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Corriere dei Piccoli (Italy) - Serie A (1967-68)

Serie A
Corriere dei Piccoli
176 players

Gabriele Fraulini has provided a checklist for this collection and he has included the sheet featuring Juventus and Inter to illustrate the collection.

Anzolin (Juventus)
Del Sol (Juventus)
Leoncini (Juventus)
Castano (Juventus)
Cinesinho (Juventus)
Menichelli (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)
Bercellino (Juventus)
Volpi (Juventus)
Simoni (Juventus)
Zigoni (Juventus)
Sarti (Inter)
Mazzola I (Inter)
Santarini (Inter)
Facchetti  (Inter)
Nielsen (Inter)
Dotti (Inter)
Burgnich (Inter)
Suarez (Inter)
Landini (Inter)
Corso (Inter)
Mazzola II (Inter)
Vavassori (Bologna)
Furlanis (Bologna)
Ardizzon (Bologna)
Guarneri (Bologna)
Janich (Bologna)
Fogli (Bologna)
Perani (Bologna)
Bulgarelli (Bologna)
Clerici (Bologna)
Haller (Bologna)
Pascutti (Bologna)
Zoff (Napoli)
Nardin (Napoli)
Miceli (Napoli)
Girardo (Napoli)
Panzanato (Napoli)
Bianchi (Napoli)
Orlando (Napoli)
Juliano (Napoli)
Altafini (Napoli)
Sivori (Napoli)
Barison (Napoli)
Da Pozzo (Varese)
Della Giovanna (Varese)
Maroso (Varese)
Cresci (Varese)
Picchi (Varese)
Gasperi (Varese)
Leonardi (Varese)
Renna (Varese)
Mereghetti (Varese)
Anastasi (Varese)
Vastola (Varese)
Pizzaballa (Roma)
Capello (Roma)
Cappelli (Roma)
Losi (Roma)
Cordova (Roma)
Enzo (Roma)
Jair (Roma)
Carpenetti (Roma)
Peirò (Roma)
Pelagalli (Roma)
Sirena (Roma)
Cudicini (Milan)
Schnellinger (Milan)
Anquiletti (Milan)
Trapattoni (Milan)
Malatrasi (Milan)
Rosato (Milan)
Hamrin (Milan)
Lodetti (Milan)
Sormani (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)
Mora (Milan)
Reginato (Cagliari)
Vescovi (Cagliari)
Longo (Cagliari)
Nenè (Cagliari)
Greatti (Cagliari)
Longoni (Cagliari)
Martiradonna (Cagliari)
Boninsegna (Cagliari)
Riva (Cagliari)
Cera (Cagliari)
Rizzo (Cagliari)
Vieri (Torino)
Poletti (Torino)
Fossati (Torino)
Puia (Torino)
Cereser (Torino)
Bolchi (Torino)
Meroni (Torino)
Ferrini (Torino)
Combin (Torino)
Moschino (Torino)
Facchin (Torino)
Albertosi (Fiorentina)
Pirovano (Fiorentina)
Rogora (Fiorentina)
Bertini (Fiorentina)
Ferrante (Fiorentina)
Brizi (Fiorentina)
Maraschi (Fiorentina)
Amarildo (Fiorentina)
Brugnera (Fiorentina)
De Sisti (Fiorentina)
Chiarugi (Fiorentina)
Bandoni (Mantova)
Scesa (Mantova)
Pavinato (Mantova)
Tomeazzi (Mantova)
Spanio (Mantova)
Giagnoni (Mantova)
Spelta (Mantova)
Catalano (Mantova)
Di Giacomo (Mantova)
Bercellino (Mantova)
Salvemini  (Mantova)
Brotto (Brescia)
Casati (Brescia)
Fumagalli (Brescia)
Rizzolini (Brescia)
Mangili (Brescia)
Frezza (Brescia)
Salvi (Brescia)
D'Alessi (Brescia)
Troja (Brescia)
Mazzia (Brescia)
Gilardoni (Brescia)
Battara (Sampdoria)
Dordoni (Sampdoria)
Delfino (Sampdoria)
Noletti (Sampdoria)
Morini (Sampdoria)
Vincenzi (Sampdoria)
Salvi (Sampdoria)
Vieri (Sampdoria)
Cristin (Sampdoria)
Frustalupi (Sampdoria)
Francesconi (Sampdoria)
Negri (L.R. Vicenza)
Volpato (L.R. Vicenza)
Rossetti (L.R. Vicenza)
Gregori (L.R. Vicenza)
Carantini (L.R. Vicenza)
Calosi (L.R. Vicenza)
Bicicli (L.R. Vicenza)
Gori (L.R. Vicenza)
Vinicio (L.R. Vicenza)
De Marco (L.R. Vicenza)
Fontana (L.R. Vicenza)
Cometti (Atalanta)
Pesenti (Atalanta)
Nodari (Atalanta)
Tiberi (Atalanta)
Cella (Atalanta)
Signorelli (Atalanta)
Danova (Atalanta)
Salvori (Atalanta)
Savoldi (Atalanta)
Dell'Angelo (Atalanta)
Rigotto (Atalanta)
Matrel (Spal)
Pasetti (Spal)
Tomasin (Spal)
Bertuccioli (Spal)
Bozzao (Spal)
Massei (Spal)
Braca (Spal)
Reif (Spal)
Parola (Spal)
Brenna (Spal)
Dell'Omodarme (Spal)

