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Upper Deck - 2004 MLS


2004 MLS
Upper Deck
90 base cards

The MLS Signed Jersey card comes from the Upper Deck website and is of poor quality. If someone comes forward with a better scan it will be replaced.

1.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)

2.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
3.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
4.  Andy Williams (Chicago Fire)
5.  Jesse Marsch (Chicago Fire)
6.  Justin Mapp (Chicago Fire)
7.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)
8.  Nate Jaqua (Chicago Fire)
9.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
10.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
11.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
12.  Chris Carrieri (Colorado Rapids)
13.  Chris Henderson (Colorado Rapids)
14.  Zizi Roberts (Colorado Rapids)
15.  Ritchie Kotschau (Colorado Rapids)
16.  Kyle Beckerman (Colorado Rapids)
17.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
18.  Joe Cannon (Colorado Rapids)
19.  Chris Wingert (Columbus Crew)
20.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
21.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
22.  Ross Paule (Columbus Crew)
23.  Simon Elliott (Columbus Crew)
24.  Manny Lagos (Columbus Crew)
25.  Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew)
26.  Kyle Martino (Columbus Crew)
27.  Jon Busch (Columbus Crew)
28.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
29.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
30.  Eric Quill (Dallas Burn)
31.  Bobby Rhine (Dallas Burn)
32.  Edward Johnson (Dallas Burn)
33.  Oscar Pareja (Dallas Burn)
34.  Cory Gibbs (Dallas Burn)
35.  Ramon Nunez (Dallas Burn)
36.  Scott Garlick (Dallas Burn)
37.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
38.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
39.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
40.  Alecko Eskandarian (D.C. United)
41.  Dema Kovalenko (D.C. United)
42.  Santino Quaranta (D.C. United)
43.  Earnie Stewart (D.C. United)
44.  Eliseo Quintanilla (D.C. United)
45.  Nick Rimando (D.C. United)
46.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
47.  Igor Simutenkov (Kansas City Wizards)
48.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
49.  Diego Walsh (Kansas City Wizards)
50.  Josh Wolff (Kansas City Wizards)
51.  Francisco Gomez (Kansas City Wizards)
52.  Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards)
53.  Nick Garcia (Kansas City Wizards)
54.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
55.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
56.  Alejandro Moreno (Los Angeles Galaxy)
57.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
58.  Chris Albright (Los Angeles Galaxy)
59.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
60.  Sasha Victorine (Los Angeles Galaxy)
61.  Andreas Herzog (Los Angeles Galaxy)
62.  Hong Myung-Bo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
63.  Kevin Hartman (Los Angeles Galaxy)
64.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
65.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
66.  Mike Magee (NY/NJ MetroStars)
67.  Mark Lisi (NY/NJ MetroStars)
68.  John Wolyniec (NY/NJ MetroStars)
69.  Eddie Gaven (NY/NJ MetroStars)
70.  Ricardo Clark (NY/NJ MetroStars)
71.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
72.  Jonny Walker (NY/NJ MetroStars)
73.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
74.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
75.  Rusty Pierce (New England Revolution)
76.  Joe-Max Moore (New England Revolution)
77.  Steve Ralston (New England Revolution)
78.  Jay Heaps (New England Revolution)
79.  Richie Baker (New England Revolution)
80.  Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution)
81.  Adin Brown (New England Revolution)
82.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
83.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
84.  Brian Ching (San Jose Earthquakes)
85.  Chris Roner (San Jose Earthquakes)
86.  Ronnie Ekelund (San Jose Earthquakes)
87.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
88.  Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose Earthquakes)
89.  Richard Mulrooney (San Jose Earthquakes)
90.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Cup Challengers

14 cards

CC1.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)

CC2.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
CC3.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
CC4.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
CC5.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
CC6.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
CC7.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
CC8.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC9.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC10.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CC11.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
CC12.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
CC13.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CC14.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Stars

28 cards

ST1.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)

ST2.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
ST3.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
ST4.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
ST5.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
ST6.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
ST7.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
ST8.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
ST9.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
ST10.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
ST11.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
ST12.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
ST13.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
ST14.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
ST15.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
ST16.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
ST17.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
ST18.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST19.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST20.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
ST21.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
ST22.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
ST23.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)
ST24.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
ST25.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST26.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST27.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)
ST28.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)

MLS - MLS Jerseys

19 cards

P-J.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

AR-J.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
BD-J.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
BO-J.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BR-J.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CJ-J.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CR-J.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-J.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DR-J.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EB-J.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
EP-J.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-J.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
JS-J.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
JV-J.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
LD-J.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-J.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
PN-J.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
TM-J.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
TT-J.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

MLS  - MLS Dual Jerseys - #/50

9 cards

P-TM.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)

P-TM.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
BE-EB.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BE-EB.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
CJ-LD.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CJ-LD.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-AR.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
DB-AR.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
EP-AG.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
EP-AG.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-DR.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
FA-DR.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
LD-BM.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
LD-BM.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-JS.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
MC-JS.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
TT-PN.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
TT-PN.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

MLS - MLS Signed Jerseys

10 cards

P-SJ.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

CJ-SJ.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CR-SJ.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DB-SJ.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DR-SJ.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EP-SJ.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-SJ.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
JS-SJ.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
LD-SJ.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
TM-SJ.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)

MLS - MLS Autographs - #/20

40 cards

P-A.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)

AG-A.  Amado Guevara (NY/NJ MetroStars)
AR-A.  Ante Razov (Chicago Fire)
BC-A.  Bobby Convey (D.C. United)
BD-A.  Brad Davis (Dallas Burn)
BO-A.  Ben Olsen (D.C. United)
BR-A.  Brian Mullan (San Jose Earthquakes)
CA-A.  Chris Armas (Chicago Fire)
CG-A.  Cory Gibbs (Dallas Burn)
CJ-A.  Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CK-A.  Chris Klein (Kansas City Wizards)
CR-A.  Carlos Ruiz (Los Angeles Galaxy)
CW-A.  Chris Wingert (Columbus Crew)
DB-A.  DaMarcus Beasley (Chicago Fire)
DC-A.  Danny Califf (Los Angeles Galaxy)
DD-A.  Dwayne De Rosario (San Jose Earthquakes)
DJ-A.  D.J. Countess (Chicago Fire)
DR-A.  Damani Ralph (Chicago Fire)
EB-A.  Edson Buddle (Columbus Crew)
EP-A.  Eddie Pope (NY/NJ MetroStars)
FA-A.  Freddy Adu (D.C. United)
HM-A.  Hong Myung-Bo (Los Angeles Galaxy)
JA-A.  Jeff Agoos (San Jose Earthquakes)
JC-A.  Jeff Cunningham (Columbus Crew)
JK-A.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
JS-A.  John Spencer (Colorado Rapids)
JV-A.  Joselito Vaca (NY/NJ MetroStars)
KH-A.  Kevin Hartman (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KI-A.  Jovan Kirovski (Los Angeles Galaxy)
KM-A.  Kyle Martino (Columbus Crew)
LD-A.  Landon Donovan (San Jose Earthquakes)
MC-A.  Mark Chung (Colorado Rapids)
PM-A.  Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)
PN-A.  Pat Noonan (New England Revolution)
PO-A.  Pat Onstad (San Jose Earthquakes)
RM-A.  Richard Mulrooney (San Jose Earthquakes)
RN-A.  Ramon Nunez (Dallas Burn)
SR-A.  Steve Ralston (New England Revolution)
TM-A.  Tony Meola (Kansas City Wizards)
TT-A.  Taylor Twellman (New England Revolution)

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