Saturday 11 November 2023

Cremo (Switzerland) - World Cup 98 (Creamer Tops)

World Cup 98
57 creamer tops

Scotland v Brazil
Brazil v Norway
Norway v Morocco
Morocco v Scotland
Brazil v Morocco
Norway v Scotland
Cameroon v Italy
Italy v Chile
Chile v Austria
Austria v Cameroon
Italy v Austria
Chile v Cameroon
Saudi Arabia v France
France v Denmark
Denmark v South Africa
South Africa v Saudi Arabia
France v South Africa
Denmark v Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria v Nigeria
Nigeria v Paraguay
Paraguay v Spain
Spain v Bulgaria
Nigeria v Spain
Paraguay v Bulgaria
South Korea v Netherlands
Netherlands v Mexico
Mexico v Belgium
Belgium v South Korea
Netherlands v Belgium
Mexico v South Korea
USA v Germany
Germany v Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia v Iran
Iran v USA
Germany v Iran
Yugoslavia v USA
Tunisia v Romania
Romania v England
England v Colombia
Colombia v Tunisia
Romania v Colombia
England v Tunisia
Japan v Argentina
Argentina v Croatia
Croatia v Jamaica
Jamaica v Japan
Argentina v Jamaica
Croatia v Japan
Brazil v Chile (Round 2)
Nigeria v Denmark (Round 2)
Netherlands v Yugoslavia (Round 2)
Argentina v England (Round 2)
Germany v Mexico (Round 2)
Romania v Croatia (Round 2)
Italy v Norway (Round 2)
France v Paraguay (Round 2)
World Cup Trophy

Panini - FIFA 365 2024 - The Golden World of Football (01) - Checklist - Sporting CP

FIFA 365 2024 - The Golden World of Football
437+25+16 stickers

I don't have a complete checklist yet and I need to check P4a/b to make sure the names are correct. If you can help please leave a comment below.
UPDATE (11-11-2023 18:25):  My friend at A Magia dos Cromos has provided a complete list of the 16 stickers.

FIFA 365 2024 - The Golden World of Football - Sporting CP

P1.  Club Identity (Sporting CP)
P2.  Second Skin (Sporting CP)
P3a.  Antonio Adán (Sporting CP)
P3b.  Franco Israel (Sporting CP)
P4a. Gonçalo Inácio (Sporting CP)
P4b. Sebastián Coates (Sporting CP)
P4c. Matheus Reis (Sporting CP)
P5a.  Gonçalo Inácio (Sporting CP)
P5b.  Jeremiah St. Juste (Sporting CP)
P6a.  Sebastián Coates (Sporting CP)
P6b.  Matheus Reis (Sporting CP)
P7a.  Ousmane Diomande (Sporting CP)
P7b.  Ricardo Esgaio (Sporting CP)
P8a.  Hidemasa Morita (Sporting CP)
P8b.  Daniel Bragança (Sporting CP)
P8c.  Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting CP)
P9a.  Luís Neto (Sporting CP)
P9b.  Hidemasa Morita (Sporting CP)
P10.  Emblem (Sporting CP)
P11a.  Dário Essugo (Sporting CP)
P11b.  Daniel Bragança (Sporting CP)
P12a.  Morten Hjulmand (Sporting CP)
P12b.  Nuno Santos (Sporting CP)
P13a.  Pedro Gonçalves (Sporting CP)
P13b.  Rodrigo Ribeiro (Sporting CP)
P14a.  Viktor Gyokeres (Sporting CP)
P14b.  Francisco Trincão (Sporting CP)
P14c.  Marcus Edwards (Sporting CP)
P15a.  Paulinho (Sporting CP)
P15b.  Viktor Gyokeres (Sporting CP)
P16a.  Francisco Trincão (Sporting CP)
P16b.  Marcus Edwards (Sporting CP)

Jumbo Supermarkten (Netherlands) - Rosmalen 'n Groeiende gemeenschap

Rosmalen 'n Groeiende gemeenschap
Jumbo Supermarkten
250 stickers

Wila75 has provided some information about this new stickers collection from the Netherlands that includes a couple of football stickers. He has also added translations and some additional information.