Merlin - Premier Gold (1996-97) (02) - Case Cards

Premier Gold
161 base cards

Milan Sinđelić has provided photos of two of the Case Cards. I was only aware of two cards being issued so receiving these images from Milan took me a little by surprise. It means that there is still one card to identify. The cards are very large - 11cm x 8cm.

C1.  Eric Cantona (Manchester United)
C2.  Mark Bosnich (Aston Villa)
C4.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)

John Mundell & Co. (USA) - Solar Tip Shoes ~ Gerard College

Solar Tip Shoes ~ Gerard College
John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia
1 card

This card shows boys and girls with Philadelphia's Gerard College in the background and the boys are playing football. There are a number of different back designs and space was provided towards to the bottom of the cards for the wholesaler and retailers to add their own details. I've found one card where the front has been overprinted with the information relating to McCardell Bros. The cards measure 4⅞" X 3⅛". One of the examples shown has been badly trimmed but it's the card I've found with that wholesaler listed on the back.

John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia
John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia - overprinted McCardell Bros.

A Solar Scene

Wholesale - Carroll Adams & Co., Baltimore, MD.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - J.E. Dayton & Co., Williamsport, PA.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Fuller, Childs & Co., Toledo, OH.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Miller, Patterson & Co., Chillicothe, OH.; Retail - Kern & Son
Wholesale - Weiner, Wright & Watkin, Philadelphia, PA.; Michael W. Gress

On the other side of this card...

Wholesale - Batchelder & Lincoln, Boston, MA.; Retail - blank
Retail - R.R. Knapp, Yorktown Station, NY.

"Keep the Head Cool and the Feet Warm"

Wholesale - A.J. Bellows & Co., Philadelphia, PA.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Congdon & Aylesworth, Providence, RI.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Dunn, Salmon & Co., Stracuse, NY.; Retail - blank

Topps - Match Attax England 2006 (04) - Insert Cards

Match Attax England 2006
175 base cards

Four additional cards issued randomly in packets. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax England 2006.

Checklist 1/3
Checklist 2/3
Checklist 3/3

How to Complete Your Match Attax Collection

Winning Moves / Top Trumps - West Bromwich Albion F.C. ~ The Best Moments (02) - Promo

West Bromwich Albion F.C. ~ The Best Moments
Winning Moves / Top Trumps
3 cards

Three promotional cards that don't feature in the main set.

Albion 4 Burnley 0
Albion 4 West Ham United 2
Manchester United 1 Albion 2

John Player & Sons - Footballers 1928 (02) - E. Oliver

Footballers 1928
John Player & Sons
50 cards

It seems there is an error with card no. 35, the name is E. Oliver on both the front and back of the card, but the player is actually Joe Oliver. I am not aware of a corrected card being issued.

35.  E. Oliver (Batley - Rugby League)

Topps - Match Attax England 2006 (03) - Packet

Match Attax England 2006
175 base cards

The packet from this collection. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax England 2006.

