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Chelsea F.C. - Chelsea F.C. Double Winners 2009-2010

Chelsea F.C. Double Winners 2009-2010
Chelsea F.C.
13 cards

A set of 13 cards in a special box produced in a limited edition of 2,010 copies.

Didier Drogba
Florent Malouda, Salomon Kalou
Michael Ballack
Michael Essien
Players Celebrate - Frank Lampard, John Terry, etc.
Daniel Sturridge - with Robert Huth (Stoke City)
Daniel Sturridge
Florent Malouda and Joe Cole
Didier Drogba and Branislav Ivanović
Ashley Cole
Players Celebrate - Branislav Ivanović, Michael Ballack, Nicolas Anelka
Ricardo Carvalho, Nicolas Anelka, Branislav Ivanović
Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba - versus Burnley
Certifcate of Authenticity

Maple Leaf (Belgium) - Footballers (1961/62)

Maple Leaf
? cards

I only have information about a few cards from this collection, I don't even have a proper title for it.

7.  Puis (S.C. Anderlecht)
35.  Roye M. (C.S. Brugge - Bruges)
38.  Mees (Antwerp)
43.  Noteboom R. (C.S  Brugge - Bruges)
47.  Serru R. (C.S. Brugge - Bruges)
49.  van Poelvoorde (Eendracht Aalst - Alost)
115.  Verheyen (Beerschot)
137.  Boogaerts (Lierse)
177.  Brondeel (A.A. Gent - Gantoise)

West Ham United F.C. - Junior Hammers Passport 2023/24

Junior Hammers Passport 2023/24
West Ham United F.C.
19 stickers

Steve Marsh has provided information about West Ham United's new collectable initiative for the 2023-24 season. The club are not issuing cards this time, instead they are giving away to under-16s a "Junior Hammers Passport 2023/24", which was available at West Ham's opening home game against Chelsea. The idea is to collect a sticker from every Premier League game that you attend at London Stadium this season and watch your book fill up as you go! There are 19 stickers to collect in the 8-page passport. It states "To collect your matchday sticker, please speak with one or our matchday Supporter Liaison Officers". Register your Junior Hammers Passport, by scanning the QR  code on the back of the passport. The QR code takes you to a form, which asks for Parents Name and Parent email address and for the number on the front of the passport. What happens then is not known at present.

AFC Bournemouth
Aston Villa
Brighton & Hove Albion
Crystal Palace
Luton Town
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Nottingham Forest
Sheffield United
Tottenham Hotspur
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Futera - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2022/23 Premium

Borussia Mönchengladbach 2022/23 Premium
112 cards

A Limited Edition release of just 1,311 packets that goes on sale at 13:00BST today (26 August, 2023).
2 Limited Edition individually foil-numbered cards per packet, packed in official Borussia Mönchengladbach slipcover - USD$69.00 per packet + shipping.

​Squad - Gold #/30
25 cards
PARALLEL: Squad - Silver #/15
PARALLEL: Squad - Green #/10
PARALLEL: Squad - Red #/5
PARALLEL: Squad - Diamond 1/1

BM01.  Jonas Omlin
BM02.  Tobias Sippel
BM03.  Jan Olschowsky
BM04.  Ramy Bensebaini
BM05.  Mamadou Doucouré
BM06.  Marvin Friedrich
BM07.  Tony Jantschke
BM08.  Stefan Lainer
BM09.  Luca Netz
BM10.  Joe Scally
BM11.  Ko Itakura
BM12.  Nico Elvedi
BM13.  Jonas Hofmann
BM14.  Patrick Herrmann
BM15.  Manu Koné
BM16.  Hannes Wolf
BM17.  Oscar Fraulo
BM18.  Christoph Kramer
BM19.  Florian Neuhaus
BM20.  Julian Weigl
BM21.  Nathan Ngoumou
BM22.  Conor Noß
BM23.  Alassane Plea
BM24.  Lars Stindl
BM25.  Marcus Thuram

