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Upper Deck - 2004 MLS


2004 MLS
Upper Deck
90 base cards

The MLS Signed Jersey card comes from the Upper Deck website and is of poor quality. If someone comes forward with a better scan it will be replaced.

1.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)

2.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
3.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
4.  Andy Williams (Chicago Fire)
5.  Jesse Marsch (Chicago Fire)
6.  Justin Mapp (Chicago Fire)
7.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)
8.  Nate Jaqua (Chicago Fire)
9.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
10.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
11.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
12.  Chris Carrieri (Colorado Rapids)
13.  Chris Henderson (Colorado Rapids)
14.  Zizi Roberts (Colorado Rapids)
15.  Ritchie Kotschau (Colorado Rapids)
16.  Kyle Beckerman (Colorado Rapids)
17.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
18.  Joe Cannon (Colorado Rapids)
19.  Chris Wingert (Columbus Crew)
20.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
21.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
22.  Ross Paule (Columbus Crew)
23.  Simon Elliott (Columbus Crew)
24.  Manny Lagos (Columbus Crew)
25.  Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew)
26.  Kyle Martino (Columbus Crew)
27.  Jon Busch (Columbus Crew)
28.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
29.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
30.  Eric Quill (Dallas Burn)
31.  Bobby Rhine (Dallas Burn)
32.  Edward Johnson (Dallas Burn)
33.  Oscar Pareja (Dallas Burn)
34.  Cory Gibbs (Dallas Burn)
35.  Ramon Nunez (Dallas Burn)
36.  Scott Garlick (Dallas Burn)
37.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
38.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
39.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
40.  Alecko Eskandarian (D.C. United)
41.  Dema Kovalenko (D.C. United)
42.  Santino Quaranta (D.C. United)
43.  Earnie Stewart (D.C. United)
44.  Eliseo Quintanilla (D.C. United)
45.  Nick Rimando (D.C. United)
46.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
47.  Igor Simutenkov (Kansas City Wizards)
48.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
49.  Diego Walsh (Kansas City Wizards)
50.  Josh Wolff (Kansas City Wizards)
51.  Francisco Gomez (Kansas City Wizards)
52.  Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards)
53.  Nick Garcia (Kansas City Wizards)
54.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
55.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
56.  Alejandro Moreno (Los Angeles Galaxy)
57.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
58.  Chris Albright (Los Angeles Galaxy)
59.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
60.  Sasha Victorine (Los Angeles Galaxy)
61.  Andreas Herzog (Los Angeles Galaxy)
62.  Hong Myung-Bo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
63.  Kevin Hartman (Los Angeles Galaxy)
64.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
65.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
66.  Mike Magee (NY/NJ MetroStars)
67.  Mark Lisi (NY/NJ MetroStars)
68.  John Wolyniec (NY/NJ MetroStars)
69.  Eddie Gaven (NY/NJ MetroStars)
70.  Ricardo Clark (NY/NJ MetroStars)
71.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
72.  Jonny Walker (NY/NJ MetroStars)
73.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
74.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
75.  Rusty Pierce (New England Revolution)
76.  Joe-Max Moore (New England Revolution)
77.  Steve Ralston (New England Revolution)
78.  Jay Heaps (New England Revolution)
79.  Richie Baker (New England Revolution)
80.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
81.  Adin Brown (New England Revolution)
82.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
83.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
84.  Brian Ching (San Jose Earthquakes)
85.  Chris Roner (San Jose Earthquakes)
86.  Ronnie Ekelund (San Jose Earthquakes)
87.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
88.  Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose Earthquakes)
89.  Richard Mulrooney (San Jose Earthquakes)
90.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Cup Challengers

14 cards

CC1.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)

CC2.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
CC3.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
CC4.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
CC5.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
CC6.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
CC7.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
CC8.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC9.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC10.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC11.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
CC12.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
CC13.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CC14.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Stars

28 cards

ST1.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)

ST2.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
ST3.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
ST4.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
ST5.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
ST6.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
ST7.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
ST8.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
ST9.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
ST10.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
ST11.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
ST12.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
ST13.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
ST14.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
ST15.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
ST16.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
ST17.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
ST18.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST19.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST20.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST21.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
ST22.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
ST23.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
ST24.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
ST25.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST26.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST27.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST28.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Jerseys