173.  Op het schoolvoetbaltoernooi van 1983 werd het Laurentiusteam kampioen
(At the 1983 school football tournament, the Laurentius team won the championship)

178.  Het team van de vrijwillige brandweer in actie tijdens een potje zomeravondvoetbal
(The team of the volunteer fire brigade in action during a game of summer evening football)

239.  Zwemkampioene Annemarie Verstappen behoorde tot de wereldtop, in 1982 behaalde ze als eerste Nederlandse zwemster een gouden medaille op het WK zwemmen
(Swimming champion Annemarie Verstappen was one of the world's best, in 1982 she was the first Dutch swimmer to win a gold medal at the World Swimming Championships)
Her son, Vincent Jansen, currently plays for Royal Antwerp FC.

240.  Jonkheer Felix von Heijden, burgemeester van Rosmalen van 1923 tot 1955, was voor deze tijd een groot sportman en deed zelfs mee aan de Olympische Spelen
(Esquire Felix von Heijden, mayor of Rosmalen from 1923 to 1955, was a great sportsman for this time and even participated in the Olympic Games)
Felix von Heijden was in the Dutch squad for the 1912 and 1920 Olympic Games. He didn't play in 1912 when the Dutch won the bronze medal but he did play against Spain in 1930 in the Silver & Bronze Medal match, which they lost by 3 goals to 1. He played for 239. During his football career he played for Quick Nijmegen before moving to HVV Helmond for one season after the 1920 Olympic Games and returning to Quick Nijmegen one year later. He was also an excellent tennis player, winning the Dutch doubles title in in 1918, and also played hockey for MOP Vught.

Topps - Frank Rijkaard

Frank Rijkaard

Topps has announced that former Dutch international Frank Rijkaard has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with them.

Mundicromo - Las Fichas de la Liga 2015 (03) - Error card - 422

Las Fichas de la Liga 2015 Official Quiz Game Collection
Campeonato Nacional de Liga 2014-2015
1313+ cards

Two different versions of the Cristian Herrera card.

422.  Cristian Herrera (Elche CF)  -  error
424.  Cristian Herrera (Elche CF)  -  correct

Weekly Welcome - 'Lest We Forget' Cards - Series 1

'Lest We Forget' Cards - Series 1
Weekly Welcome
? cards (1 football)

Corporal William Angus can be seen in a number of checklists on my blog. He received over 40 wounds during the action that earned him the Victoria Cross, but he survided. Before the war he started as a professional footballer with Carluke Rovers before moving to Celtic. He never played for their first team but did make two Scottish League appearances when on loan at Vale of Leven in 1912.

1.  Capt. Fryatt
2.  Gen. A. Brussiloff
3.  Boy Cornwell (John Travers Cornwell)
4.  Gen. Sir Douglas Haig, K.C.B.
5.  Nurse Edith Cavell
7.  Flight Sub-Lieut. R.A.J. Warneford, V.C.
8.  Gen. J.J.C. Joffre
9.  Commander Max K. Horton, D.S.O..
10.  Sir W.R. Birdwood
11.  Corpl. W. Angus, V.C.

Parkside Collectibles (USA) - 2023 NWSL Pronto (10) - Cards 121 & 122

2023 NWSL Pronto
Parkside Collectibles
130+ cards

Cards from Week 22 of the 2023 NWSL Pronto collection has been turning up this week, with a surprise for collectors. The week's set consists of seven cards, numbered from 120 to 126, but what they are receiving is cards numbered from 120 to 124 and that is because there are two cards numbered 121 and two cards numbered 122.

