Saturday 20 October 2018

Daka (China) - Borussia Dortmund (2017-18)

Borussia Dortmund
26 base cards

On 17 April, 2018 Borussia Dortmund signed an agreement with the Chinese trading card manufacturer Daka, at the Soccerex China 2018 exhibition held in Xhuhai in Guangdong Province. This set of cards is the first to come from that agreement. Two cards in every pack, the collection includes autographs and memorabilia cards. Another collection is expected in 2018-19.

01.  Roman Weidenfeller
02 Roman Bürki
03 Ömer Toprak
04 Jeremy Toljan
05 Manuel Akanji
06 Raphaël Guerreiro
07 Łukasz Piszczek
08 Marcel Schmelzer
09 Erik Durm
10 Sokratis Papastathopoulos
11 Dan-Axel Zagadou
12 Mahmoud Dahoud
13 Mario Götze
14 Christian Pulisic
15 Shinji Kagawa
16 Gonzalo Castro
17 Sebastian Rode
18 André Schurrle
19 Nuri Şahin
20 Julian-Weigl
21 Jadon Sancho
22 Maximilian Philipp
23 Michy Batshuayi
24 Marco Reus
25 Andrey Yarmolenko
26 Alexander Isak

Borussia Dortmund - Memorabilia #/80 (unless noted)
20 cards

JSYAS.   André Schurrle
JSYAY.  Andrey Yarmolenko
JSYCP.  Christian Pulisic  #/20
JSYGC.  Gonzalo Castro
JSYTJ.  Jeremy Toljan
JSYJW.  Julian-Weigl
JSYLP.  Łukasz Piszczek
JSYMB.  Michy Batshuayi  #/20
JSYMD.  Mahmoud Dahoud
JSYMG.  Mario Götze
JSYMP.  Maximilian Philipp
JSYMR.  Marco Reus  #/20
JSYMS.  Marcel Schmelzer
JSYNS.  Nuri Şahin
JSYOT.  Ömer Toprak
JSYRB.  Roman Bürki
JSYRG.  Raphaël Guerreiro
JSYRW.  Roman Weidenfeller
JSYSK.  Shinji Kagawa  #/20
JSYSP.  Sokratis Papastathopoulos

Borussia Dortmund - Autographs  #/10
12 cards

ASA.   André Schurrle
JWA.  Julian-Weigl
LPA.  Łukasz Piszczek
MGA.  Mario Götze
MRA.  Marco Reus
MSA.  Marcel Schmelzer
NSA.  Nuri Şahin
RBA.  Roman Bürki
SKA.  Shinji Kagawa
SPA.  Sokratis Papastathopoulos
LKRA.  Karl-Heinz Riedle (Legend)
LLRA.  Lars Ricken (Legend)

Gente (Italy) - Monaco 1974 (02) - Error sticker - Holton (Scozia)

Monaco 1974
330 stickers

Martin Bennett has provided a photo of this sticker which actually shows England's Mick Channon.

Holton (Scozia)  -  photo of Mick Channon

Pro-Set - Footballers (1990-91) (23) - 196 - Brian Marwood

328 cards

John Longley has provided photos of two variations of the Brian Marwood card.

196.  Brian Marwood (Sheffield United)  -  Biography includes "Sheffield United paid Hull £115,000..."; Last line "championship."
196.  Brian Marwood (Sheffield United)  -  Biography includes "Sheffield Wednesday paid Hull £115,000..."; Last line "Division championship."

Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2018/19 (01) - First News

UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2018/19
500+ cards

For the first time Topps are creating an Extra series for the Champions League, due out in February, 2019. Thanks to María José Guillén García and Ivica Dodig for providing this information.

Squad Updates
Rising Stars
Pro Performance (Foil)
Man of the Match
Group Stage Record Holders
100 Club Heroes
Super Squad Limited Edition

Glasgow Evening Times - Wall-Pics (05) - Colin Stein

Glasgow Evening Times
Unknown number

Another item given free with the Evening Times in the 1960's.