19 cards

P-J.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

AR-J.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
BD-J.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
BO-J.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BR-J.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CJ-J.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CR-J.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-J.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DR-J.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EB-J.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
EP-J.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-J.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
JS-J.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
JV-J.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
LD-J.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-J.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
PN-J.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
TM-J.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
TT-J.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

MLS  - MLS Dual Jerseys - #/50

9 cards

P-TM.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)

P-TM.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
BE-EB.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BE-EB.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
CJ-LD.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CJ-LD.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-AR.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
DB-AR.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
EP-AG.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
EP-AG.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-DR.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
FA-DR.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
LD-BM.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
LD-BM.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-JS.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
MC-JS.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
TT-PN.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
TT-PN.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

MLS - MLS Signed Jerseys

10 cards

P-SJ.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

CJ-SJ.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CR-SJ.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-SJ.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DR-SJ.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EP-SJ.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-SJ.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
JS-SJ.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
LD-SJ.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
TM-SJ.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)

MLS - MLS Autographs - #/20

40 cards

P-A.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

AG-A.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
AR-A.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
BC-A.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
BD-A.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
BO-A.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BR-A.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CA-A.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)
CG-A.  Cory Gibbs (Dallas Burn)
CJ-A.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CK-A.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
CR-A.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CW-A.  Chris Wingert (Columbus Crew)
DB-A.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DC-A.  Danny Califf (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DD-A.  Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose Earthquakes)
DJ-A.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
DR-A.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EB-A.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
EP-A.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-A.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
HM-A.  Hong Myung-Bo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
JA-A.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
JC-A.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
JK-A.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
JS-A.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
JV-A.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
KH-A.  Kevin Hartman (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KI-A.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KM-A.  Kyle Martino (Columbus Crew)
LD-A.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-A.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
PM-A.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
PN-A.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
PO-A.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)
RM-A.  Richard Mulrooney (San Jose Earthquakes)
RN-A.  Ramon Nunez (Dallas Burn)
SR-A.  Steve Ralston (New England Revolution)
TM-A.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
TT-A.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

Upper Deck / Konika Minolta - MLS Best XI (2004)


Upper Deck / Konika Minolta
11 cards

Don Bradley sent a scan of this card and asked if I know anything about it. I have a checklist but I've no idea how the cards were distributed other than they were not included in the regular Upper Deck MLS collection, which I'll checklist later.

1 of 11.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes) - Goalkeeper

2 of 11.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars) - Defender
3 of 11.  Ryan Nelsen (D.C. United) - Defender
4 of 11.  Carlos Bocanegra (Chicago Fire) - Defender
5 of 11.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards) - Midfield
6 of 11.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes) - Midfield
7 of 11.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids) - Midfield
8 of 11.  Damarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire) - Midfield
9 of 11.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire) - Midfield
10 of 11.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids) - Forward
11 of 11.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire) - Forward

Merlin - Flik-a-Balls

240 marbles

Small marbles, the packets also included checklists and game cards. I've pinched a scan of the packet from Simon Marsh's superb website of West Ham United memorabilia theyflysohigh. You can find images of the West Ham United Flik-a-Balls here - 1996-97 Season Memorabilia.
The official press release...
Wrightson Dale has been appointed to fuel what is hoped will be the latest craze to sweep school playgrounds. Flik-A-Ball Premier League Football Marbles is being launched via a test campaign in the Ulster and Tyne Tees regions before a probable national roll-out.
The game is a joint venture between the US company, Topps, which makes children’s confectionery, and Merlin, a UK publishing company formed by former executives of Panini, the sticker manufacturer.
The marbles are intended not so much for playing but for children to collect and swap. Each one of the 240 versions contains a picture of a Premier League soccer star. ’It’s like an updated version of the cigarette card craze,’ Philip Dale, the agency’s managing partner, said. ’Throughout all the research there has been a phenomenal reaction.’
The launch is being spearheaded with a 20-second commercial featuring children playing the game in the centre of a futuristic soccer stadium.