1.FC Saarbrücken - 1.FC Saarbrücken Autogrammkarten (2006-07)

1.FC Saarbrücken Autogrammkarten
1.FC Saarbrücken
29 cards

Böhmann (Torwart-Trainer)
Henke (Trainer)
Kaminski (Co-Trainer)
Philippe (Co-Trainer)
Rauscher (Co-Trainer)

Saturday 30 December 2017

Bruguera (Spain) - Campeones 1961

Campeones 1961
240 stickers

Gabriele Fraulini has provided a checklist for this Spanish collection. A complete checklist seems to indicate that the set consists of 192 stickers - each team has an unnumbered badge and 11 numbered players - but the album cover states that the collection has 240 stickers. It turns out that 48 extra stickers were produced and these are unnumbered. 46 are listed after each of the teams main stickers and I have also included an alphabetical list of the 46 stickers at the end of the main checklist. It seems there are 2 still missing.

Badge (Athletic de Bilbao)
1.  Carmelo (Athletic de Bilbao)
2.  Etura (Athletic de Bilbao)
3.  Orue (Athletic de Bilbao)
4.  Echave (Athletic de Bilbao)
5.  Renteria (Athletic de Bilbao)
6.  Mauri (Athletic de Bilbao)
7.  Arteche (Athletic de Bilbao)
8.  Marcaida (Athletic de Bilbao)
9.  Torre (Athletic de Bilbao)
10.  Uribe (Athletic de Bilbao)
11.  Aguirre (Athletic de Bilbao)

Canito (Athletic de Bilbao)
Maguregui (Athletic de Bilbao)
Merodio (Athletic de Bilbao)

Badge (Atlético de Madrid)
1.  Pazos (Atlético de Madrid)
2.  Rivilla (Atlético de Madrid)
3.  Griffa (Atlético de Madrid)
4.  Callejo (Atlético de Madrid)
5.  Chuzo (Atlético de Madrid)
6.  Mendoca (Atlético de Madrid)
7.  Romero (Atlético de Madrid)
8.  Peirò (Atlético de Madrid)
9.  Vava (Atlético de Madrid)
10.  Adelardo (Atlético de Madrid)
11.  Jones (Atlético de Madrid)

Álvaro (Atlético de Madrid)
Calleja (Atlético de Madrid)
Medinabeytia (Atlético de Madrid)
Polo (Atlético de Madrid)

Badge (C. de F. Barcelona)
1.  Ramallets (C. de F. Barcelona)
2.  Olivella (C. de F. Barcelona)
3.  Rodri (C. de F. Barcelona)
4.  Gracia (C. de F. Barcelona)
5.  Gensana (C. de F. Barcelona)
6.  Segarra (C. de F. Barcelona)
7.  Villaverde (C. de F. Barcelona)
8.  Kubala (C. de F. Barcelona)
9.  Martinez (C. de F. Barcelona)
10.  Suarez (C. de F. Barcelona)
11.  Czibor (C. de F. Barcelona)

Coll (C. de F. Barcelona)
Evaristo (C. de F. Barcelona)
Garay (C. de F. Barcelona)
Medrano (C. de F. Barcelona)
Pinto (C. de F. Barcelona)
Rivelles (C. de F. Barcelona)
Tejada (C. de F. Barcelona)
Vergés (C. de F. Barcelona)

Badge (Betis Balompié)
1.  Dominguez (Betis Balompié)
2.  Oliet (Betis Balompié)
3.  Portu (Betis Balompié)
4.  Grau (Betis Balompié)
5.  Bosch (Betis Balompié)
6.  Valderas (Betis Balompié)
7.  Areta (Betis Balompié)
8.  Kuzmann (Betis Balompié)
9.  Rojas (Betis Balompié)
10.  Lasa (Betis Balompié)
11.  Vila (Betis Balompié)

Isidro (Betis Balompié)

Badge (Elche C.F.)
1.  Garcia (Elche C.F.)
2.  Felipe (Elche C.F.)
3.  Gomez (Elche C.F.)
4.  Gonzalez (Elche C.F.)
5.  Laguardia (Elche C.F.)
6.  Mezquita (Elche C.F.)
7.  Guerrero (Elche C.F.)
8.  Cardona (Elche C.F.)
9.  Re (Elche C.F.)
10.  Fuertes (Elche C.F.)
11.  Pahuet (Elche C.F.)

Alcantarilla (Elche C.F.)
Gallego (Elche C.F.)

