spagna)
Andre' Grobety (Svizzera)
Ely Tacchella (Svizzera)
Friz Kunzli (Svizzera)
Georges Vuilleumier (Svizzera)
Hans Fuhrer (Svizzera)
Heinz Bäni (Svizzera)
Heinz Schneiter (Svizzera)
I.C. Schindelholz (Svizzera)
Karl Elsener (Svizzera)
Karl Odermatt (Svizzera)
Kobi Kuhn (Svizzera)
Kurt Armbruster (Svizzera)
Leo Eichmann (Svizzera)
Mario Prosperi (Svizzera)
Rene' Brodmann (Svizzera)
Rene' Quentin (Svizzera)
Richard Dürr (Svizzera)
Robert Hosp (Svizzera)
Vittorio Gottardi (Svizzera)
Werner Leimgruber (Svizzera)
Willi Allemann (Svizzera)
Xavier Stierli (Svizzera)
Albert Scesterniev (URSS)
Alexey Korneev (URSS)
Anatoly Baniscevski (URSS)
Anzor Kavazashvili (URSS)
Eduard Malafeiev (URSS)
Eduard Markarov (URSS)
Galimzjan Khusainov (URSS)
Georgiy Sichinava (URSS)
Igor Cislenko (URSS)
Josif Sabo (URSS)
Leonid Ostrovskiy (URSS)
Lev Yachin (URSS)
Murtaz Khurtsilava (URSS)
Slava Metreveli (URSS)
V. Serebrjannikov (URSS)
Valentin Afonin (URSS)
Valery Porkujan (URSS)
Valery Voronin (URSS)
Vasilij Danilov (URSS)
Victor Bannikov (URSS)
Victor Getmanov (URSS)
Vladimir Ponomarev (URSS)
Antal Nagy (Ungheria)
Beno Kapozsta (Ungheria)
Dezso Molnar (Ungheria)
Ferenc Bene (Ungheria)
Ferenc Sipos (Ungheria)
Florian Albert (Ungheria)
Galimzjan Khusainov (Ungheria)
Gustav Szepesi (Ungheria)
Gyula Rakosi (Ungheria)
Imre Mathesz (Ungheria)
Istvan Geczi (Ungheria)
Istvan Nagy (Ungheria)
Janos Farkas (Ungheria)
Jozsef Gelei (Ungheria)
Kalman Ihasz (Ungheria)
Kalman Meszoly (Ungheria)
Kalman Sovari (Ungheria)
Lajos Puskas (Ungheria)
Lajos Tichy (Ungheria)
Mate Fenyvesi (Ungheria)
Sandor Matrai (Ungheria)
Zoltan Varga (Ungheria)
Domingo Perez (Uruguay)
Eliseo Alvarez (Uruguay)
Emilio Alvarez (Uruguay)
Hector Salva (Uruguay)
Hector Silva (Uruguay)
Horacio Troche (Uruguay)
Jorge Manicera (Uruguay)
Jose' Sacha (Uruguay)
Jose' Urruzmendi (Uruguay)
Julio Cortes (Uruguay)
L. Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)
Luis Ramos (Uruguay)
Luis Ubinas (Uruguay)
Milton Viera (Uruguay)
Nelson Diaz (Uruguay)
Nestor Goncalves (Uruguay)
Omar Caetano (Uruguay)
Pablo Forlan (Uruguay)
Pedro Rocha (Uruguay)
Roberto Sosa (Uruguay)
Victor Esparrago (Uruguay)
Walter Taibo (Uruguay)

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio - Promo Cards - Yellow Border

Gianni Rivera (Italia)
Pele' (Brasile)
Jimmy Greaves (Inghilterra)  -  reverse image
Sandro Mazzola (Italia)
Florian Albert (Ungheria)  -  same image
Giacomo Bulgarelli (Italia)  -  same image

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio - Bollini Bandierina (Flags)

Corea Del Nord
Germania Ovest

Health & Strength Series - Football Teams (Postcards)

Football Teams
Health & Strength Series
8 postcards

Six football teams and two rugby teams.

Bradford City F.C. (F.A. Cup Winners 1911)
Cardiff Rugby 1st XV
Glasgow Rangers F.C.
Manchester United F.C.
Queens Park Rangers F.C.
Shelbourne F.C. - Winners of the Irish Cup (1911)
Swansea Rugby F.C.
Swindon Town F.C.

Monty Gum - (31346) World Cup Football (1982) (02) - 105-118 - Spain

(31346) World Cup Football
Monty Gum
West Germany, Netherlands
176 cards

Wila75 has provided scans of the Spanish cards and provided an updated checklist with full names and corrections. The complete checklist can be found here - Monty Gum - (31346) World Cup Football (1982).