1.  David Seaman (Arsenal)
2.  Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
3.  Nigel Winterburn (Arsenal)
4.  Steve Bould (Arsenal)
5.  Tony Adams (Arsenal)
6.  Martin Keown (Arsenal)
7.  David Platt (Arsenal)
8.  Glenn Helder (Arsenal)
9.  Ray Parlour (Arsenal)
10.  Ian Wright (Arsenal)
11.  Paul Merson (Arsenal)
12.  Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)
13.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
14.  Gary Charles (Aston Villa)
15.  Steve Staunton (Aston Villa)
16.  Alan Wright (Aston Villa)
17.  Fernando Nelson (Aston Villa)
18.  Ugo Ehiogu (Aston Villa)
19.  Gareth Southgate (Aston Villa)
20.  Andy Townsend (Aston Villa)
21.  Mark Draper (Aston Villa)
22.  Sasa Curcic (Aston Villa)
23.  Savo Milosevic (Aston Villa)
24.  Dwight Yorke (Aston Villa)
25.  Tim Flowers (Blackburn Rovers)
26.  Chris Coleman (Blackburn Rovers)
27.  Jeff Kenna (Blackburn Rovers)
28.  Colin Hendry (Blackburn Rovers)
29.  Graeme Le Saux (Blackburn Rovers)
30.  Henning Berg (Blackburn Rovers)
31.  Tim Sherwood (Blackburn Rovers)
32.  Lars Bohinen (Blackburn Rovers)
33.  Stuart Ripley (Blackburn Rovers)
34.  Jason Wilcox (Blackburn Rovers)
35.  Graham Fenton (Blackburn Rovers)
36.  Chris Sutton (Blackburn Rovers)
37.  Dimitri Kharine (Chelsea)
38.  Dan Petrescu (Chelsea)
39.  Franck Leboeuf (Chelsea)
40.  Michael Duberry (Chelsea)
41.  Scott Minto (Chelsea)
42.  Erland Johnsen (Chelsea)
43.  Andy Myers (Chelsea)
44.  Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea)
45.  John Spencer (Chelsea)
46.  Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea)
47.  Mark Hughes (Chelsea)
48.  Dennis Wise (Chelsea)
49.  Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City)
50.  David Burrows (Coventry City)
51.  Paul Williams (Coventry City)
52.  Liam Daish (Coventry City)
53.  Brian Borrows (Coventry City)
54.  Kevin Richardson (Coventry City)
55.  Eoin Jess (Coventry City)
56.  Gary McAllister (Coventry City)
57.  Noel Whelan (Coventry City)
58.  Dion Dublin (Coventry City)
59.  John Salako (Coventry City)
60.  Peter Ndlovu (Coventry City)
61.  Russell Hoult (Derby County)
62.  Gary Rowett (Derby County)
63.  Chris Powell (Derby County)
64.  Dean Yates (Derby County)
65.  Darryl Powell (Derby County)
66.  Aljosa Asaonvic (Derby County)
67.  Ashley Ward (Derby County)
68.  Robin Van der Laan (Derby County)
69.  Dean Sturridge (Derby County)
70.  Ron Willems (Derby County)
71.  Marco Gabbiadini (Derby County)
72.  Christian Dailly (Derby County)
73.  Neville Southall (Everton)
74.  Earl Barrett (Everton)
75.  Andy Hinchcliffe (Everton)
76.  David Unsworth (Everton)
77.  Dave Watson (Everton)
78.  Marc Hottiger (Everton)
79.  Craig Short (Everton)
80.  Gary Speed (Everton)
81.  John Ebbrell (Everton)
82.  Andrei Kanchelskis (Everton)
83.  Paul Rideout (Everton)
84.  Duncan Ferguson (Everton)
85.  Nigel Martyn (Leeds United)