Colin Stein (Rangers F.C.)

Futera - World Football Unique 2007 (03) - Sell Sheet - English

World Football Unique 2007
100 base cards

The English version of the official sales sheet.

Kick! Extra magazine - Finger Footy! (#37)

Finger Footy!
Kick! Extra
2 cards

Issue 37 of Kick! Extra magazine includes another version of the Finger Footy game.

Harry Kane (England)
Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)

Friday 19 October 2018

Panini (Spain) - Campeonato de Liga 72-73 (Este)

Campeonato de Liga 72-73
Panini / Este
288 stickers

Iríbar (A. Bilbao)
Sáez (A. Bilbao)
Beitia (A. Bilbao)
Aranguren (A. Bilbao)
Guisasola (A. Bilbao)
Larrauri (A. Bilbao)
Betzuen (A. Bilbao)
Villar (A. Bilbao)
Astrain (A. Bilbao)
Uriarte (A. Bilbao)
Rojo II (A. Bilbao)
Lasa (A. Bilbao)
Ortuondo (A. Bilbao)
Arieta II (A. Bilbao)
Carlos (A. Bilbao)
Rojo I (A. Bilbao)

Rodri (A. Madrid)
Pacheco (A. Madrid)
Melo (A. Madrid)
Martínez Jayo (A. Madrid)
Ovejero (A. Madrid)
Iglesias (A. Madrid)
Eusebio (A. Madrid)
Calleja (A. Madrid)
Adelardo (A. Madrid)
Irureta (A. Madrid)
Alberto (A. Madrid)
Salcedo (A. Madrid)
Ufarte (A. Madrid)
Luis (A. Madrid)
Gárate (A. Madrid)
Orozco (A. Madrid)

Reina (C.F. Barcelona)
Sadurni (C.F. Barcelona)
Rifé (C.F. Barcelona)
De la Cruz (C.F. Barcelona)
Torres (C.F. Barcelona)
Gallego (C.F. Barcelona)
Costas (C.F. Barcelona)
Juan Carlos (C.F. Barcelona)
Marcial (C.F. Barcelona)
Asensi (C.F. Barcelona)
Zabalza (C.F. Barcelona)
Rexach (C.F. Barcelona)
Juanito (C.F. Barcelona)
Martí Filoxia (C.F. Barcelona)
Dueñas (C.F. Barcelona)
Pérez (C.F. Barcelona)

García Cuervo (Burgos C.F.)
Marcos (Burgos C.F.)
Capón (Burgos C.F.)
Raúl (Burgos C.F.)
Ederra (Burgos C.F.)
Aramburuzabala (Burgos C.F.)
Benegas (Burgos C.F.)
Alcorta (Burgos C.F.)
Escalza (Burgos C.F.)
Arraiz (Burgos C.F.)
Jacquet (Burgos C.F.)
Olalde (Burgos C.F.)
Requejo (Burgos C.F.)
Mendiolea (Burgos C.F.)
Quirós (Burgos C.F.)
Angelín (Burgos C.F.)

Mendieta (C.D. Castellón)
Araquistain (C.D. Castellón)
Ferrer (C.D. Castellón)
Cela (C.D. Castellón)
Corrales (C.D. Castellón)
Babiloni (C.D. Castellón)
Echarri (C.D. Castellón)
Oscar (C.D. Castellón)
Figueirido (C.D. Castellón)
Cayuela (C.D. Castellón)
Planelles (C.D. Castellón)
Félix (C.D. Castellón)
Planas (C.D. Castellón)
Demetrio (C.D. Castellón)
Clares (C.D. Castellón)
Leandro (C.D. Castellón)

