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A. Americana (Brazil) - (1952) Balas Futebol Craques do Campeonato - São Paulo

Balas Futebol Craques do Campeonato
A. Americana Ltda.
210 stickers

Almost a complete checklist, just sticker number 16 missing. The stickers on the last page illustrate earlier Balas Futebol albums. 

1. Emblem (C.B.F.)
2. Emblem (F.P.F.)
3. Emblem (F.M.F.)

4. Emblem (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
5. Team Photo (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
6. Simbolo (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
7. Muca (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
8. Nene (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
9. Noronha (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
10. Santos (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
11. Brandaozinho (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
12. Cecy (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
13. Julinho (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
14. Renato (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
15. Nininho (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
17. Simao (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
18. Instantaneo (A. Potugueza de Desportos)
19. "Frango" (A. Potugueza de Desportos)

20. Emblem (Vasco da Gama)
21. Yeam Photo (Vasco da Gama)
22. Simbolo (Vasco da Gama)
23. Barboza (Vasco da Gama)
24. Augusto (Vasco da Gama)
25. Wilson (Vasco da Gama)
26. Eli (Vasco da Gama)
27. Danilo (Vasco da Gama)
28. Jorge (Vasco da Gama)
29. Friaca (Vasco da Gama)
30. Ademir (Vasco da Gama)
31. Maneca (Vasco da Gama)
32. Ipojucan (Vasco da Gama)
33. Jansen (Vasco da Gama)
34. Instantaneo (Vasco da Gama)
35. Canhao de S. Jan (Vasco da Gama)

36. Emblem (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
37. Team Photo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
38. Simbolo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
39. Cabecao (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
40. Murilo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
41. Juliao (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
42. Idario (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
43. Touguinha (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
44. Roberto (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
45. Claudio (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
46. Luizinho (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
47. Baltazar (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
48. Gatao (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
49. Colombo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
50. Instantaneo (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)
51. Na "Banheira" (S.C. Corinthians Paulista)

52. Emblem (Fluminense F.C.)
53. Team Photo (Fluminense F.C.)
54. Simbolo (Fluminense F.C.)
55. Castilho (Fluminense F.C.)
56. Pindaro (Fluminense F.C.)
57. Pinheiro (Fluminense F.C.)
58. Victor (Fluminense F.C.)
59. Jair (Fluminense F.C.)
60. Bigode (Fluminense F.C.)
61. Tele (Fluminense F.C.)
62. Didi (Fluminense F.C.)
63. Carlayle (Fluminense F.C.)
64. Orlando (Fluminense F.C.)
65. Joel (Fluminense F.C.)
66. Instantaneo (Fluminense F.C.)
67. "Malabarismo" (Fluminense F.C.)

68. Emblem (Santos F.C.)
69. Team Photo (Santos F.C.)
70. Simbolo (Santos F.C.)
71. Manga (Santos F.C.)
72. Helvio (Santos F.C.)
73. Olavo (Santos F.C.)
74. Nene (Santos F.C.)
75. Formiga (Santos F.C.)
76. Pascoal (Santos F.C.)
77. 109 (Santos F.C.)
78. Antoninho (Santos F.C.)
79. Nicacio (Santos F.C.)
80. Alemaozinho (Santos F.C.)
81. Tite (Santos F.C.)
82. Instantaneo (Santos F.C.)
83. Goal de "Letra" (Santos F.C.)

84.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 1/16
85.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 2/16
86.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 3/16
87.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 4/16
88.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 5/16
89.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 6/16
90.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 7/16
91.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 8/16
92.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 9/16
93.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 10/16
94.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 11/16
95.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 12/16
96.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 13/16
97.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 14/16
98.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 15/16
99.  Estadio Municipal do Pacaembu 16/16

100.  Estadio do Maracana 1/16
101.  Estadio do Maracana 2/16
102.  Estadio do Maracana 3/16
103.  Estadio do Maracana 4/16
104.  Estadio do Maracana 5/16
105.  Estadio do Maracana 6/16
106.  Estadio do Maracana 7/16
107.  Estadio do Maracana 8/16
108.  Estadio do Maracana 9/16
109.  Estadio do Maracana 10/16
110.  Estadio do Maracana 11/16
111.  Estadio do Maracana 12/16
112.  Estadio do Maracana 13/16
113.  Estadio do Maracana 14/16
114.  Estadio do Maracana 15/16
115.  Estadio do Maracana 16/16

116. Emblem (Bangu A.C.)
117. Team Photo (Bangu A.C.)
118. Simbolo (Bangu A.C.)
119. Oswaldo (Bangu A.C.)
120. Mendoca (Bangu A.C.)
121. Raffagnelli (Bangu A.C.)
122. Alayne (Bangu A.C.)
125. Djalma (Bangu A.C.)
126. Zizinho (Bangu A.C.)
127. Moacir Buneo (Bangu A.C.)
128. Vermelho (Bangu A.C.)
129. Nivio (Bangu A.C.)
130. Instantaneo (Bangu A.C.)
131. Goal de "Cara" (Bangu A.C.)

132. Emblem (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
133. Team Photo (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
134. Simbolo (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
135. Fabio (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
136. Salvador (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
137. Juvenal (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
138. Waldemar Fiume (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
139. Luiz Villa (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
140. Zequinha (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
141. Liminha (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
142. Richard (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
143. Ponce de Leon (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
144. Jair (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
145. Rodrigues (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
146. Instantaneo (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)
147. Bola Na "Trave" (Soc. Esportiva Palmeiras)

148. Emblem (Botafogo F.R.)
149. Team Photo (Botafogo F.R.)
150. Simbolo (Botafogo F.R.)
151. Oswaldo (Botafogo F.R.)
152. Gerson (Botafogo F.R.)
153. Santos (Botafogo F.R.)
154. Aratt (Botafogo F.R.)
155. Marinho (Botafogo F.R.)
156. Juvenal (Botafogo F.R.)
157. Paraguaio (Botafogo F.R.)
158. Geninho (Botafogo F.R.)
159. Pirilo (Botafogo F.R.)
160. Octavio (Botafogo F.R.)
161. Braguinha (Botafogo F.R.)
162. Instantaneo (Botafogo F.R.)
163. G. "Combinacao" (Botafogo F.R.)