86.  Tony Dorigo (Leeds United)
87.  Carlton Palmer (Leeds United)
88.  Lucas Radebe (Leeds United)
89.  David wetherall (Leeds United)
90.  Lee Sharpe (Leeds United)
91.  Lee Bowyer (Leeds United)
92.  Andrew Gray (Leeds United)
93.  Mark Ford (Leeds United)
94.  Ian Rush (Leeds United)
95.  Brian Dean (Leeds United)
96.  Tony Yeboah (Leeds United)
97.  Kasey Keller (Leicester City)
98.  Simon Grayson (Leicester City)
99.  Michael Whitlow (Leicester City)
100.  Julian Watts (Leicester City)
101.  Franck Rolling (Leicester City)
102.  Steve Walsh (Leicester City)
103.  Muzzy Izzett (Leicester City)
104.  Neil Lennon (Leicester City)
105.  Scott Taylor (Leicester City)
106.  Steve Clardige (Leicester City)
107.  Emile Heskey (Leicester City)
108.  Mark Robins (Leicester City)
109.  David James (Liverpool)
110.  Rob Jones (Liverpool)
111.  John Scales (Liverpool)
112.  Mark Wright (Liverpool)
113.  Stig Inge Bjornebye (Liverpool)
114.  Jason McAteer (Liverpool)
115.  John Barnes (Liverpool)
116.  Jamie Redknapp (Liverpool)
117.  Patrik Berger (Liverpool)
118.  Steve McManaman (Liverpool)
119.  Stan Collymore (Liverpool)
120.  Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)
121.  Peter Schmeichel (Manchester United)
122.  Gary Neville (Manchester United)
123.  Gary Pallister (Manchester United)
124.  Phil Neville (Manchester United)
125.  Nicky Butt (Manchester United)
126.  David Beckham (Manchester United)
127.  Karel Poborsky (Manchester United)
128.  Roy Keane (Manchester United)
129.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)
130.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
131.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
132.  Jordi Cruyff (Manchester United)
133.  Alan Miller (Middlesbrough)
134.  Neil Cox (Middlesbrough)
135.  Derek Whyte (Middlesbrough)
136.  Nigel Pearson (Middlesbrough)
137.  Phil Whelan (Middlesbrough)
138.  Emerson (Middlesbrough)
139.  Robbie Mustoe (Middlesbrough)
140.  Craig Hignett (Middlesbrough)
141.  Nicky Barmby (Middlesbrough)
142.  Juninho (Middlesbrough)
143.  Fabrizio Ravanelli (Middlesbrough)
144.  John Hendrie (Middlesbrough)
145.  Pavel Srnicek (Newcastle United)
146.  John Beresford (Newcastle United)
147.  Darren Peacock (Newcastle United)
148.  Steve Howey (Newcastle United)
149.  David Batty (Newcastle United)
150.  Robert Lee (Newcastle United)
151.  Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
152.  Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)
153.  Les Ferdinand (Newcastle United)
154.  Faustino Asprilla (Newcastle United)
155.  David Ginola (Newcastle United)
156.  Keith Gillespie (Newcastle United)
157.  Mark Crossley (Nottingham Forest)
158.  Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
159.  Colin Cooper (Nottingham Forest)
160.  Steve Chettle (Nottingham Forest)
161.  Chris Bart-Williams (Nottingham Forest)
162.  Scot Gemmill (Nottingham Forest)