121.  Megan Rapinoe and Jess Fishlock (Kansas City Courage) - Not Done Just Yet OGs
121.  Ali Krieger (NJ/NY Gotham FC) - All the Flowers  -  Number error - should be 125

122.  Marta (Orlando Pride) - The League's Pride
122.  San Diego Wave FC - 2023 NWSL Shield Champions  -  Number error - should be 126

125.  Ali Krieger (NJ/NY Gotham FC) - All the Flowers  -  Numbered 121 in error
126.  San Diego Wave FC - 2023 NWSL Shield Champions  -  Numbered 122 in error

Match magazine - The Road to Mexico '86 Match World Cup Special

The Road to Mexico '86 Match World Cup Special
Match magazine
1 poster

This poster was included as a free gift with an issue of Match in 1984, but I don't know which one.

The Road to Mexico '86 Match World Cup Special

Friday 10 November 2023

Panini (Japan) - Mega Fichas Liga 2003-2004

Mega Fichas Liga 2003-2004
180+ cards

Mega Fichas Liga 2003-2004
180 cards
PARALLEL: Mega Fichas Liga 2003-2004

1.  Roa (Albacete Balompié)
2.  Pablo (Albacete Balompié)
3.  Unai (Albacete Balompié)
4.  Lawal (Albacete Balompié)
5.  David Sanchez (Albacete Balompié)
6.  Delporte (Albacete Balompié)
7.  Parri (Albacete Balompié)
8.  Pacheco (Albacete Balompié)
9.  Amato (Albacete Balompié)
10.  Aranzubia (Athletic Club)
11.  Karanka (Athletic Club)
12.  Del Horno (Athletic Club)
13.  Tiko (Athletic Club)
14.  Yeste (Athletic Club)
15.  Guerrero (Athletic Club)
16.  Etxeberria (Athletic Club)
17.  Urzaiz (Athletic Club)
18.  Ezquerro (Athletic Club)
19.  Burgos (Atlético de Madrid)
20.  Contra (Atlético de Madrid)
21.  Sergi (Atlético de Madrid)
22.  Simeone (Atlético de Madrid)
23.  Musampa (Atlético de Madrid)
24.  Jorge (Atlético de Madrid)
25.  Jorge (Atlético de Madrid)
26.  Nikolaidis (Atlético de Madrid)
27.  Fernando Torres (Atlético de Madrid)
28.  Víctor Valdés (F.C. Barcelona)
29.  Puyol (F.C. Barcelona)
30.  Márquez (F.C. Barcelona)
31.  Cocu (F.C. Barcelona)
32.  Luis Enrique (F.C. Barcelona)
33.  Davids (F.C. Barcelona)
34.  Ronaldinho (F.C. Barcelona)
35.  Saviola (F.C. Barcelona)
36.  Kluivert (F.C. Barcelona)
37.  Contreras (Real Betis)
38.  Juanito (Real Betis)
39.  Arzu (Real Betis)
40.  Assunçao (Real Betis)
41.  Joaquín (Real Betis)
42.  Capi (Real Betis)
43.  Denilson (Real Betis)
44.  Tote (Real Betis)
45.  Palermo (Real Betis)
46.  Cavallero (R.C. Celta)
47.  Berizzo (R.C. Celta)
48.  Sylvinho (R.C. Celta)
49.  Juanfran (R.C. Celta)
50.  Luccin (R.C. Celta)
51.  Mostovoi (R.C. Celta)
52.  Jesuli (R.C. Celta)
53.  Edu (R.C. Celta)
54.  Milosevic (R.C. Celta)
55.  Molina (R.C. Deportivo)
56.  Naybet (R.C. Deportivo)
57.  Jorge Andrade (R.C. Deportivo)
58.  Mauro Silva (R.C. Deportivo)
59.  Sergio (R.C. Deportivo)
60.  Valerón (R.C. Deportivo)
61.  Fran (R.C. Deportivo)
62.  Luque (R.C. Deportivo)
63.  Diego Tristán (R.C. Deportivo)
64.  Lemmens (R.C.D. Espanyol)
65.  Torricelli (R.C.D. Espanyol)
66.  Lopo (R.C.D. Espanyol)
67.  Domoraud (R.C.D. Espanyol)
68.  Wome (R.C.D. Espanyol)
69.  De La Peña (R.C.D. Espanyol)
70.  Maxi (R.C.D. Espanyol)
71.  Jordi Cruyff (R.C.D. Espanyol)
72.  Tamudo (R.C.D. Espanyol)
73.  Arnau (Málaga C.F.)
74.  Josemi (Málaga C.F.)
75.  Litos (Málaga C.F.)
76.  Romero (Málaga C.F.)