164. Emblem (São Paulo F.C.)
165. Team Photo (São Paulo F.C.)
166. Simbolo (São Paulo F.C.)
167. Poy (São Paulo F.C.)
168. Rui (São Paulo F.C.)
169. Mauro (São Paulo F.C.)
170. Bauer (São Paulo F.C.)
171. Alfredo (São Paulo F.C.)
172. Turcao (São Paulo F.C.)
173. Alcino (São Paulo F.C.)
174. Moreno (São Paulo F.C.)
175. Albela (São Paulo F.C.)
176. Bibe (São Paulo F.C.)
177. Maurinho (São Paulo F.C.)
178. Instantaneo (São Paulo F.C.)
179. "Cabecada" (São Paulo F.C.)

180. Emblem (C.R. Flamengo)
181. Team Photo (C.R. Flamengo)
182. Simbolo (C.R. Flamengo)
183. Garcia (C.R. Flamengo)
184. Bigua (C.R. Flamengo)
185. Pavao (C.R. Flamengo)
186. Bria (C.R. Flamengo)
187. Dequinha (C.R. Flamengo)
188. Jordan (C.R. Flamengo)
189. Joel (C.R. Flamengo)
190. Hermes (C.R. Flamengo)
191. Adãozinho (C.R. Flamengo)
192. Rubens (C.R. Flamengo)
193. Esquerdinha (C.R. Flamengo)
194. Instantaneo (C.R. Flamengo)
195. Goal "Bicicleta" (C.R. Flamengo)

Cartazes das Balas Futebol

196.  Balas Futebol 1938
197.  Balas Futebol 1939
198.  Balas Futebol 1940
199.  Balas Futebol 1941
200.  Balas Futebol 1942
201.  Balas Futebol 1943
202.  Balas Futebol 1944
203.  Balas Futebol 1945
204.  Balas Futebol 1946
205.  Balas Futebol 1947
206.  Balas Futebol 1948
207.  Balas Futebol 1949
208.  Balas Futebol 1950
209.  Balas Futebol 1951
210.  Balas Futebol 1952

Barcel (Mexico) - Selección Mexicana (2000) (Tazos)

Selección Mexicana 
12 tazos

1/12.  Germán Villa
2/12.  Víctor Ruiz
3/12.  Claudio Suárez
4/12.  Sergio Almaguer
5/12.  Marco Antonio Ruiz
6/12.  Pável Pardo
7/12.  Jared Borgetti
8/12.  José Manuel Abundis
9/12.  Duilio Davino
10/12.  Miguel Zepeda
11/12.  Cuauhtémoc Blanco
12/12.  Jorge Campos

Arsenal Women F.C. - Arsenal Women Player Postcards (2021-22)

Arsenal Women Player Postcards
Arsenal Women F.C.
17 postcards

1.  Manuela Zinsberger   -   confirmed
2.  Rafaelle Souza
3.  Lotte Wubben-Moy   -   confirmed
4.  Anna Patten   -   confirmed
5.  Jen Beattie
6.  Leah Williamson   -   confirmed
7.  Steph Catley   -   confirmed
8.  Jordan Nobbs   -   confirmed
9.  Beth Mead   -   confirmed
10.  Kim Little   -   confirmed
11.  Vivianne Miedema   -   confirmed
12.  Frida Maanum   -   confirmed
13.  Lia Wälti   -   confirmed
14.  Nikita Parris   -   confirmed
15.  Katie McCabe   -   confirmed
16.  Noëlle Maritz
18.  Lydia Williams   -   confirmed
19.  Caitlin Foord
20.  Simone Boye Sørensen   -   confirmed
21.  Malin Gut
22.  Viktoria Schnaderbeck
23.  Mana Iwabuchi   -   confirmed
25.  Sweden Stina Blackstenius
26.  Laura Wienroither
29.  Teyah Goldie
33.  Halle Houssein
35.  Alex Hennessy
77.  Tobin Heath   -   confirmed

The Boy's Own Paper - Our Football Leaders (03)

Our Football Leaders
The Boy's Own Paper
24 Footballers

Andrew Leitch has provided scans of both pages featuring Our Football Leaders, as featured in the The Boy's Own Annual for 1899, the bound volume of weekly magazines for that year. The information included here updates and corrects that featured in two earlier posts about these prints.

Our Football Leaders (1 - Amateur "Association" and "Rugby" Players)

C. McGahey (Tottenham Hotspur & Clapton)
G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
R.R. Sandlands (Old Westminsters)
G. McGregor (Rugby)
Bosworth-Smith (Old Harrovians)
W.R. Moon (Old Westminsters)
E. Field (Rugby)
R.R. Barker (The Casuals)
R.C. Gosling (Old Etonians)
Fegan (Rugby)
C.A. Hooper (Rugby)
C.M. Wells (Rugby)

Our Football Leaders (2 - Professional "Association" Players)

J. Montgomery (Notts County)
W.J. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
W. Storer (Liverpool)
D. Allsopp (Nottingham Forest)
W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)
T. Earp (The Wednesday)
J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
W.C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
T. Crawshaw (The Wednesday)
Cæsar Jenkins (Walsall & Wales)
T. Hyslop (Rangers, Stoke)
L. Bell (The Wednesday)

Raphael Tuck & Sons - Write Away - series 1372

Write Away - series 1372
Raphael Tuck & Sons
6 postcards (1 football)

Just one football-related card in this series.

Can You Tell Me
I Am Delighted
I am surprised
I'm Very Sorry I Can't Come
It's Very Good
I've Been Much Struck

Raphael Tuck & Sons - Old Bill and Bert - series 5070-5091

Old Bill and Bert
Raphael Tuck & Sons
22 postcards (1 football)

5083.  Old Bill - Every boy should play football...

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Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2021/22 (12) - Competition Finals

UEFA Champions League & Europa League Match Attax Extra 2021/22 
? cards

Topps has previewed the three Competition Finals cards.
Work is still ongoing with a checklist, the latest information can be found here - Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2021/22 (11) - Checklist.

Borrás (Spain) - (2020-21) Juega en la Mejor Liga del Mundo

Juega en la Mejor Liga del Mundo
220 cards

Another version of the board game. I've only got very poor images of the cards.