163.  Ian Woan (Nottingham Forest)
164.  Alf-Inge Haaland (Nottingham Forest)
165.  Dean Saunders (Nottingham Forest)
166.  Kevin Campbell (Nottingham Forest)
167.  Jason Lee (Nottingham Forest)
168.  Bryan Roy (Nottingham Forest)
169.  Kevin Pressman (Sheffield Wednesday)
170.  Ian Nolan (Sheffield Wednesday)
171.  Jon Newsome (Sheffield Wednesday)
172.  Des Walker (Sheffield Wednesday)
173.  Dejan Stefanovic (Sheffield Wednesday)
174.  Mark Pembridge (Sheffield Wednesday)
175.  Graham Hyde (Sheffield Wednesday)
176.  Mark Bright (Sheffield Wednesday)
177.  Guy Whittingham (Sheffield Wednesday)
178.  David Hirst (Sheffield Wednesday)
179.  Andy Booth (Sheffield Wednesday)
180.  Regi Blinker (Sheffield Wednesday)
181.  Dave Beasant (Southampton)
182.  Barry Venison (Southampton)
183.  Ken Monkou (Southampton)
184.  Simon Charlton (Southampton)
185.  Alan Neilson (Southampton)
186.  Claus Ljundekvam (Southampton)
187.  Jim Magilton (Southampton)
188.  Robbie Slater (Southampton)
189.  Francis Benali (Southampton)
190.  Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
191.  Neil Shipperley (Southampton)
192.  Neil Heaney (Southampton)
193.  Tony Coton (Sunderland)
194.  Michael Ball (Sunderland)
195.  Andy Melville (Sunderland)
196.  Richard Ord (Sunderland)
197.  Gareth Hall (Sunderland)
198.  Martin Scott (Sunderland)
199.  Paul Bracewell (Sunderland)
200.  Michael Gray (Sunderland)
201.  Steve Agnew (Sunderland)
202.  Alex Rae (Sunderland)
203.  Craig Russell (Sunderland)
204.  Niall Quinn (Sunderland)
205.  Ian Walker (Tottenham Hotspur)
206.  Justin Edinburgh (Tottenham Hotspur)
207.  Chris Calderwood (Tottenham Hotspur)
208.  Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham Hotspur)
209.  Sol Campbell (Tottenham Hotspur)
210.  Ruel Fox (Tottenham Hotspur)
211.  Jason Dozzell (Tottenham Hotspur)
212.  Clive Wilson (Tottenham Hotspur)
213.  David Howells (Tottenham Hotspur)
214.  Darren Anderton (Tottenham Hotspur)
215.  Teddy Sheringham (Tottenham Hotspur)
216.  Chris Armstrong (Tottenham Hotspur)
217.  Ludek Miklosko (West Ham United)
218.  Tim Breaker (West Ham United)
219.  Julian Dicks (West Ham United)
220.  Steve Potts (West Ham United)
221.  Marc Reiper (West Ham United)
222.  Slaven Bilic (West Ham United)
223.  Danny Williamson (West Ham United)
224.  Keith Rowland (West Ham United)
225.  Paulo Futre (West Ham United)
226.  John Moncur (West Ham United)
227.  Florin Raducioiu (West Ham United)
228.  Iain Dowie (West Ham United)
229.  Neil Sullivan (Wimbledon)
230.  Kenny Cunningham (Wimbledon)
231.  Alan Kimble (Wimbledon)
232.  Chris Blackwell (Wimbledon)
233.  Ben Thatcher (Wimbledon)
234.  Chris Perry (Wimbledon)
235.  Vinny Jones (Wimbledon)
236.  Oyvind Leonhardsen (Wimbledon)
237.  Robbie Earle (Wimbledon)
238.  Marcus Gayle (Wimbledon)
239.  Efan Ekoku (Wimbledon)
240.  Dean Holdsworth (Wimbledon)