Deusto (C.D. Málaga)
Montero (C.D. Málaga)
Arias (C.D. Málaga)
Macías (C.D. Málaga)
Monreal (C.D. Málaga)
Benítez (C.D. Málaga)
Viberti (C.D. Málaga)
Martínez (C.D. Málaga)
Vilanova (C.D. Málaga)
Migueli (C.D. Málaga)
Pons (C.D. Málaga)
Bua (C.D. Málaga)
Mori (C.D. Málaga)
Bustillo (C.D. Málaga)
Roldán (C.D. Málaga)
Álvarez (C.D. Málaga)

Izcoa (Granada C.F.)
Ñito (Granada C.F.)
Barrenechea (Granada C.F.)
Aguirre Suárez (Granada C.F.)
Fernández (Granada C.F.)
Falito (Granada C.F.)
Jaén (Granada C.F.)
Santos (Granada C.F.)
Chirri (Granada C.F.)
Fontela (Granada C.F.)
Manolín (Granada C.F.)
Garre (Granada C.F.)
Vicente (Granada C.F.)
Porta (Granada C.F.)
Barrios (Granada C.F.)
Quiles (Granada C.F.)

Campos (Real Betis)
Biosca (Real Betis)
Frígols (Real Betis)
Telechia (Real Betis)
Díaz (Real Betis)
González (Real Betis)
Irízar (Real Betis)
Isauro (Real Betis)
Bizcocho (Real Betis)
López (Real Betis)
Macario (Real Betis)
Roselló (Real Betis)
Rogelio (Real Betis)
Jenaro (Real Betis)
Orife (Real Betis)
Benítez (Real Betis)

Alarcia (R.C. Celta)
Gost (R.C. Celta)
Hidalgo (R.C. Celta)
Rivas (R.C. Celta)
Domínguez (R.C. Celta)
Manolo (R.C. Celta)
Navarro (R.C. Celta)
Canario (R.C. Celta)
Fernández Amado (R.C. Celta)
Castro (R.C. Celta)
Juan (R.C. Celta)
Rodilla (R.C. Celta)
Lezcano (R.C. Celta)
Sanromán (R.C. Celta)
Doblas (R.C. Celta)
Jiménez (R.C. Celta)

Borja (R.C.D. Español)
Samper (R.C.D. Español)
Ramos (R.C.D. Español)
Glaría (R.C.D. Español)
Marfil (R.C.D. Español)
Ochoa (R.C.D. Español)
Granero (R.C.D. Español)
Solsona (R.C.D. Español)
Carbonell (R.C.D. Español)
José María (R.C.D. Español)
Poli (R.C.D. Español)
Martínez (R.C.D. Español)
Amiano (R.C.D. Español)
Pepín (R.C.D. Español)
Juan María (R.C.D. Español)
Lamata (R.C.D. Español)

Seoane (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Bellod (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Luis (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Bordoy (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Cholo (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Manolete (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Zugazaga (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Cobas (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Bustillo (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Loureda (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Cervera (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Cortes (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Beci (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Landa (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Juanito (R.C.D. La Coruña)
Rubiñán (R.C.D. La Coruña)

Castro (Real Gijon)
Fabián (Real Gijon)
Echevarría (Real Gijon)
Alonso (Real Gijon)
Panchulo (Real Gijon)
José Manuel (Real Gijon)
Puente (Real Gijon)
Pascual (Real Gijon)
Ciriaco (Real Gijon)
Valdés (Real Gijon)
Paquito (Real Gijon)
Lavandera (Real Gijon)
Herrero II (Real Gijon)
Quini (Real Gijon)
Mejido (Real Gijon)
Churruca (Real Gijon)

García Remón (Real Madrid)
Touriño (Real Madrid)
Benito (Real Madrid)
De Felipe (Real Madrid)
Zoco (Real Madrid)
Verdugo (Real Madrid)
Pirri (Real Madrid)
Grosso (Real Madrid)
Velázquez (Real Madrid)
Grande (Real Madrid)
González (Real Madrid)
Anzarda (Real Madrid)
Amancio (Real Madrid)
Aguilar (Real Madrid)
Santillana (Real Madrid)
Marañón (Real Madrid)