1.  Pacheco (Deportivo Alavés)
3.  Duarte (Deportivo Alavés)
4.  Rodrigo Ely (Deportivo Alavés)
5.  Laguardia (Deportivo Alavés)
6.  Battaglia (Deportivo Alavés)
8.  Toni Pina (Deportivo Alavés)
9.  Joselu (Deportivo Alavés)
14.  Deyverson (Deportivo Alavés)
19.  Manu Garcia (Deportivo Alavés)
20.  Pere Pons (Deportivo Alavés)
27.  Tachi (Deportivo Alavés)

3.  Núñez (Athletic Club)
4.  Íñigo Mártinez (Athletic Club)
8.  Unai López (Athletic Club)
9.  Williams (Athletic Club)
10.  Muniain (Athletic Club)
16.  Vesga (Athletic Club)
17.  Yuri (Athletic Club)
17.  Raul Garcia (Athletic Club)
23.  Kodro (Athletic Club)
24.  Balenziaga (Athletic Club)
25.  Unai Simón (Athletic Club)

1.  Oblak (Atlético de Madrid)
6.  Koke (Atlético de Madrid)
7.  Joao Félix (Atlético de Madrid)
8.  Saúl (Atlético de Madrid)
9.  Luis Suárez (Atlético de Madrid)
14.  Marcos Llorente (Atlético de Madrid)
15.  Savic (Atlético de Madrid)
19.  Diego Costa (Atlético de Madrid)
21.  Carrasco (Atlético de Madrid)
23.  Trippier (Atlético de Madrid)
24.  Giménez (Atlético de Madrid)

1.  ter Stegen (F.C. Barcelona)
3.  Piqué (F.C. Barcelona)
5.  Sergio (F.C. Barcelona)
7.  Griezmann (F.C. Barcelona)
10.  Messi (F.C. Barcelona)
14.  Coutinho (F.C. Barcelona)
15.  Lenglet (F.C. Barcelona)
18.  Jordi Alba (F.C. Barcelona)
20.  Sergi Roberto (F.C. Barcelona)
21.  de Jong (F.C. Barcelona)
22.  Ansu Fati (F.C. Barcelona)

2.  Montoya (Real Betis)
5.  Bartra (Real Betis)
8.  Fekir (Real Betis)
9.  Borja Iglesias (Real Betis)
10.  S. Canales (Real Betis)
14.  Carvalho (Real Betis)
16.  Loren (Real Betis)
17.  Joaquín (Real Betis)
18.  Guardado (Real Betis)
23.  Mandi (Real Betis)
25.  Bravo (Real Betis)

1.  Ledesma (Cadiz C.F.)
2.  Jonsson (Cadiz C.F.)
4.  Mauro (Cadiz C.F.)
7.  Salvi Sanchez (Cadiz C.F.)
8.  Álex Fernández (Cadiz C.F.)
9.  ChocoLozano (Cadiz C.F.)
11.  Pombo (Cadiz C.F.)
16.  Cala (Cadiz C.F.)
18.  Negredo (Cadiz C.F.)
20.  Iza Carcelen (Cadiz C.F.)
22.  Pacha Espino (Cadiz C.F.)

1.  Sergio (R.C. Celta)
4.  Araujo (R.C. Celta)
5.  Yukuslu (R.C. Celta)
6.  Denis Suárez (R.C. Celta)
10.  Iago Aspas (R.C. Celta)
11.  Emre Mor (R.C. Celta)
14.  Renato Tapia (R.C. Celta)
15.  Lucas Olaza (R.C. Celta)
20.  Kevín Rodriguez (R.C. Celta)
22.  Santi Mina (R.C. Celta)
23.  Brais Méndez (R.C. Celta)

1.  Dmitrovic (S.D. Eibar)
3.  Bigas (S.D. Eibar)
8.  Papé Diop (S.D. Eibar)
9.  Sergi Enrich (S.D. Eibar)
12.  Paulo Oliveira (S.D. Eibar)
15.  Cote (S.D. Eibar)
15.  Pedro León (S.D. Eibar)
18.  Cristóforo (S.D. Eibar)
19.  Kadzior (S.D. Eibar)
22.  Inui (S.D. Eibar)
23.  Arbilla (S.D. Eibar)

4.  Ramon Folch (Elche C.F.)
5.  Verdu (Elche C.F.)
7.  Nino (Elche C.F.)
9.  Lucas Boyé (Elche C.F.)
10.  Pere Milla (Elche C.F.)
12.  Dani Calvo (Elche C.F.)
13.  Edgar Badia (Elche C.F.)
16.  Fidel (Elche C.F.)
17.  Josan (Elche C.F.)
18.  Y. Koné (Elche C.F.)
24.  Josema (Elche C.F.)

2.  Djene (Getafe C.F.)
7.  Jaime Mata (Getafe C.F.)
9.  Ángel (Getafe C.F.)
11.  Amath (Getafe C.F.)
13.  David Soria (Getafe C.F.)
15.  Cucurella (Getafe C.F.)
16.  Etxeita (Getafe C.F.)
18.  Arambarri (Getafe C.F.)
20.  Maksimovic (Getafe C.F.)
22.  Damián (Getafe C.F.)
24.  Timor (Getafe C.F.)

1.  Rui Silva (Granada C.F.)
2.  Foulquier (Granada C.F.)
4.  Gonalons (Granada C.F.)
5.  Luis Milla (Granada C.F.)
6.  Germán (Granada C.F.)
9.  Soldado (Granada C.F.)
10.  A. Puertas (Granada C.F.)
16.  Víctor Díaz (Granada C.F.)
21.  Y. Herrera (Granada C.F.)
22.  D. Duarte (Granada C.F.)
23.  Machis (Granada C.F.)

3.  Maffeo (S.D. Huesca)
4.  Insua (S.D. Huesca)
5.  Mosquera (S.D. Huesca)
11.  Javi Galán (S.D. Huesca)
12.  Okazaki (S.D. Huesca)
13.  Andrés Fdez. (S.D. Huesca)
14.  Pulido (S.D. Huesca)
17.  Mikel Rico (S.D. Huesca)
18.  Sergio Gómez (S.D. Huesca)
21.  J. Carlos Real (S.D. Huesca)
24.  Rafa Mir (S.D. Huesca)

5.  Radoja (Levante U.D.)
6.  Duarte (Levante U.D.)
7.  Sergio León (Levante U.D.)
10.  Bardhi (Levante U.D.)
11.  Morales (Levante U.D.)
13.  Aitor Fernández (Levante U.D.)
14.  Rubén Vezo (Levante U.D.)
17.  Vikcevic (Levante U.D.)
19.  Clerc (Levante U.D.)
20.  Miramón (Levante U.D.)
24.  Campaña (Levante U.D.)