Flik-a-Balls - FAB game cards

FAB1.  Target Shoot 1
FAB2.  Target Shoot 2
FAB3.  Target Shoot 3
FAB4.  3 Defenders
FAB5.  3 Midfielders
FAB6.  3 Attackers
FAB7.  Refree & Linesman
FAB8.  Goal

Flik-a-Balls - Checklists

Checklist 1
Checklist 2

Flik-a-Balls - packet

Alan Shearer & Eric Cantona

Vaux Breweries - Footballers


Vaux Breweries
30 cards

These cards are anonymous, unnumbered and have plain backs. They are numbered here for reference purposes only.

  1. Charlie Nicholas (Arsenal)   -   amended 08-12-2021  -  thanks to Sean
  2. Kenny Sansom (Arsenal)
  3. Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)
  4. Pat Nevin (Chelsea)
  5. David Speddie (Chelsea)
  6. Cyrille Regis (Coventry City)
  7. Paul Bracewell (Everton)
  8. Gary Lineker (England)
  9. Peter Reid (Everton)
  10. Neville Southall (Everton)
  11. Gary Steven (Everton)
  12. Terry Butcher (Ipswich Town)
  13. David Johnston (Liverpool)
  14. Mark Lawrenson (Liverpool)
  15. Paul Walsh (Liverpool)
  16. Brian Stein (Luton Town)
  17. Mark Hughes (Manchester United) v Watford
  18. Jesper Olsen (Manchester United)
  19. Bryan Robson (Manchester United)
  20. Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
  21. Terry Fenwick (Queens Park Rangers)
  22. Steve Moran (Southampton)
  23. Peter Shilton (Southampton)
  24. Danny Wallace (Southampton)
  25. Ray Clemence (Tottenham Hotspur)
  26. Glenn Hoddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
  27. Chris Waddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
  28. John Banres (Watford)
  29. Frank McAvennie (West Ham United)
  30. Alvin Martin (West Ham United)

Golden Wonder - GOI-1-4 Soccer World Cup All Stars (02)

GOI-1-4 Soccer World Cup All Stars
Golden Wonder
36 cards

The album. The checklist can be found here - Golden Wonder - GOI-1-4 Soccer World Cup All Stars

Franz Bread - Portland Timbers (2012)

Portland Timbers
Franz Bread
12 cards

John Spencer (Coach)

Eric Alexander
Kalif Alhassan 
Kris Boyd
Eric Brunner
Diego Chará
Jack Gleeson
Jack Jewsbury
Darlington Nagbe
Troy Perkins
Brent Richards
Franck Songo’o

Friday 8 May 2015

Capri Internacional / Navarrete - Copa América Chile 2015 (02)


Copa América Chile 2015
Capri Internacional / Navarrete 
235 stickers

Here's the checklist. To see a complete album check out Amsugar's superb website -

1.  Estadio Regional Calvo y Bascuñán, Antofagasta (Stadium)

2.  Estadio El Teniente, Rancagua (Stadium)
3.  Estadio Elias Figueroa Brander, Valparaíso (Stadium)
4.  Estadio Germán Becker, Temuco (Stadium)
5.  La Portada, La Serena (Stadium)
6.  Estadio Monumental, Santiago (Stadium)
7.  Concepción (Stadium)
8.  Santiago (Stadium)
9.  Estadio Sausalito, Viña del Mar (Stadium)

Campeones de la Copa America

10.  Team Photo (Uruguay - 2011)

11.  Team Photo (Brasil - 2007)
12.  Team Photo (Brasil - 2004)
13.  Team Photo (Colombia - 2001)
14.  Team Photo (Brasil - 1999)
15.  Team Photo (Brasil - 1997)
16.  Team Photo (Uruguay - 1995)
17.  Team Photo (Argentina - 1993)
18.  Team Photo (Argentina - 1991)
19.  Team Photo (Brasil - 1989)