77.  Manu (Málaga C.F.)
78.  Duda (Málaga C.F.)
79.  Insua (Málaga C.F.)
80.  Edgar (Málaga C.F.)
81.  Salva (Málaga C.F.)
82.  Leo Franco (R.C.D. Mallorca)
83.  Nadal (R.C.D. Mallorca)
84.  Niño (R.C.D. Mallorca)
85.  Colsa (R.C.D. Mallorca)
86.  Stankovic (R.C.D. Mallorca)
87.  Nene (R.C.D. Mallorca)
88.  Eto’o (R.C.D. Mallorca)
89.  Correa (R.C.D. Mallorca)
90.  Bruggink (R.C.D. Mallorca)
91.  Juanmi (Real Murcia)
92.  Maciel (Real Murcia)
93.  Cuadrado (Real Murcia)
94.  Acciari (Real Murcia)
95.  Juanma (Real Murcia)
96.  Jensen (Real Murcia)
97.  Michel (Real Murcia)
98.  Luis Garcia (Real Murcia)
99.  Esnaider (Real Murcia)
100.  Sanzol (C.A. Osasuna)
101.  Cruchaga (C.A. Osasuna)
102.  Antonio López (C.A. Osasuna)
103.  Pablo García (C.A. Osasuna)
104.  Valdo (C.A. Osasuna)
105.  Moha (C.A. Osasuna)
106.  Webo (C.A. Osasuna)
107.  Bakayoko (C.A. Osasuna)
108.  Aloisi (C.A. Osasuna)
109.  Ricardo (R. Racing C.)
110.  Juanma (R. Racing C.)
111.  Neru (R. Racing C.)
112.  Nafti (R. Racing C.)
113.  Mateo (R. Racing C.)
114.  Javi Guerrero (R. Racing C.)
115.  Benayoun (R. Racing C.)
116.  Reguiero (R. Racing C.)
117.  Bodipo (R. Racing C.)
118.  Casillas (Real Madrid C.F.)
119.  Míchel Salgado (Real Madrid C.F.)
120.  Iván Helguera (Real Madrid C.F.)
121.  Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid C.F.)
122.  Beckham (Real Madrid C.F.)
123.  Figo (Real Madrid C.F.)
124.  Zidane (Real Madrid C.F.)
125.  Raúl (Real Madrid C.F.)
126.  Ronaldo (Real Madrid C.F.)
127.  Westerveld (Real Sociedad)
128.  Schürrer (Real Sociedad)
129.  Aranzábal (Real Sociedad)
130.  Xabi Alonso (Real Sociedad)
131.  Karpin (Real Sociedad)
132.  De Pedro (Real Sociedad)
133.  Lee Chun-Soo (Real Sociedad)
134.  Nihat (Real Sociedad)
135.  Kovacevic (Real Sociedad)
136.  Notario (Sevilla F.C.)
137.  Dani Alves (Sevilla F.C.)
138.  Pablo Alfaro (Sevilla F.C.)
139.  Javi Navarro (Sevilla F.C.)
140.  Casquero (Sevilla F.C.)
141.  Baptista (Sevilla F.C.)
142.  Gallardo (Sevilla F.C.)
143.  Reyes (Sevilla F.C.)
144.  Hornos (Sevilla F.C.)
145.  Cañizares (Valencia C.F.)
146.  Marchena (Valencia C.F.)
147.  Ayala (Valencia C.F.)
148.  Carboni (Valencia C.F.)
149.  Albelda (Valencia C.F.)
150.  Baraja (Valencia C.F.)
151.  Aimar (Valencia C.F.)
152.  Vicente (Valencia C.F.)
153.  Oliveira (Valencia C.F.)
154.  Bizarri (Real Valladolid)
155.  Torres Gómez (Real Valladolid)
156.  Julio Cesar (Real Valladolid)
157.  Marcos (Real Valladolid)
158.  Caminero (Real Valladolid)
159.  Fernando Sales (Real Valladolid)
160.  Sousa (Real Valladolid)
161.  Zapata (Real Valladolid)
162.  Makukula (Real Valladolid)
163.  Reina (Villarreal C.F.)
164.  Belletti (Villarreal C.F.)
165.  Coloccini (Villarreal C.F.)
166.  Arruabarrena (Villarreal C.F.)
167.  Roger (Villarreal C.F.)
168.  Riquelme (Villarreal C.F.)
169.  Josi Mari (Villarreal C.F.)
170.  Anderson (Villarreal C.F.)
171.  Víctor (Villarreal C.F.)
172.  Laínez (Real Zaragoza)
173.  Milito (Real Zaragoza)
174.  Alvaro (Real Zaragoza)
175.  Ponzo (Real Zaragoza)
176.  Soriano (Real Zaragoza)
177.  Galletti (Real Zaragoza)
178.  Cani (Real Zaragoza)
179.  Savio (Real Zaragoza)
180.  Villa (Real Zaragoza)