Lombardía (Real Oviedo)
Carrete (Real Oviedo)
Juan Manuel (Real Oviedo)
Tensi (Real Oviedo)
Vicente (Real Oviedo)
Bravo (Real Oviedo)
Iriarte (Real Oviedo)
Chuso (Real Oviedo)
Nico (Real Oviedo)
Sistiaga (Real Oviedo)
Crespi (Real Oviedo)
Javier (Real Oviedo)
Beistegui (Real Oviedo)
Galán (Real Oviedo)
Mendoza (Real Oviedo)
Uría (Real Oviedo)

Esnaola (Real Sociedad)
Gorriti (Real Sociedad)
Martínez (Real Sociedad)
Arzac (Real Sociedad)
Cortabarría (Real Sociedad)
Ormaechea (Real Sociedad)
Soroa (Real Sociedad)
Lema (Real Sociedad)
Gaztelu (Real Sociedad)
Corcuera (Real Sociedad)
Mendiluce (Real Sociedad)
Urreisti (Real Sociedad)
Urtiaga (Real Sociedad)
Ansola (Real Sociedad)
Araquistain (Real Sociedad)
Boronat (Real Sociedad)

Villanova (R. Zaragoza)
Nieves (R. Zaragoza)
Rico (R. Zaragoza)
González (R. Zaragoza)
Vallejo (R. Zaragoza)
Royo (R. Zaragoza)
Violeta (R. Zaragoza)
Molinos (R. Zaragoza)
Bustamante (R. Zaragoza)
García Castany (R. Zaragoza)
Galdós (R. Zaragoza)
Planas (R. Zaragoza)
Luis Costa (R. Zaragoza)
Ocampos (R. Zaragoza)
Leiros (R. Zaragoza)
Totó (R. Zaragoza)

Betancourt (U.D. Las Palmas)
Martín II (U.D. Las Palmas)
Tonono (U.D. Las Palmas)
Castellano (U.D. Las Palmas)
Estévez (U.D. Las Palmas)
Hernández (U.D. Las Palmas)
Niz (U.D. Las Palmas)
Trona (U.D. Las Palmas)
Carmelín (U.D. Las Palmas)
Germán (U.D. Las Palmas)
Gilberto II (U.D. Las Palmas)
Gilberto I (U.D. Las Palmas)
Soto (U.D. Las Palmas)
Páez (U.D. Las Palmas)
León (U.D. Las Palmas)
Bosmediano (U.D. Las Palmas)

Meléndez (Valencia C.F.)
Cota (Valencia C.F.)
Sol (Valencia C.F.)
Aníbal (Valencia C.F.)
Barrachina (Valencia C.F.)
Antón (Valencia C.F.)
Vidagany (Valencia C.F.)
Martínez (Valencia C.F.)
Claramunt I (Valencia C.F.)
Lico (Valencia C.F.)
Claramunt II (Valencia C.F.)
Adorno (Valencia C.F.)
Sergio (Valencia C.F.)
Forment (Valencia C.F.)
Quino (Valencia C.F.)
Valdez (Valencia C.F.)

BBM (Japan) - 2018 Infinity (01) - First News

2018 Infinity
? cards

A new edition of the multi-sport set is due for release in early November. Sports featured include Football, Baseball, Wrestling, MMA, Golf, Tennis, Rugby Union, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Softball, American Football, Volleyball and Horse Racing. 5 cards per packet and 20 packet per box.

Yasutaro Matsuki (Soccer)
Yasutoshi Miura & Kazu (Soccer)

Pro-Set - Footballers (1990-91) (22) - 237 - Gary Lineker

328 cards

John Longley has provided photos of two variations of the Gary Lineker card.

237.  Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  last line "£1.25m."
237.  Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  last line "£1.25 million."

RetroCrafts - League Ladders 2018 - United States Soccer League

League Ladders 2018 - United States Soccer League
56 team tabs

The League Ladders for the top two tiers of football in North America.