2.  Carvajal (Real Madrid)
4.  S. Ramos (Real Madrid)
5.  Varane (Real Madrid)
7.  Hazard (Real Madrid)
8.  Kroos (Real Madrid)
9.  Benzema (Real Madrid)
10.  Modric (Real Madrid)
13.  Courtois (Real Madrid)
14.  Casemiro (Real Madrid)
17.  L. Vazquez (Real Madrid)
20.  Vini Jr. (Real Madrid)

1.  Sergio Herrera (C.A. Osasuna)
2.  Nacho Vidal (C.A. Osasuna)
5.  D. García (C.A. Osasuna)
6.  Oier (C.A. Osasuna)
9.  Chimy Ávila (C.A. Osasuna)
10.  Roberto Torres (C.A. Osasuna)
12.  Roncaglia (C.A. Osasuna)
14.  Rubén García (C.A. Osasuna)
20.  Ardian López (C.A. Osasuna)
21.  Iñigo Pérez (C.A. Osasuna)
23.  Aridane (C.A. Osasuna)

4.  Illaramendi (Real Sociedad)
5.  Zubeldia (Real Sociedad)
6.  A. Elustondo (Real Sociedad)
7.  Portu (Real Sociedad)
8.  Merino (Real Sociedad)
10.  Oyarzabal (Real Sociedad)
13.  Moya (Real Sociedad)
18.  Gorosabel (Real Sociedad)
19.  Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad)
21.  David Silva (Real Sociedad)
24.  Le Normand (Real Sociedad)

1.  Vaclik (Sevilla F.C.)
3.  Rekik (Sevilla F.C.)
5.  Ocampos (Sevilla F.C.)
10.  Rakitic (Sevilla F.C.)
11.  Munir (Sevilla F.C.)
12.  Koundé (Sevilla F.C.)
15.  En-Nesyri (Sevilla F.C.)
16.  J. Navas (Sevilla F.C.)
17.  Gudelj (Sevilla F.C.)
19.  de Jong (Sevilla F.C.)
20.  Diego Carlos (Sevilla F.C.)

4.  Mangala (Valencia C.F.)
5.  Paulista (Valencia C.F.)
6.  Kondogbia (Valencia C.F.)
7.  Guedes (Valencia C.F.)
8.  Carlos Soler (Valencia C.F.)
9.  Gameiro (Valencia C.F.)
11.  Cheryshev (Valencia C.F.)
13.  Cillessen (Valencia C.F.)
14.  Gayá (Valencia C.F.)
18.  Wass (Valencia C.F.)
26.  Racic (Valencia C.F.)

1.  Masip (Real Valladolid)
6.  Burno (Real Valladolid)
7.  Sergi Guardiola (Real Valladolid)
9.  Weissmna (Real Valladolid)
10.  Óscar Plano (Real Valladolid)
12.  Orellana (Real Valladolid)
14.  Alcaraz (Real Valladolid)
17.  Moyano (Real Valladolid)
21.  Michel (Real Valladolid)
23.  Waldo (Real Valladolid)
24.  Joaquín (Real Valladolid)

1.  Sergio Asenjo (Villarreal C.F.)
3.  Albiol (Villarreal C.F.)
4.  Pau Torres (Villarreal C.F.)
5.  Parejo (Villarreal C.F.)
7.  Gerad Moreno (Villarreal C.F.)
8.  Coquelin (Villarreal C.F.)
11.  Chukwueze (Villarreal C.F.)
16.  Take Kubo (Villarreal C.F.)
17.  Álcacer (Villarreal C.F.)
20.  Rubén Péna (Villarreal C.F.)
23.  Moi Gómez (Villarreal C.F.)

Panini - 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A (01) - First News

2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A
200 base cards

The collection doesn't have a release date yet, it's just showing for release some time in 2022. 15 cards per packet, 10 packets per box and 12 boxes per case. Boxes will include 1 Autograph, 5 Silver Parallels, 15 Mosaic Parallels and 20 Inserts or Insert Parallels.

2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A
200 cards
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Silver
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Red
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Blue #/99
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Purple #/49
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Pink #/25
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Gold #/10
PARALLEL: 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Serie A - Mosaic Black 1/1


Pitch Masters
? cards
PARALLEL: Pitch Masters - Mosaic Silver
PARALLEL: Pitch Masters - Mosaic White #/25
PARALLEL: Pitch Masters - Mosaic Gold #/10
PARALLEL: Pitch Masters - Mosaic Black 1/1

International Men of Mastery
? cards
PARALLEL: International Men of Mastery - Mosaic Silver
PARALLEL: International Men of Mastery - Mosaic White #/25
PARALLEL: International Men of Mastery - Mosaic Gold #/10
PARALLEL: International Men of Mastery - Mosaic Black 1/1

? cards
PARALLEL: Montage - Mosaic Silver
PARALLEL: Montage - Mosaic White #/25
PARALLEL: Montage - Mosaic Gold #/10
PARALLEL: Montage - Mosaic Black 1/1

Stained Glass (1 per case)
? cards

Overdrive (1 per case)
? cards


Mosaic Autographs
? cards
PARALLEL: Mosaic Autographs - Gold #/10 or less
PARALLEL: Mosaic Autographs - Black 1/1

Mosaic Scripts
? cards
PARALLEL: Mosaic Scripts - Gold #/10 or less
PARALLEL: Mosaic Scripts - Black 1/1

