Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ülker (Turkey) - Hobby Futbol


Hobby Futbol
8 figures + 2

Another checklist supplied by Ali Murat Atay

Hobby is a brand by Turkish Food Giant Ülker. Hobby can be candy bars, chocolates, drops and surprise eggs. I guess Ülker didnt consider this as one of their star products; it was never on their internet site, unlike their other eggs. I ended up not finding the Galatasaray keeper. The reason I liked it so much was that it was reminding me of a game we invented when I was a kid, a primitive version of Subbuteo but with standing gum cards. These would have been perfect for our game. The collection has finished now, they have some kind of UFO series now.

Beşiktaş Footballer

Fenerbahçe Footballer
Galatasaray Footballer
Trabzonspor Footballer
Beşiktaş Goal Keeper
Fenerbahçe Goalkeeper
Galatasaray Goalkeeper
Trabzonspor Goalkeeper

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