Vintage - Gold #/9
24 cards
PARALLEL: Vinatge - Diamond 1/1

GT01.  Tobias Sippel
GT02.  Jan Olschowsky
GT03.  Ramy Bensebaini
GT04.  Mamadou Doucouré
GT05.  Marvin Friedrich
GT06.  Tony Jantschke
GT07.  Stefan Lainer
GT08.  Luca Netz
GT09.  Joe Scally
GT10.  Ko Itakura
GT11.  Nico Elvedi
GT12.  Jonas Hofmann
GT13.  Patrick Herrmann
GT14.  Manu Koné
GT15.  Hannes Wolf
GT16.  Oscar Fraulo
GT17.  Christoph Kramer
GT18.  Florian Neuhaus
GT19.  Julian Weigl
GT20.  Nathan Ngoumou
GT21.  Conor Noß
GT22.  Alassane Plea
GT23.  Lars Stindl
GT24.  Marcus Thuram

23ct Gold-Plated Frame

Mythicals - Gold #/9
15 cards
PARALLEL: Mythicals - Rainbow 1/1

​GGD01.  Jan Olschowsky
GGD02.  Ramy Bensebaini
GGD03.  Joe Scally
GGD04.  Ko Itakura
GGD05.  Jonas Hofmann
GGD06.  Patrick Herrmann
GGD07.  Manu Koné
GGD08.  Alassane Plea
GGD09.  Lars Stindl
GGD10.  Marcus Thuram


Legacy - Gold #/20
6 cards
PARALLEL: Legacy - Silver #/12
PARALLEL: Legacy - Green #/7
PARALLEL: Legacy - Red #/3
PARALLEL: Legacy - Diamond 1/1

BLG01.  Manu Koné
BLG02.  Joe Scally
BLG03.  Lars Stindl
BLG04.  Marcus Thuram
BLG05.  Julian Weigl
BLG06.  Jonas Hofmann

Moments - Gold #/8
14 cards
PARALLEL: Moments - Silver #/5
PARALLEL: Moments - Red #/3
PARALLEL: Moments - Diamond 1/1

ABM01.  Jonas Hofmann
ABM02.  Manu Koné
ABM03.  Ko Itakura
ABM04.  Lars Stindl
ABM05.  Patrick Herrmann
ABM06.  Christoph Kramer
ABM07.  Alassane Plea
ABM08.  Ramy Bensebaini
ABM09.  Florian Neuhaus
ABM10.  Joe Scally
ABM11.  Tony Jantschke
ABM12.  Marvin Friedrich
ABM13.  Julian Weigl
ABM14.  Nico Elvedi

Triumph - Gold #/8
14 cards
PARALLEL: Triumph - Silver #/5
PARALLEL: Triumph - Red #/3
PARALLEL: Triumph - Diamond 1/1

ABT01.  Jonas Hofmann
ABT02.  Manu Koné
ABT03.  Ko Itakura
ABT04.  Lars Stindl
ABT05.  Patrick Herrmann
ABT06.  Christoph Kramer
ABT07.  Alassane Plea
ABT08.  Ramy Bensebaini
ABT09.  Florian Neuhaus
ABT10.  Joe Scally
ABT11.  Tony Jantschke
ABT12.  Marvin Friedrich
ABT13.  Julian Weigl
ABT14.  Nico Elvedi

Conquerors - Gold #/8
14 cards
PARALLEL: Conquerors - Silver #/5
PARALLEL: Conquerors - Red #/3
PARALLEL: Conquerors - Diamond 1/1

ABC01.  Jonas Hofmann
ABC02.  Manu Koné
ABC03.  Ko Itakura
ABC04.  Lars Stindl
ABC05.  Patrick Herrmann
ABC06.  Christoph Kramer
ABC07.  Alassane Plea
ABC08.  Ramy Bensebaini
ABC09.  Florian Neuhaus
ABC10.  Joe Scally
ABC11.  Tony Jantschke
ABC12.  Marvin Friedrich
ABC13.  Julian Weigl
ABC14.  Nico Elvedi

Merlin - Premier League 97 (08) - Premier League Collector's Club

Premier League 97
537 stickers

Information about the Premier League Collector's Club.

Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. - Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. 1969/70

Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. 1969/70
Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C.
1 postcard

This postcard was issued during Bradford Park Avenue's last season in the Football League.

Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. 1969/70

Topps - Match Attax 2023/24 (14) - Match Attax Tour 2023

UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24
499+ cards

Topps has announced details of this year's Match Attax Tour.
The main checklist for this collection can be found here - Topps - UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24 (05) - Checklist and the checklist for the 1st Edition here - Topps - UEFA Club Competitions Match Attax 2023/24 (05) - Checklist - 1st Edition.

Topps - Topps Total Football (2023-24) (01) - First News

Topps Total Football 2023/24
? cards

The new Topps Total Football collection for 2023/24 is now available.

Friday 25 August 2023

Topps - Argentina Fileteado 2023

Argentina Fileteado
50 base cards

This collection is currently scheduled for release in September 2023 and includes 50 current legendary players. Each box will include 1 autograph card, with 5 cards per packet and 9 packets per box.

Argentina Fileteado
50 cards
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Tango (1:1 box)
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Yellow Tango #/150
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Sky Blue & White Tango #/99
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Pink Tango #/50
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Orange Tango #/25
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Purple Tango #/15
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Red Tango #/5
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado - Gold Tango 1/1

Bowman Estrellas
? cards


Fileteado (1:1½ packets)
? cards
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Blue Tango #/75
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Pink Tango #/50
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Orange Tango #/25
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Purple Tango #/15
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Red Tango #/5
PARALLEL: Fileteado - Gold Tango 1/1

? cards
PARALLEL: Champions - Blue Tango #/75
PARALLEL: Champions - Pink Tango #/50
PARALLEL: Champions - Orange Tango #/25
PARALLEL: Champions - Purple Tango #/15
PARALLEL: Champions - Red Tango #/5
PARALLEL: Champions - Gold Tango 1/1

AFA Discs (1:9 packets)
? cards

Sketch Cards  1/1
? cards


Argentina Fileteado Autographs
50 cards
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Sky Blue & White Tango #/99
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Pink Tango #/50
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Orange Tango #/25
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Purple Tango #/15
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Red Tango #/5
PARALLEL: Argentina Fileteado Autographs - Gold Tango 1/1

Fileteado Autographs
? cards
PARALLEL: Fileteado Autographs - Gold Tango 1/1

Champions Autographs
? cards
PARALLEL: Fileteado Autographs - Gold Tango 1/1

Topps - The Lost Rookie Cards - 2023 (01) - Rivaldo

The Lost Rookie Cards
1+ cards

Classic Rookie Cards that never got made… until now. The Lost Rookie cards returns for a third series. Celebrating the debut season in the UEFA Champions League of the biggest stars in world football, past and present. A new Rookie Card released every week on a vintage Topps design from the same season as when the player debuted in the competition. Cards are priced at £7.99/€8.00 each. There are discounts for larger orders - 5 cards for £28.03; 10 cards for £54.20 and 20 cards for £75.00 (£3.75 per card).
Look out for numbered parallels included with lucky orders of base cards # to 1, # to 5, # to 10, # to 25, # to 49 and 99. Any autograph cards for ’Lost Rookie’ subjects are sold separately. This product is printed to order. There will be a one-week sale period, after which they will collate all orders and then begin printing!
The Rivaldo autograph cards are only available on the Topps España website #/25 priced at €150.00; #/10 priced at €250.00; #/5 priced at €500.00 and the 1/1 card priced at €800.00.

The Lost Rookie Cards
1+ cards
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Green #/99
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Blue #/49
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Red #/25
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Pink #/10
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Purple #/5
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Gold 1/1
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Red #/25
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Pink #/10
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Purple #/5
PARALLEL: The Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph - Gold 1/1

1.  Rivaldo (FC Barcelona)  -  Print run =