Leaf Trading Cards - 2021 Leaf Art of Sport (02) - Checklist

2021 Leaf Art of Sport
Leaf Trading Cards
? cards

Every one a hit! Four cards per box, two autographs and two relics. Scattered throughout this collection is a number of footballers, in no particular order they are - Pelé, Diego Maradona, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Neymar Jr, Zinedine Zidane, Ansu Fati, Karim Benzema, Joao Felix, Dani Alves and Phil Foden.
Some of the highlights:
•  Base Auto: Signed original artwork done in amazing detail capturing the essence of the athlete! Featuring Sports greatest stars and legends such as: Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Ichiro, Mike Tyson and Brett Favre!
•  Stroke of Genius: An autographed memorabilia card featuring baseball's sweetest strokes! Such as Shohei Ohtani, Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr.!
•  Paint the Corners: An Autographed memorabilia card featuring baseball's greatest artists on the bump! Such as: Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan and Greg Maddux!
•  Imagestic: an autographed piece of art featuring some of sports most majestic athletes! Such as: Hulk Hogan, Collin Morikawa and John Elway!
•  Iconography: Dual player signature card featuring some of the most artistic combos in sports history! Such as Hulk Hogan / Sylvestor Stallone and Cristiano Ronaldo / Pele!
•  Visual Art: An Autographed memorabilia card with spectacular artistic imagery! Featuring sports stalwarts such as: Giannis, Neymar Jr., Larry Bird and Pele!
•  Art of a Champion: Amazing artwork featuring champions of sport! Such as: Stephen Curry, Manny Pacquiao and Albert Pujols!
•  Enshrined Exhibit: Single player memorabilia card with 5 game used relics! Superstars only included: Such as: Kobe Bryant, Babe Ruth, Kylian Mbappe and Ted Williams
•  Museum of Materials: Jumbo memorabilia card featuring of the worlds greatest sports stars! Such as Mickey Mantle, Kylian Mbappe and Tim Duncan.
•  Paint by Numbers: Single player memorabilia card focusing on stats! Featuring statistical standouts such as: Walter Payton, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente and Dan Marino
•  Objet d' Art: A single player memorabilia card featuring sports world works of art such as: Lionel Messi, Shaquille O'Neal and Fernando Tatis Jr.
•  Retired Remnants: A dual memorabilia card featuring franchise legends with retired numbers! Such as Julius Erving / Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant / Shaquillw O'Neal and Roberto Clemente / Willie Stargell!
•  The Rule of 3: A triple signed card featuring a triumvirate of sports legends such as: Bradshaw / Staubach / Tarkenton, Fati / Benzema / Felix and Wilkins / Drexler / Kemp
•  8 Wonders of the World: 8 player memorabilia card featuring 8 wonderous athletes such as: Kobe / Hill / Carter / McGrady / Allen / Pierce / Iverson / Wade and Mbappe / Lewandowski / Messu / Beckham / Neymar Jr, / Ronaldinho / C.Ronaldo / Zidane
•  Aris Opus: A single player monster jumbo memorabilia piece all 1 of 1! Featuring amazing memorabilia pieces from legends such as: Pele, Lionel Messi, Nolan Ryan and Joe Namath!

Art of Sport Autographs - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
89 cards
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Art of Sport Autographs - Gold Holofoil 1/1

BA-AG1.  Artis Gilmore
BA-AP1.  Albert Pujols
BA-AR1.  Aaron Rodgers
BA-AR2.  Alex Rodriguez
BA-BB1.  Bonnie Blair
BA-BD1.  Bryson DeChambeau
BA-BD2.  Buster Douglas
BA-BF1.  Brett Favre
BA-BH1.  Bobby Hull
BA-BJ1.  Bo Jackson
BA-BS1.  Barry Sanders
BA-CC1.  Cris Carter
BA-CJ1.  Chipper Jones
BA-CK1.  Chloe Kim
BA-CL1.  Carl Lewis
BA-CM1.  Collin Morikawa
BA-CR1.  Cristiano Ronaldo
BA-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
BA-CS1.  Charlie Sheen
BA-DB1.  Drew Brees
BA-DF1.  Dick Fosbury
BA-DM1.  Dan Marino
BA-DR1.  Dennis Rodman
BA-DS1.  Deion Sanders
BA-DS2.  Don Sutton
BA-ED1.  Eric Dickerson
BA-ES1.  Emmitt Smith
BA-FB1.  Fred Biletnikoff
BA-FM1.  Floyd Mayweather Jr.
BA-FT1.  Fernando Tatis Jr.
BA-FT2.  Fran Tarkenton
BA-GA1.  Giannis Antetokounmpo
BA-GB1.  Gregg Barsby
BA-GF1.  Grant Fuhr
BA-GM1.  Greg Maddux
BA-GSP.  Georges St-Pierre
BA-HH1.  Hulk Hogan
BA-I1.  Ichiro
BA-IB1.  Iran Barkley
BA-IB2.  Isaac Bruce
BA-IT1.  Isiah Thomas
BA-JB1.  Jerome Bettis
BA-JBS.  James "Bonecrusher" Smith
BA-JC2.  Jose Canseco
BA-JE1.  John Elway
BA-JF1.  Justin Fields
BA-JG1.  Joe Greene
BA-JJ1.  Jimmy Johnson
BA-JK1.  Jerry Kramer
BA-JL1.  Jack Lambert
BA-JL2.  Jim Langer
BA-JM1.  Joe Montana
BA-JM2.  Joe Montana
BA-JT1.  Jim Thome
BA-JW1.  Jerry West
BA-JW2.  Jordyn Wieber
BA-LM1.  Lionel Messi
BA-LR1.  Luc Robitaille
BA-MD1.  Mike Ditka
BA-MF1.  Marshall Faulk
BA-MI1.  Michael Irvin
BA-MJ1.  Mac Jones
BA-MJ2.  Magic Johnson
BA-MM1.  Mason Mount
BA-MM2.  Michael Moorer
BA-MP1.  Manny Pacquiao
BA-MT1.  Mike Tyson
BA-MV1.  Michael Vick
BA-NJ1.  Neymar Jr.
BA-OD1.  Ousmane Dembélé
BA-OJ1.  O.J. Simpson
BA-P1.  Pelé
BA-PM1.  Peyton Manning
BA-PM2.  Peyton Manning
BA-PW1.  Pernell Whitaker
BA-RA1.  Ronald Acuna
BA-RL1.  Ray Lewis
BA-RM1.  Randy Moss
BA-RS1.  Roger Staubach
BA-RW1.  Randy White
BA-SO1.  Shaquille O'Neal
BA-SO2.  Shohei Ohtani
BA-SS1.  Sammy Sosa
BA-SY1.  Steve Young
BA-TD1.  Tony Dorsett
BA-TL1.  Trevor Lawrence
BA-VS1.  Vin Scully
BA-WM1.  Warren Moon
BA-WS1.  Warren Sapp