Badge (R.C.D. Espanol)
1.  Visa (R.C.D. Espanol)
2.  Argiles (R.C.D. Espanol)
3.  Bartoli (R.C.D. Espanol)
4.  Dauder (R.C.D. Espanol)
5.  Recaman (R.C.D. Espanol)
6.  Sastre (R.C.D. Espanol)
7.  Torres (R.C.D. Espanol)
8.  Rivera (R.C.D. Espanol)
9.  Indio (R.C.D. Espanol)
10.  Aguirre (R.C.D. Espanol)
11.  Camps (R.C.D. Espanol)

Abel (R.C.D. Español)
Barberá (R.C.D. Español)
Joanet (R.C.D. Espanol)
Muñoz (R.C.D. Español)
Ribas (R.C.D. Español)

Badge (Granada F.C.)
1.  Piris (Granada F.C.)
2.  Mendez (Granada F.C.)
3.  Vicente (Granada F.C.)
4.  Fornieri (Granada F.C.)
5.  Vilches (Granada F.C.)
6.  Pellejero (Granada F.C.)
7.  Vazquez (Granada F.C.)
8.  Lalo (Granada F.C.)
9.  Carranza (Granada F.C.)
10.  Cuervo (Granada F.C.)
11.  Arsenio (Granada F.C.)

Larraz (Granada F.C.)

Badge (Mallorca R.C.D.)
1.  Zamora (Mallorca R.C.D.)
2.  Arque (Mallorca R.C.D.)
3.  Bolao (Mallorca R.C.D.)
4.  Guillamon (Mallorca R.C.D.)
5.  Flotats (Mallorca R.C.D.)
6.  Boixet (Mallorca R.C.D.)
7.  Haro (Mallorca R.C.D.)
8.  Mir (Mallorca R.C.D.)
9.  Hollaus (Mallorca R.C.D.)
10.  Forteza (Mallorca R.C.D.)
11.  Loren (Mallorca R.C.D.)

Currucale (Mallorca R.C.D.)
Javier (Mallorca R.C.D.)
Parcet (Mallorca R.C.D.)

Badge (Real Madrid)
1.  Dominguez (Real Madrid)
2.  Marquitos (Real Madrid)
3.  Santamaria (Real Madrid)
4.  Zarraga (Real Madrid)
5.  Vidal (Real Madrid)
6.  Ruiz (Real Madrid)
7.  Canario (Real Madrid)
8.  Del Sol (Real Madrid)
9.  Di Stefano (Real Madrid)
10.  Puskas (Real Madrid)
11.  Gento (Real Madrid)

Herrera (Real Madrid)
Pepillo (Real Madrid)
Vicente (Real Madrid)

Badge (Real Oviedo)
1.  Carlos Gomez (Real Oviedo)
2.  Marigil (Real Oviedo)
3.  Alarcon (Real Oviedo)
4.  Toni (Real Oviedo)
5.  Paquito (Real Oviedo)
6.  Laurin (Real Oviedo)
7.  Iceta (Real Oviedo)
8.  Sanches Lage (Real Oviedo)
9.  Artabe (Real Oviedo)
10.  Iguaran (Real Oviedo)
11.  Hermes G. (Real Oviedo)

Braga (Real Oviedo)
Caldentey (Real Oviedo)

Badge (Real Santander)
1.  Pinol (Real Santander)
2.  Crispi (Real Santander)
3.  Santamaria (Real Santander)
4.  Miera (Real Santander)
5.  Pallas (Real Santander)
6.  Pardo (Real Santander)
7.  Odriozola (Real Santander)
8.  Coque (Real Santander)
9.  Kazsas (Real Santander)
10.  Sampedro (Real Santander)
11.  Yosu (Real Santander)

Arbe (Real Santander)
Duro (Real Santander)

Pellejero (Real Santander)

Badge (Real Sociedad)
1.  Araquistain (Real Sociedad)
2.  Irulegui (Real Sociedad)
3.  Elizondo (Real Sociedad)
4.  Ansola (Real Sociedad)
5.  Peporro (Real Sociedad)
6.  Galardi (Real Sociedad)
7.  Araquistain II (Real Sociedad)
8.  Gordejuela (Real Sociedad)
9.  Paz (Real Sociedad)
10.  Gallastegui (Real Sociedad)
11.  Alquiza (Real Sociedad)

Zaldua (Real Sociedad)