Grupo A

20.  Team Photo (Chile)

21.  Team Photo (Chile)
22.  Team Photo (Mexico)
23.  Team Photo (Mexico)
24.  Team Photo (Ecuador)
25.  Team Photo (Ecuador)
26.  Team Photo (Bolivia)
27.  Team Photo (Bolivia)
28.  Jorge Sampaoli (Chile)
29.  Claudio Bravo (Chile)
30.  Gonzalo Jara (Chile)
31.  Francsico Silva (Chile)
32.  Mauricio Isla (Chile)
33.  Eugenio Mena (Chile)
34.  Gary Medel (Chile)
35.  Charles Aránguiz (Chile)
36.  Arturo Vidal (Chile)
37.  Marcelo Díaz (Chile)
38.  Felipe Gutiérrez (Chile)
39.  Alexis Sánchez (Chile)
40.  Eduardo Vargas (Chile)
41.  Mauricio Pinilla (Chile)
42.  Jorge Valdivia (Chile)
43.  Jean Beausejour (Chile)
44.  Miguel Herrera (Mexico)
45.  Guillermo Ochoa (Mexico)
46.  Francisco Rodriguez (Mexico)
47.  Hector Moreno (Mexico)
48.  Miguel Layun (Mexico)
49.  Diego Reyes (Mexico)
50.  Paul Aguilar (Mexico)
51.  José Juan Vázquez (Mexico)
52.  Andres Guardado (Mexico)
53.  Hector Herrera (Mexico)
54.  Marcos Fabian De La Mora (Mexico)
55.  Giovani dos Santos (Mexico)
56.  Raúl Jiménez (Mexico)
57.  Oribe Peralta (Mexico)
58.  Javier Hernandez (Mexico)
59.  Carlos Vela (Mexico)
60.  Gustavo Quinteros (Ecuador)
61.  Alexander Domínguez (Ecuador)
62.  Jorge Guagua (Ecuador)
63.  Juan Carlos Paredes (Ecuador)
64.  Frickson Erazo (Ecuador)
65.  Gabriel Achilier (Ecuador)
66.  Segundo Castillo (Ecuador)
67.  Walter Ayoví (Ecuador)
68.  Christian Noboa (Ecuador)
69.  Michael Arroyo (Ecuador)
70.  Oswaldo Minda (Ecuador)
71.  Antonio Valencia (Ecuador)
72.  Jefferson Montero (Ecuador)
73.  Enner Valencia (Ecuador)
74.  Felipe Caicedo (Ecuador)
75.  Joao Rojas (Ecuador)
76.  Mauricio Soria (Bolivia)
77.  Romel Quiñónez (Bolivia)
78.  Luis Alberto Gutiérrez (Bolivia)
79.  Ronald Raldes (Bolivia)
80.  Lionel Morales (Bolivia)
81.  Alejandro Meleán (Bolivia)
82.  Alejandro Chumacero (Bolivia)
83.  Damian Lizio (Bolivia)
84.  Miguel Angel Hurtado (Bolivia)
85.  José Luis Chávez (Bolivia)
86.  Joselito Vaca (Bolivia)
87.  Marcelo Martins (Bolivia)
88.  Juan Carlos Arce (Bolivia)
89.  Carlos Saucedo (Bolivia)
90.  Rodrigo Ramallo (Bolivia)
91.  Edivaldo Rojas (Bolivia)

Grupo B

92.  Team Photo (Argentina)
93.  Team Photo (Argentina)
94.  Team Photo (Uruguay)
95.  Team Photo (Uruguay)
96.  Team Photo (Paraguay)
97.  Team Photo (Paraguay)
98.  Team Photo (Jamaica)
99.  Team Photo (Jamaica)
100.  Gerardo "Tata" Martino (Argentina)
101.  Sergio Romero (Argentina)
102.  Marcos Rojo (Argentina)
103.  Martin Demichelis (Argentina)
104.  Pable Zabaleta (Argentina)
105.  Federico Fernández (Argentina)
106.  Lucas Biglia (Argentina)
107.  Enzo Pérez (Argentina)
108.  Javier Mascherano (Argentina)
109.  Fernando Gago (Argentina)
110.  Angel Di María (Argentina)
111.  Javier Pastore (Argentina)
112.  Sergio Agüero (Argentina)
113.  Gonzalo Higuaín (Argentina)
114.  Lionel Messi (Argentina)
115.  Carlos Tévez (Argentina)
116.  Oscar W. Tabarez (Uruguay)
117.  Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
118.  Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
119.  José Maria Giménez (Uruguay)
120.  Diego Godín (Uruguay)
121.  Maximiliano Pereira (Uruguay)
122.  Álvaro González (Uruguay)
123.  Egidio Arévalo Ríos (Uruguay)
124.  Álvaro Pereira (Uruguay)
125.  Gastón Ramírez (Uruguay)
126.  Nicolás Lodeiro (Uruguay)
127.  Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
128.  Cristian Rodríguez (Uruguay)
129.  Cristian Stuani (Uruguay)
130.  Luis Suarez (Uruguay)
131.  Diego Forlán (Uruguay)
132.  Ramon Angel Diaz (Paraguay)
133.  Justo Villar (Paraguay)
134.  Gustavo Gómez (Paraguay)
135.  Luis Cardozo (Paraguay)
136.  Iván Piris (Paraguay)
137.  Paulo Da Silva (Paraguay)
138.  Jorge Moreira (Paraguay)
139.  Cristian Riveros (Paraguay)
140.  Celso Ortiz (Paraguay)
141.  Néstor Ortigoza (Paraguay)
142.  Édgar Benítez (Paraguay)
143.  Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)
144.  Angel Romero (Paraguay)
145.  Derlis González (Paraguay)
146.  Marcelo Estigarribia (Paraguay)
147.  Jorge Rojas (Paraguay)
148.  Winfried Schaffer (Jamaica)
149.  Andre Blake (Jamaica)
150.  Nyron Nosworthy (Jamaica)
151.  Westley Morgan (Jamaica)
152.  Alvas Powell (Jamaica)
153.  Lloyd Doyley (Jamaica)
154.  Demar Phillips (Jamaica)
155.  Adrian Mariappa (Jamaica)
156.  Kemar Lawrence (Jamaica)
157.  Jo-Vaughn Watson (Jamaica)
158.  Rudolph Austin (Jamaica)
159.  Romario Campbell (Jamaica)
160.  Christopher Humphrey (Jamaica)
161.  Simon Dawkins (Jamaica)
162.  Darren Mattocks (Jamaica)
163.  Garath McCleary (Jamaica)