27 cards

MC1.  Casillas (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC2.  Cañizares (Valencia C.F.)
MC3.  Belletti (Villarreal C.F.)
MC4.  Puyol (F.C. Barcelona)
MC5.  Ayala (Valencia C.F.)
MC6.  Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC7.  Xabi Alonso (Real Sociedad)
MC8.  Baraja (Valencia C.F.)
MC9.  Joaquín (Real Betis)
MC10.  Figo (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC11.  Luis Enrique (F.C. Barcelona)
MC12.  Aimar (Valencia C.F.)
MC13.  Valerón (R.C. Deportivo)
MC14.  Beckham (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC15.  Zidane (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC16.  Mostovoi (R.C. Celta)
MC17.  Ronaldinho (F.C. Barcleona)
MC18.  Etxeberria (Athletic Club)
MC19.  Reyes (Sevilla F.C.)
MC20.  Eto’o (R.C.D. Mallorca)
MC21.  Saviola (F.C. Barcelona)
MC22.  Nihat (Real Sociedad)
MC23.  Raúl (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC24.  Fernando Torres (Atlético de Madrid)
MC25.  Ronaldo (Real Madrid C.F.)
MC26.  Kluivert (F.C. Barcelona)
MC27.  Kovacevic (Real Sociedad)

20 cards

MP1.  Víctor Valdés (F.C. Barcelona)
MP2.  Catalayud (Málaga C.F.)
MP3.  Marc Bertrán (R.C.D. Espanyol)
MP4.  Pablo (Albacete Balompié)
MP5.  Melli (Real Betis)
MP6.  Rubén (Real Madrid C.F.)
MP7.  Jarque (R.C.D. Espanyol)
MP8.  Oscar López (F.C. Barcelona)
MP9.  David Navarro (Valencia C.F.)
MP10.  Jonathan (Real Valladolid)
MP11.  Borja (Real Madrid C.F.)
MP12.  Nano (Villarreal C.F.)
MP13.  Iniesta (F.C. Barcelona)
MP14.  Cani (Real Zaragoza)
MP15.  Jonan García (Athletic Club)
MP16.  Gavilán (Valencia C.F.)
MP17.  Xisco Nadal (Villarreal C.F.)
MP18.  Geijo (Málaga C.F.)
MP19.  Sergio García (F.C. Barcelona)
MP20.  Portillo (Real Madrid C.F.)