MLS - Western Conference

Colorado Rapids
FC Dallas
Houston Dynamo
LA Galaxy
Los Angeles FC
Minnesota United FC
Portland Timbers
Real Salt Lake
San Jose Earthquakes
Seattle Sounders FC
Sporting Kansas City
Vancouver Whitecaps FC

MLS - Eastern Conference

Atlanta United FC
Chicago Fire
Columbus Crew SC
D.C. United
Montreal Impact
New England Revolution
New York City FC
New York Red Bulls
Orlando City SC
Philadelphia Union
Toronto FC

USL - Western Conference

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
Fresno FC
LA Galaxy II
Las Vegas Lights FC
Oklahoma City Energy FC
Orange County SC
Phoenix Rising FC
Portland Timbers 2
Real Monarchs
Reno 1868 FC
Rio Grande Valley FC Toros
Sacramento Republic FC
Saint Louis FC
San Antonio FC
Seattle Sounders FC 2
Swope Park Rangers
Tulsa Roughnecks FC

USL - Eastern Conference

Atlanta United 2
Bethlehem Steel FC
Charleston Battery
Charlotte Independence
FC Cincinnati
Indy Eleven
Louisville City FC
Nashville SC
New York Red Bulls II
North Carolina FC
Ottawa Fury FC
Penn FC
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Richmond Kickers
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Toronto FC II

Merlin - Premier League 98 (02) - 4-sticker sheets (02)

Premier League 98
504 stickers

Stuart Fairbridge has provided photos of these four unnumbered stickers that have plain backs. Unfortunately when I added these to my database at the time of release I didn't include details of how they were issued but I presume the sheet came with a magazine.
UPDATE (25-05-2021 09:52):  Martin Bennett has provided a photo of the actual sheet, included with an issue of Match magazine, probably in December 1997.

Stan Collymore (Aston Villa)
Stuart Pearce (Newcastle United)
Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)

Glasgow Evening Times - Wall-Pics (07) - Kai Johansen (Rangers)

Glasgow Evening Times
Unknown number

Another item given free with the Evening Times in the 1960's.  

Kai Johansen (Rangers)

J & L Art Cards - Neymar da Silva Santos (2012)

Neymar da Silva Santos
J & L Art Cards
1 card

This card is one of a Limited Edition of 25 cards, known as an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) card.

Neymar da Silva Santos

froggx / stick in (Germany) - SG Johannesbrunn Binabiburg (2013-14)

SG Johannesbrunn Binabiburg
froggx / stick in
200+ stickers

Another locally issued album but I don't have a checklist.

Thursday 18 October 2018

Buster (Sweden) - Triss i Ess (1985-86)

Triss i Ess
93 cards (18 footballers)

I have been asked if I can supply a checklist for this collection and I am happy to oblige. 3 cards were printed on the front cover of Buster magazine from issue no. 14 in 1985 through to issue no. 18 in 1986. They were intended to be cut out and collected, a card number and a biography in Swedish is printed on the reverse.

Triss i Ess - issue no. 14, 1985

1.  Patrik Sjöberg (Athletics)
2.  Catarina Lindqvist (Tennis)
3.  Michel Platini

Triss i Ess - issue no. 15, 1985

4.  John McEnroe (Tennis)
5.  Agneta Andersson (Canoeing)
6.  Dan Corneliusson

Triss i Ess - issue no. 16, 1985

7.  Edwin Moses (Athletics)
8.  Pia Sundhage
9.  Mats Wilander (Tennis)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 17, 1985

10.  Torbjörn Nilsson
11.  Martina Navratilova (Tennis)
12.  Carl Lewis (Athletics)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 18, 1985

13.  Glenn Strömberg
14.  Jarmila Kratochvilova (Athletics)
15.  Stefan Edberg (Tennis)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 19, 1985