Grupo C

164.  Team Photo (Perú)
165.  Team Photo (Perú)
166.  Team Photo (Brasil)
167.  Team Photo (Brasil)
168.  Team Photo (Colombia)
169.  Team Photo (Colombia)
170.  Team Photo (Venezuela)
171.  Team Photo (Venezuela)
172.  Ricardo Gareca (Perú)
173.  Raúl Fernández (Perú)
174.  Yoshimar Yotún (Perú)
175.  Carlos Zambrano (Perú)
176.  Christian Ramos (Perú)
177.  Luis Advíncula (Perú)
178.  Rinaldo Cruzado (Perú)
179.  Juan Manuel Vargas (Perú)
180.  Cristian Benavente (Perú)
181.  Luis Alberto Ramírez (Perú)
182.  Yordy Reyna (Perú)
183.  André Carrillo (Perú)
184.  Paolo Guerrero (Perú)
185.  Jeffersopn Farfan (Perú)
186.  Claudio Pizarro (Perú)
187.  Paolo Hurtado (Perú)
188.  Carlos Dunga (Brasil)
189.  Jefferson (Brasil)
190.  Daniel Alves (Brasil)
191.  David Luiz (Brasil)
192.  Thiago Silva (Brasil)
193.  Marcelo (Brasil)
194.  Hernanes (Brasil)
195.  Fernandinho (Brasil)
196.  Ramirez (Brasil)
197.  Luiz Gustavo (Brasil)
198.  Oscar (Brasil)
199.  Bernard (Brasil)
200.  Hulk (Brasil)
201.  Luiz Adriano (Brasil)
202.  Neymar Jr. (Brasil)
203.  Willian (Brasil)
204.  Jose Nestor Pekerman (Colombia)
205.  David Ospina (Colombia)
206.  Carlos Alberto Sánchez (Colombia)
207.  Pablo Armero (Colombia)
208.  Cristián Zapata (Colombia)
209.  Juan Camilo Zúñiga (Colombia)
210.  Abel Aguilar (Colombia)
211.  Freddy Guarín (Colombia)
212.  Alexander Mejía (Colombia)
213.  Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (Colombia)
214.  Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia)
215.  James Rodríguez (Colombia)
216.  Jackson Martínez (Colombia)
217.  Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
218.  Teófilo Gutiérrez (Colombia)
219.  Adrián Ramos (Colombia)
220.  Noel Sanvicente (Venezuela)
221.  Dani Hernández (Venezuela)
222.  Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (Venezuela)
223.  Gabriel Cichero (Venezuela)
224.  Roberto Rosales (Venezuela)
225.  Alex David González (Venezuela)
226.  Agnel Flores (Venezuela)
227.  Franklin Lucena (Venezuela)
228.  Tomás Rincón (Venezuela)
229.  Francsico Flores (Venezuela)
230.  Juan Arango (Venezuela)
231.  Yohandry Orozco (Venezuela)
232.  Miku Fedor (Venezuela)
233.  Luis Manuel Seijas (Venezuela)
234.  Mario Rondón (Venezuela)
235.  Frank Feltscher (Venezuela)