Artis Opus 1/1
40 cards

AO-AM1.  Andy Murray
AO-BC1.  Bartolo Colon
AO-CC1.  Cris Carter
AO-CS1.  Charlie Sheen
AO-DA1.  Dani Alves
AO-DC1.  Dave Concepcion
AO-DJ1.  Dustin Johnson
AO-DS1.  Darryl Strawberry
AO-EM1.  Eddie Murray
AO-EW1.  Earl Weaver
AO-FV1.  Fernando Valenzuela
AO-GH1.  Grant Hill
AO-GP1.  Gaylord Perry
AO-GR1.  Glenn Robinson
AO-JF1.  Joao Felix
AO-JG1.  Juan González
AO-JH1.  James Harden
AO-JK1.  Jim Kelly
AO-JS1.  John Stockton
AO-KB1.  Karim Benzema
AO-KD1.  Kevin Durant
AO-KG1.  Kevin Garnett
AO-KM1.  Karl Malone
AO-LM1.  Lionel Messi
AO-LS1.  Lee Smith
AO-MC1.  Marcus Camby
AO-MG1.  Manu Ginobili
AO-N1.  Neymar Jr.
AO-OG1.  Ozzie Guillen
AO-P1.  Pelé
AO-PF1.  Phil Foden
AO-RJ1.  Randy Johnson
AO-RM1.  Rick Mahorn
AO-RP1.  Rafael Palmeiro
AO-RR1.  Robin Roberts
AO-RS1.  Red Schoendienst
AO-RT1.  Ralph Terry
AO-RW1.  Rasheed Wallace
AO-TG1.  Tony Gwynn
AO-WM1.  Willie McCovey

Enshrined Exhibit - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
32 cards
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Enshrined Exhibit - Gold Holofoil 1/1

EE-01.  Babe Ruth
EE-02.  Bob Lemon
EE-03.  David Beckham
EE-04.  Derek Jeter
EE-05.  Diego Maradona
EE-06.  Fernando Tatis Jr.
EE-07.  George Brett
EE-08.  Gil Hodges
EE-09.  Jack Nicklaus
EE-10.  Jerry Rice
EE-11.  Joe DiMaggio
EE-12.  Joe Montana
EE-13.  Joe Namath
EE-14.  Karl Malone
EE-15.  Ken Griffey Jr.
EE-16.  Kirby Puckett
EE-17.  Kobe Bryant
EE-18.  Kris Bryant
EE-19.  Kylian Mbappe
EE-20.  Leo Durocher
EE-21.  Mickey Mantle
EE-22.  Muhammad Ali
EE-23.  Patrick Ewing
EE-24.  Pete Rose
EE-25.  Rickey Henderson
EE-26.  Satchel Paige
EE-27.  Ted Williams
EE-28.  Tim Duncan
EE-29.  Tom Brady
EE-30.  Vince McMahon
EE-31.  Whitey Ford
EE-32.  Willie Mays

Museum of Materials - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
38 cards
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Museum of Materials - Gold Holofoil 1/1

MM-01.  Alex Bregman
MM-02.  Alex Rodriguez
MM-03.  Alex Verdugo
MM-04.  Craig Biggio
MM-05.  Darryl Dawkins
MM-06.  Dave Winfield
MM-07.  David Robinson
MM-08.  Derrick Rose
MM-09.  Diego Maradona
MM-10.  Dirk Nowitzki
MM-11.  Drew Bledsoe
MM-12.  Dwight Evans
MM-15.  Floyd Patterson
MM-16.  Harmon Killebrew
MM-17.  Hunter Pence
MM-18.  Joe Dumars
MM-19.  Justin Verlander
MM-20.  Karl Malone
MM-21.  Ken Caminiti
MM-22.  Kenny Anderson
MM-23.  Keston Hiura
MM-24.  Kevin Mitchell
MM-13.  Kristaps Porzingis
MM-25.  Kylian Mbappe
MM-26.  LaDainian Tomlinson
MM-27.  Lance Berkman
MM-28.  Lee Smith
MM-29.  Mickey Mantle
MM-30.  Mike Piazza
MM-31.  Omar Vizquel
MM-14.  Ozzie Guillen
MM-32.  Pedro Martinez
MM-33.  Pelé
MM-34.  Robert Lewandowski
MM-35.  Tim Duncan
MM-36.  Tim Raines
MM-37.  Tim Tebow
MM-38.  Willie Stargell

Objet d’art - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
27 cards
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Objet d’art - Gold Holofoil 1/1

ODA-01.  Alex Rodriguez
ODA-02.  Allen Iverson
ODA-03.  Carlton Fisk
ODA-04.  Chipper Jones
ODA-05.  Dan Marino
ODA-06.  Deion Sanders
ODA-07.  Dennis Rodman
ODA-08.  Fernando Tatis Jr.
ODA-09.  Fran Tarkenton
ODA-10.  Giannis Antetokounmpo
ODA-11.  Gordie Howe
ODA-12.  Jerry Rice
ODA-13.  Jim Kelly
ODA-14.  Joe Montana
ODA-15.  Ken Griffey Jr.
ODA-16.  Kevin Garnett
ODA-17.  Larry Bird
ODA-18.  Lionel Messi
ODA-19.  Mark McGwire
ODA-20.  Mike Tyson
ODA-21.  Ozzie Smith
ODA-22.  Pelé
ODA-23.  Reggie Jackson
ODA-24.  Rickey Henderson
ODA-25.  Robin Yount
ODA-26.  Shaquille O'Neal
ODA-27.  Wayne Rooney

Paint by Numbers - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
41 cards
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Paint by Numbers - Gold Holofoil 1/1