105.  Spain team
106.  Marcelini (Spain)  -  named incorrect  -  Marcelino Pérez Ayllón
107.  Eugenio Leal (Spain)
108.  Daniel Ruiz-Bazán Justa "Dani" (Spain)
109.  Secundino Suárez Vázquez "Cundi" (Spain)
110.  Enrigue Saura (Spain)
111.  Enrique Castro González "Quini" (Spain)
112.  Del Basque (Spain)  -  named incorrect  -  Vicente Del Bosque
113.  Francisco Uria (Spain)
114.  Luis Arconada (Spain)
115.  Ángel María Villar (Spain)
116.  Carlos Alonso González "Santillana" (Spain)
117.  Antonio Olmo (Spain)
118.  Miguel Bernardo Bianquetti "Miqueli" (Spain)

Sega / Panini (Japan) - WCCF Footista 2019 (07) - EXTRA - James Rodriguez

WCCF Footista 2019
Sega / Panini
100 cards

A new campaign starts in January 2020 with James Rodriguez as the Extra cards.

F19-EX.  James Rodriguez (FC Bayern München)
F19-EX-R.  James Rodriguez (FC Bayern München)
F19-EX.  ハメス・ロドリゲス (FCバイエルン・ミュンヘン)
F19-EX-R.  ハメス・ロドリゲス (FCバイエルン・ミュンヘン)

Panini (Spain) - Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander 2019-20 (01) - First News

Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander 2019-20
? cards

The new collection is due out very soon though I don't have an official release date yet. It includes two new sections - Plan A and Meteorito. Thanks to Nunzio for his help.

D.C. Thomson / The Rover - Famous Centre Forwards of Past and Present

Famous Centre Forwards of Past and Present
D.C. Thomson / The Rover
9 cut-outs

These items were printed on the front page of issue 1812 dated 18 March, 1960.

Famous Centre Forwards of Past and Present (Title)
Tommy Lawton (Arsenal and England)
Hughie Gallacher (Derby County and Scotland)
Didie Dean (Everton and England)
Jimmy McGrory (Celtic and Scotland)
Joe Baker (Hibernian and England)
John Charles (Juventus and Wales)
Nandor Hideguti (MTK Budapest and Hungary)
Alfredo Di Stefano (Real Madrid)

Erredi & Galata - U.C. Sampdoria - Le Figurine 2018/2019

U.C. Sampdoria - Le Figurine 2018/19
Erredi & Galata
? stickers

Last season's Genoa collection, though I don't have a checklist.

Sticker Stars (Germany) - FC Neu-Anspach (2019-20)

FC Neu-Anspach
Sticker Stars
361 stickers

A locally issued sticker album that I don't have a checklist for.

TSV 1860 München - TSV 1860 München Autogrammkarten (2019-20)

TSV 1860 München Autogrammkarten
TSV 1860 München
33 cards

1.  Marco Hiller
2.  Eric Weeger
3.  Niklas Lang
4.  Felix Weber
5.  Quirin Moll
6.  Marco Raimondo-Metzger
7.  Stefan Lex
8.  Simon Seferings
9.  Sascha Mölders
10.  Timo Gebhart
11.  Fabian Greilinger
13.  Dennis Erdmann
14.  Dennis Dressel
16.  Benjamin Kindsvater
17.  Daniel Wein
18.  Nico Karger
19.  Noel Niemann
20.  Efkan Bekiroğlu
21.  Prince Osei Owusu
22.  Aaron Berzel
23.  Tim Rieder
24.  Markus Ziereis
25.  Marius Willsch
27.  Semi Belkahia
28.  Herbert Paul
33.  Leon Klassen
34.  Kristian Böhnlein
36.  Phillipp Steinhart
39.  Hendrik Bonmann
40.  Tom Kretzschmar
Oliver Beer (Co-Trainer)
Franz Hubel (Torwart-Trainer)
Matthias Luginger (Athletik-Trainer)

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Topps - (TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back (1974-75)

(TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back
88 cards

The backs of the cards can be found with one or two stars next to Topps Bazooka Limited in the bottom right corner. Topps Vault in the United States have sold proof copies - cards fronts and blank backs with a Certificate of Authenticity included and they have also sold the original cartoons used on the backs of the cards.

(TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back - * Topps Bazooka Limited
(TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back - ** Topps Bazooka Limited
(TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back - Front only, Plain back (Proofs)
(TOH-3-2) Footballers - Scottish - Blue Back - Original cartoon

1.  Danny McGrain (Celtic) 
2.  Tommy McLean (Rangers) 
3.  Jim Burns (Clyde) 
4.  Dave Wells (Ayr United) 
5.  Joe Smith (Aberdeen) 
6.  Kenny Payne (Arbroath) 
7.  Bobby Wilson (Dundee) 
8.  Jimmy Brown (Hearts) 
9.  Jim Wallace (Dunfermline) 
10.  Hamish McAlpine (Dundee United) 
11.  John Brownlie (Hibernian) 
12.  Eddie Morrison (Kilmarnock) 
13.  Davie Hayes (Morton) 
14.  John Goldthorp (Motherwell) 
15.  Alan Rough (Partick Thistle) 
16.  Steve Murray (Celtic) 
17.  John Greig (Rangers) 
18.  Johnny Graham (Dumbarton) 
19.  Pat Stanton (Hibernian) 
20.  Drew Jarvie (Aberdeen) 
21.  Ian MacDonald (St. Johnstone)
22.  Donald Ford (Hearts) 
23.  Bobby Robinson (Dundee) 
24.  Alan Swan (Clyde) 
25.  Jackie Copland (Dundee United) 
26.  Ricki Fleming (Ayr United) 
27.  Stan Rankin (Morton) 
28.  Bobby Lawrie (Partick Thistle) 
29.  Jim Stewart (Kilmarnock) 
30.  Sandy Jardine (Rangers) 
31.  Alex Kinninmonth (Dunfermline) 
32.  Cammy Murray (Arbroath) 
33.  Eric Schaedler (Hibernian) 
34.  Andy Rolland (Dundee United) 
35.  Alex Ingram (Ayr United) 
36.  Jim McCabe (Motherwell) 
37.  Willie Young (Aberdeen) 
38.  Phil Cairney (Clyde) 
39.  Alex Rennie (St. Johnstone)
40.  Dixie Deans (Celtic) 
41.  Alex McAnespie (Ayr United) 
42.  Ken Thompson (Dunfermline) 
43.  Ian Scott (Dundee) 
44.  Tom Forsyth (Rangers) 
45.  Lawrie Williams (Dumbarton) 
46.  Steve Ritchie (Morton) 
47.  Peter Boyle (Clyde) 
48.  Derek Rylance (Arbroath) 
49.  Kenny Garland (Hearts) 
50.  John Blackley (Hibernian)
51.  Bobby Watson (Motherwell) 
52.  Alan Robertson (Kilmarnock) 
53.  George Fleming (Dundee United) 
54.  Dave Johnston (Dundee) 
55.  Roy Baines (Morton) 
56.  John Hansen (Partick Thistle) 
57.  Davie Robb (Aberdeen) 
58.   Checklist 
59.  Willie McVie (Clyde) 
60.  Derek Johnstone (Rangers) 
61.  Arthur Duncan (Hibernian) 
62.  Jim Cruickshank (Hearts) 
63.  Frank Kopel (Dundee United) 
64.  Ken Mackie (Dunfermline) 
65.  Sam Miller (Clyde) 
66.  Jim Townsend (Morton) 
67.  Tommy Callaghan (Celtic) 
68.  Roy Kay (Hearts) 
69.  Dan Kellachen (Partick Thistle) 
70.  Eric Sellars (Arbroath) 
71.  Davie McCullogh (Ayr United) 
72.  Joe Wark (Motherwell) 
73.  Alec Edwards (Hibernian) 
74.  Bobby Houston (Partick Thistle) 
75.  George Maxwell (Kilmarnock) 
76.  Eddie Anderson (Clyde) 
77.  Doug Smith (Dundee United) 
78.  Dom Sullivan (Clyde) 
79.  Alan Anderson (Hearts) 
80.  Derek Parlane (Rangers) 
81.  Jocky Scott (Dundee) 
82.  Billy Pirie (Aberdeen) 
83.  Johnny Doyle (Ayr United) 
84.  Pat Gardner (Dundee United) 
85.  Des Bremner (Hibernian) 
86.  Frank Coulston (Partick Thistle) 
87.  Ian Sneddon (Hearts) 
88.  Brian Ahern (Clyde)

Winning Moves / Top Trumps - UEFA Grassroots Day

UEFA Grassroots Day
Winning Moves / Top Trumps / UEFA
53 cards

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
Republic of Ireland
FYR Macedonia
Northern Ireland
San Marino

Monty Gum - (31346) World Cup Football (1982) (02) - 096-101 - Northern Ireland

(31346) World Cup Football
Monty Gum
West Germany, Netherlands
176 cards

Wila75 has provided scans of the Northern Ireland cards and provided an updated checklist with first names and corrections. The complete checklist can be found here - Monty Gum - (31346) World Cup Football (1982).

96.  Northern Ireland team
97.  O'Neill (Northern Ireland)   -  photo of Gerry Armstrong
98.  Sammy Nelson (Northern Ireland)  -  photo of Tommy Cassidy  -  updated 28-12-2019  -  thanks to Michael McIntyre
99.  Billy Hamilton (Northern Ireland)
100.  C. Nicholl (Northern Ireland)   -  photo of Sammy McIlroy
101.  Chris Nicholl (Northern Ireland)