16.  Michael Gross (Swimming)
17.  Ann-Louise Skoglund (Athletics)
18.  Preben Elkjaer Larsen

Triss i Ess - issue no. 20, 1985

19.  Kenth Eldebrink (Athletics)
20.  Marianne Berglund (Cycling)
21.  Glenn Hysen

Triss i Ess - issue no. 21, 1985

22.  Zico
23.  Annichen Kringstad (Orienteering)
24.  Stefan Johansson (Motor Racing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 22, 1985

25.  Per Johansson (Swimming)
26.  Chris Evert Lloyd (Tennis)
27.  Håkan Brock (Boxing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 23, 1985

28.  Ivan Lendl (Tennis)
29.  Per-Erik Eklund (Ice Hockey)
30.  Ingemar Stenmark (Skiing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 24, 1985

31.  Mats Näslund (Ice Hockey)
32.  Anette Bøe (Skiing)
33.  Jonas Nilsson (Skiing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 25, 1985

34.  Marc Girandelli (Skiing)
35.  Kent Nilsson (Ice Hockey)
36.  Gunde Svan (Skiing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 26, 1985

37.  Pelle Lindbergh (Ice Hockey)
38.  Anna-Lena Fritzon (Skiing)
39.  Anders Eklund (Boxing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 1, 1986

40.  Håkan Loob (Ice Hockey)
41.  Jiang Jialiang (Table Tennis)
42.  Thomas Wassberg (Skiing)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 2, 1986

43.  Jan-Ove Waldner (Table Tennis)
44.  Pirmin Zurbriggen (Skiing)
45.  Thomas Steen (Ice Hockey)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 3, 1986

46.  Boris Becker (Tennis)
47.  Patrik Sundström (Ice Hockey)
48.  Mikael Applegren (Table Tennis)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 4, 1986

49.  Diego Maradona
50.  Alain Prost (Motor Racing)
51.  Tomas Jonsson (Ice Hockey)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 5, 1986

52.  Keke Rosberg (Motor Racing)
53.  Tommy Werner (Swimming)
54.  Sergej Makarov (Ice Hockey)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 6, 1986

55.  Michele Alboreto (Motor Racing)
56.  Anders Järryd (Tennis)
57.  Jiří Lála (Ice Hockey)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 7, 1986

58.  Joakim Nyström (Tennis)
59.  Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)
60.  Erik Lindh (Table Tennis)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 8, 1986

61.  Bengt-Ake Gustavsson (Ice Hockey)
62.  Amdrzej Grubba (Table Tennis)
63.  Börje Salming (Ice Hockey)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 9, 1986

64.  Jörgen Persson (Table Tennis)
65.  Marita Koch (Athletics)
66.  Matt Biondi (Diving)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 10, 1986

67.  Teofilo Stevenson (Boxing)
68.  Sören Lerby
69.  Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Triss i Ess - issue no. 11, 1986

70.  Frank Bruno (Boxing)
71.  Frank Arnesen
72.  Bryan Robson

Triss i Ess - issue no. 12, 1986

73.  Jesper Olsen
74.  Håkan Carlqvist (Motocross)
75.  Hans-Peter Briegel

Triss i Ess - issue no. 13, 1986

76.  Paolo Rossi
77.  Sergej Bubka (Athletics)
78.  Ray Wilkins

Triss i Ess - issue no. 14, 1986

79.  Uwe Hohn (Athletics)
80.  Michael Laudrup
81.  Rudolf Povarnitsyn (Athletics)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 15, 1986

82.  Dietmar Mögenburg (Athletics)
83.  Evelyn Ashford (Athletics)
84.  Sven Nylander (Athletics)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 16, 1986

85.  Steve Cram (Athletics)
86.  Marlies Göhr (Athletics)
87.  Dag Wennlund (Athletics)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 17, 1986

88.  Jörg Worthe (Swimming)
89.  Zola Budd (Athletics)
90.  Saïd Aouita (Athletics)

Triss i Ess - issue no. 18, 1986

91.  Stéphan Caron (Swimming)
92.  Michael Spinks (Boxing)
93.  Igor Paklin (Athletics)

E. & O.E.