PBN-01.  Barry Sanders
PBN-02.  Carl Yastrzemski
PBN-03.  Dan Marino
PBN-04.  Derek Jeter
PBN-05.  Dirk Nowitzki
PBN-06.  Eddie Murray
PBN-07.  Ichiro
PBN-08.  Jason Kidd
PBN-09.  Jerome Bettis
PBN-10.  Jerry Rice
PBN-11.  Joe DiMaggio
PBN-12.  Joe Montana
PBN-13.  John Elway
PBN-14.  John Stockton
PBN-15.  Karl Malone
PBN-16.  Kevin Garnett
PBN-17.  Kirby Puckett
PBN-18.  Kobe Bryant
PBN-19.  LaDainian Tomlinson
PBN-20.  Larry Walker
PBN-21.  Marvin Harrison
PBN-22.  Mickey Mantle
PBN-23.  Mike Piazza
PBN-24.  O.J. Simpson
PBN-25.  Paul Molitor
PBN-26.  Pete Rose
PBN-27.  Peyton Manning
PBN-28.  Randy Moss
PBN-29.  Roberto Clemente
PBN-30.  Rod Carew
PBN-31.  Shaquille O'Neal
PBN-32.  Steve Nash
PBN-33.  Terrell Owens
PBN-34.  Tim Duncan
PBN-35.  Todd Helton
PBN-36.  Tom Brady
PBN-37.  Tony Dorsett
PBN-38.  Tony Gwynn
PBN-39.  Wade Boggs
PBN-40.  Walter Payton
PBN-41.  Willie Mays

Retired Remnants - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
33 cards
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Retired Remnants - Gold Holofoil 1/1

RR-01.  Julius Erving / Jason Kidd
RR-02.  Isiah Thomas / Joe Dumars
RR-03.  Clyde Drexler / Hakeem Olajuwon
RR-04.  Kobe Bryant / Shaquille O'Neal
RR-05.  Larry Bird / Kevin McHale
RR-06.  Kobe Bryant / James Worthy
RR-07.  Dwyane Wade / Chris Bosh
RR-08.  Julius Erving / Allen Iverson
RR-09.  David Robinson / Tim Duncan
RR-10.  Karl Malone / John Stockton
RR-11.  Reggie Jackson / Rickey Henderson
RR-12.  Jeff Bagwell / Craig Biggio
RR-13.  Eddie Mathews / Chipper Jones
RR-14.  Greg Maddux / Tom Glavine
RR-15.  Paul Molitor / Robin Yount
RR-16.  Ozzie Smith / Stan Musial
RR-17.  Willie Mays / Barry Bonds
RR-18.  Ken Griffey Jr. / Edgar Martinez
RR-19.  Gil Hodges / Tom Seaver
RR-20.  Brooks Robinson / Frank Robinson
RR-21.  Andre Dawson / Tim Raines
RR-22.  Roberto Clemente / Willie Stargell
RR-23.  Tony Gwynn / Dave Winfield
RR-24.  Ted Williams / Carl Yastrzemski
RR-25.  Carlton Fisk / Jim Rice
RR-26.  Johnny Bench / Joe Morgan
RR-27.  Pete Rose / Tony Perez
RR-28.  Harmon Killebrew / Kirby Puckett
RR-29.  Harold Baines / Frank Thomas
RR-30.  Babe Ruth / Joe DiMaggio
RR-31.  Mickey Mantle / Roger Maris
RR-32.  Yogi Berra / Thurman Munson
RR-33.  Derek Jeter / Mariano Rivera

8 Wonders of the World - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
12 cards
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: 8 Wonders of the World - Gold Holofoil 1/1

8WW-01.  Kobe Bryant / Grant Hill / Vince Carter / Tracy McGrady / Ray Allen / Paul Pierce / Allen Iverson / Dwyane Wade
8WW-02.  Julius Erving / Pete Maravich / Larry Bird / Dominique Wilkins / Karl Malone / John Stockton / Patrick Ewing / Scottie Pippen
8WW-03.  Joe Namath / Joe Montana / Tom Brady / Dan Marino / John Elway / Jim Kelly / Steve Young / Fran Tarkenton
8WW-04.  Mickey Mantle / Duke Snider / Willie Mays / Ted Williams / Roberto Clemente / Mel Ott / Stan Musial / Frank Robinson
8WW-05.  Mickey Mantle / Muhammad Ali / Sam Snead / Bronko Nagurski / Gordie Howe / Gene Sarazen / Pelé / Floyd Patterson
8WW-06.  Shaquille O'Neal / Patrick Ewing / Alonzo Mourning / Hakeem Olajuwon / David Robinson / Yao Ming / Robert Parish / Bill Walton
8WW-07.  Pelé / Diego Maradona / David Beckham / Lionel Messi / Cristiano Ronaldo / Wayne Rooney / Ronaldinho / Neymar Jr.
8WW-08.  Mickey Mantle / Roger Maris / Whitey Ford / Joe DiMaggio / Reggie Jackson / Derek Jeter / Thurman Munson / Yogi Berra
8WW-09.  Ken Griffey Jr. / Derek Jeter / Alex Rodriguez / Cal Ripken Jr. / Tony Gwynn / Rickey Henderson / Barry Bonds / Mike Piazza
8WW-10.  Kylian Mbappe / Robert Lewandowski / Lionel Messi / David Beckham / Neymar Jr. / Ronaldinho / Cristiano Ronaldo / Zinedine Zidane
8WW-11.  Roger Clemens / Justin Verlander / Greg Maddux / Nolan Ryan / Herb Score / Pedro Martinez / Tom Seaver / Satchel Paige
8WW-14.  Joe Morgan / George Brett / Reggie Jackson / Eddie Murray / Pete Rose / Dwight Evans / Keith Hernandez / Rod Carew


Art of a Champion - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
25 cards
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Art of a Champion - Gold Holofoil 1/1

AC-AP1.  Albert Pujols
AC-BF1.  Brett Favre
AC-CL1.  Christian Laettner
AC-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
AC-DB1.  Drew Brees
AC-ES1.  Emmitt Smith
AC-HH1.  Hulk Hogan
AC-JG1.  Joe Greene
AC-JM1.  Joe Montana
AC-JW1.  Jerry West
AC-KB1.  Karim Benzema
AC-LB1.  Larry Bird
AC-MJ1.  Magic Johnson
AC-MP1.  Manny Pacquiao
AC-MR1.  Mariano Rivera
AC-MT1.  Mike Tyson
AC-NS1.  Nick Saban
AC-PM1.  Peyton Manning
AC-RL1.  Ray Lewis
AC-RS1.  Roger Staubach
AC-SC1.  Stephen Curry
AC-SO1.  Shaquille O'Neal
AC-TB1.  Terry Bradshaw
AC-TF1.  Tyson Fury
AC-TL1.  Trevor Lawrence

Iconography - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
29 cards
PARALLEL: Iconography - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Iconography - Gold Holofoil 1/1