5 cards

CC1.  Cocu (F.C. Barcelona)
CC2.  Puyol (F.C. Barcelona)
CC3.  Ronaldinho (F.C. Barcelona) 
CC4.  Saviola (F.C. Barcelona)
CC5.  Xavi (F.C. Barcelona)

Cards-Camiseta y Autografo
5 cards

CCA1.  Cocu (F.C. Barcelona)
CCA2.  Puyol (F.C. Barcelona)
CCA3.  Ronaldinho (F.C. Barcelona)
CCA4.  Saviola (F.C. Barcelona)
CCA5.  Xavi (F.C. Barcelona)

Cards de Cambio
2 cards

CDC1.  Exchange Card
CDC2.  Exchange Card

3 cards

CK1.  Checklist
CK2.  Checklist
CK3.  Checklist

Topps - The Lost Rookie Cards - 2023 (12) - Gabriel Batistuta

The Lost Rookie Cards
11+ cards

Classic Rookie Cards that never got made… until now. The Lost Rookie cards returns for a third series. Celebrating the debut season in the UEFA Champions League of the biggest stars in world football, past and present. A new Rookie Card released every week on a vintage Topps design from the same season as when the player debuted in the competition. Cards are priced at £7.99/€8.00 each. There are discounts for larger orders - 5 cards for £28.03; 10 cards for £54.20 and 20 cards for £75.00 (£3.75 per card).
Look out for numbered parallels included with lucky orders of base cards # to 1, # to 5, # to 10, # to 25, # to 49 and 99. Any autograph cards for ’Lost Rookie’ subjects are sold separately. This product is printed to order. There will be a one-week sale period, after which they will collate all orders and then begin printing!
The Gabriel Batistuta autograph cards are available on the Topps Italia website: #/25 priced at €125.00; #/10 priced at €175.00; #/5 priced at €225.00 and the 1/1 card priced at €800.00.
Previous cards can be seen here:

The Lost Rookie Cards
11+ cards
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Green #/99
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Blue #/49
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Red #/25
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Pink #/10
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Purple #/5
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Gold 1/1
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Red #/25
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Pink #/10
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Purple #/5
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Gold 1/1

1.  Rivaldo (FC Barcelona)  -  Print run = 1,677
2.  Javier Mascherano (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 708
3.  Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)  -  Print run = 698
4.  Patrick Kluivert (AFC Ajax)  -  Print run = 899
5.  Sergio Agüero (Atlético de Madrid)  -  Print run = 364
6.  Leonardo (AC Milan)  -  Print run = 759
7.  Juan Veron (SS Lazio)  -  Print run = 775
8.  Franck Ribéry (FC Bayern München)  -  Print run = 1,221
9.  Paul Ince (Manchester United)  -  Print run = 665
10.  Antoine Griezmann (Real Sociedad de Fútbol)  -  Print run = 1,161
11.  Owen Hargreaves (FC Bayern München)  -  Print run = 
11.  Gabriel Batistuta (ACF Fiorentina)  -  Print run = 

Fun Products - Looney Tunes Football Stickers - Reading

Looney Tunes Football Stickers - Reading
Fun Products
12 stickers

Another set of Looney Tunes stickers but I've only got an example of one of them, and information on a couple of others.

Yosemite Sam - Reading
Daffy Duck
Bugs Bunny
Yosemite Sam
Wile E. Coyote
Speedy Gonzalez - Reading
Bugs Bunny
Elmer Fudd - Hot Shot Reading
Road Runner
Porky Pig
Sylvester - Join The Elm Park Roar

Bliss magazine - Favourite Boy Pin-Ups

Favourite Boy Pin-Ups
Bliss magazine
5 cards (2 football)

John Levitt has provided a scan of a page from Cartophilic Notes & News announcing the following set of cards as being included with the June 2000 issue of Bliss magazine. The cards measure 148mm x 105mm, are unnumbered and uncaptioned.

David Beckham
Michael Owen
Leonardo Di Caprio
Will Smith
Robbie Williams

Leaf Trading Cards - 2023 Leaf Metal Anime Nation (07) - Neymar Jr.

2023 Leaf Metal Anime Nation
Leaf Trading Cards
? cards (9 football)

The artwork has been created by Shion Minabe. The web-exclusive cards are available to order for two weeks and each card is priced at $19.99, with discounts for multiple orders.
Other cards can be seen here:

Neymar Jr.  -  Print run =