I-01.  Jack Lambert / Joe Greene
I-02.  Eric Dickerson / Jerome Bettis
I-03.  Jerry West / Magic Johnson
I-04.  Roger Staubach / Terry Bradshaw
I-05.  Lawrence Taylor / Ray Lewis
I-06.  Joe Montana / John Elway
I-07.  Marcus Allen / Bo Jackson
I-08.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. / Manny Pacquiao
I-09.  Fred Biletnikoff / Steve Largent
I-10.  Joe Montana / Dan Marino
I-11.  Emmitt Smith / Tony Dorsett
I-12.  Drew Brees / Peyton Manning
I-13.  Fernando Tatis Jr. / Ronald Acuna
I-14.  Magic Johnson / Isiah Thomas
I-15.  Cristiano Ronaldo / Pelé
I-16.  Roger Staubach / Drew Pearson
I-17.  Dick Butkus / Mike Ditka
I-18.  Nolan Ryan / Dwight Gooden
I-19.  Michael Madsen / Wilford Brimley
I-20.  Terry Bradshaw / Joe Montana
I-21.  Deion Sanders / Aeneas Williams
I-22.  Sylvester Stallone / Hulk Hogan
I-23.  Joe Montana / Steve Young
I-24.  Fred Biletnikoff / Tim Brown
I-25.  Randy Moss / Cris Carter
I-26.  Magic Johnson / Michael Cooper
I-27.  Kevin De Bruyne / Mason Mount
I-28.  Ryne Sandberg / Wade Boggs
I-29.  O.J. Simpson / Thurman Thomas

Imagestic - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
22 cards
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Imagestic - Gold Holofoil 1/1

IM-AR1.  Aaron Rodgers
IM-BF1.  Brett Favre
IM-BS1.  Barry Sanders
IM-CM1.  Collin Morikawa
IM-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
IM-DR1.  Dennis Rodman
IM-ES1.  Emmitt Smith
IM-GA1.  Giannis Antetokounmpo
IM-GSP.  Georges St-Pierre
IM-HH1.  Hulk Hogan
IM-JE1.  Julius Erving
IM-JE2.  John Elway
IM-JL1.  Jack Lambert
IM-JM1.  Joe Montana
IM-JM2.  Joe Montana
IM-JW1.  Jerry West
IM-KGJ.  Ken Griffey Jr.
IM-MF1.  Marshall Faulk
IM-MJ1.  Magic Johnson
IM-OJ1.  O.J. Simpson
IM-PM1.  Peyton Manning
IM-TL1.  Trevor Lawrence

Paint the Corners - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
9 cards
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Paint the Corners - Gold Holofoil 1/1

PC-BB1.  Bert Blyleven
PC-DG1.  Dwight Gooden
PC-DS1.  Don Sutton
PC-GM1.  Greg Maddux
PC-JS1.  John Smoltz
PC-MR1.  Mariano Rivera
PC-NR1.  Nolan Ryan
PC-RC1.  Roger Clemens
PC-TG1.  Tom Glavine

Stroke of Genius - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
24 cards
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Stroke of Genius - Gold Holofoil 1/1

SG-AP1.  Albert Pujols
SG-AR1.  Alex Rodriguez
SG-CJ1.  Chipper Jones
SG-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
SG-DM1.  Don Mattingly
SG-DP1.  Dave Parker
SG-FTJ.  Fernando Tatis Jr.
SG-HB1.  Harold Baines
SG-I1.  Ichiro
SG-JC1.  Jose Canseco
SG-JR1.  Jim Rice
SG-JT1.  Jim Thome
SG-JT2.  Joe Torre
SG-KGJ.  Ken Griffey Jr.
SG-OV1.  Omar Vizquel
SG-PM1.  Paul Molitor
SG-PR1.  Pete Rose
SG-RA1.  Ronald Acuna
SG-RS1.  Ryne Sandberg
SG-RY1.  Robin Yount
SG-SO1.  Shohei Ohtani
SG-SS1.  Sammy Sosa
SG-TS1.  Ted Simmons
SG-WB1.  Wade Boggs

The Rule of 3 - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
15 cards
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: The Rule of 3 - Gold Holofoil 1/1

R3-01.  Nolan Ryan / Jim Palmer / Don Sutton
R3-02.  Troy Aikman / Emmitt Smith / Michael Irvin - Redemption
R3-03.  Joe Montana / Peyton Manning / Dan Marino
R3-04.  Barry Sanders / O.J. Simpson / Eric Dickerson
R3-05.  Terry Bradshaw / Roger Staubach / Fran Tarkenton
R3-06.  Eric Dickerson / Marshall Faulk / Jerome Bettis
R3-07.  Ray Lewis / Michael Irvin / Warren Sapp
R3-08.  Roger Staubach / Tony Dorsett / Drew Pearson
R3-09.  Dominique Wilkins / Clyde Drexler / Shawn Kemp
R3-10.  Mariano Rivera / Rollie Fingers / Trevor Hoffman
R3-11.  Jerry West / Lenny Wilkens / Walt Frazier
R3-12.  Ronnie Lott / Rod Woodson / Steve Atwater
R3-13.  Isiah Thomas / Dennis Rodman / Rick Mahorn
R3-14.  Ansu Fati / Karim Benzema / Joao Felix
R3-15.  John Elway / Peyton Manning / Trevor Lawrence

Visual Art - Bronze Holofoil #/45 or less
16 cards
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Navy Holofoil #/25 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Red Holofoil #/9 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Purple Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Green Holofoil #/5 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Platinum Holofoil #/3 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Silver Holofoil #2 or less
PARALLEL: Visual Art - Gold Holofoil 1/1

VA-CJ1.  Chipper Jones
VA-CRJ.  Cal Ripken Jr.
VA-FT1.  Fran Tarkenton
VA-GA1.  Giannis Antetokounmpo
VA-JM1.  Joe Montana
VA-KJ1.  Jim Kelly
VA-LB1.  Larry Bird
VA-MT1.  Mike Tyson
VA-NJ.  Neymar Jr.
VA-P1.  Pelé
VA-PM1.  Pedro Martinez
VA-PM1.  Peyton Manning
VA-SC1.  Stephen Curry
VA-SY1.  Steve Young
VA-TT1.  Thurman Thomas
VA-WR1.  Wayne Rooney