Badge (Real Zaragoza)
1.  Yarza (Real Zaragoza)
2.  Estiragues (Real Zaragoza)
3.  Alustiza (Real Zaragoza)
4.  Carlos (Real Zaragoza)
5.  Reija (Real Zaragoza)
6.  Jose Luis (Real Zaragoza)
7.  Mihuel (Real Zaragoza)
8.  Rodolfo (Real Zaragoza)
9.  Murillo (Real Zaragoza)
10.  Wilson (Real Zaragoza)
11.  Vila (Real Zaragoza)

Esabay (Real Zaragoza)
Marcelino (Real Zaragoza)
Miguel (Real Zaragoza)
Torres (Real Zaragoza)

Badge (Sevilla F.C.)
1.  Mut (Sevilla F.C.)
2.  Valero (Sevilla F.C.)
3.  Maraver (Sevilla F.C.)
4.  Romero (Sevilla F.C.)
5.  Ruiz-Sosa (Sevilla F.C.)
6.  Achucarro (Sevilla F.C.)
7.  Pereda (Sevilla F.C.)
8.  Dieguez (Sevilla F.C.)
9.  Aguero (Sevilla F.C.)
10.  Antoniet (Sevilla F.C.)
11.  Eszalay (Sevilla F.C.)

Campanal (Sevilla F.C.)
Manolín (Sevilla F.C.)

Badge (Valencia C. de F.)
1.  Pesudo (Valencia C. de F.)
2.  Piquer (Valencia C. de F.)
3.  Socrates (Valencia C. de F.)
4.  Mestres (Valencia C. de F.)
5.  Sanabria (Valencia C. de F.)
6.  Aveiro (Valencia C. de F.)
7.  Joel (Valencia C. de F.)
8.  Tercero (Valencia C. de F.)
9.  Hector Nunez (Valencia C. de F.)
10.  Walter (Valencia C. de F.)
11.  Mano (Valencia C. de F.)

Egea (Valencia C. de F.)
Goyo (Valencia C. de F.)
Roberto (Valencia C. de F.)
Sendra (Valencia C. de F.)

Badge (Real Valladolid)

1.  Etrems  (Real Valladolid)
2.  Matito (Real Valladolid)
3.  Sole (Real Valladolid)
4.  Pontoni (Real Valladolid)
5.  Lesmes I (Real Valladolid)
6.  Enderiz (Real Valladolid)
7.  Beascochea (Real Valladolid)
8.  Benitez (Real Valladolid)
9.  Joselin (Real Valladolid)
10.  Mirlo (Real Valladolid)
11.  Aramendi (Real Valladolid)

Campeones 1961 - Unnumbered stickers

Abel (R.C.D. Español)
Alcantarilla (Elche C.F.)
Álvaro (Atlético de Madrid)
Arbe (Real Santander)
Barberá (R.C.D. Español)
Braga (Real Oviedo)
Caldentey (Real Oviedo)
Calleja (Atlético de Madrid)
Campanal (Sevilla F.C.)
Canito (Athletic de Bilbao)
Coll (C. de F. Barcelona)
Currucale (Mallorca R.C.D.)
Duro (Real Santander)
Egea (Valencia C. de F.)
Esabay (Real Zaragoza)
Evaristo (C. de F. Barcelona)
Gallego (Elche C.F.)
Garay (C. de F. Barcelona)
Goyo (Valencia C. de F.)
Herrera (Real Madrid)
Isidro (Betis Balompié)
Javier (Mallorca R.C.D.)
Joanet (R.C.D. Espanol)
Larraz (Granada F.C.)
Maguregui (Athletic de Bilbao)
Manolín (Sevilla F.C.)
Marcelino (Real Zaragoza)
Medinabeytia (Atlético de Madrid)
Medrano (C. de F. Barcelona)
Merodio (Athletic de Bilbao)
Miguel (Real Zaragoza)
Muñoz (R.C.D. Español)
Parcet (Mallorca R.C.D.)
Pellejero (Real Santander)
Pepillo (Real Madrid)
Pinto (C. de F. Barcelona)
Polo (Atlético de Madrid)
Ribas (R.C.D. Español)
Rivelles (C. de F. Barcelona)
Roberto (Valencia C. de F.)
Sendra (Valencia C. de F.)
Tejada (C. de F. Barcelona)
Torres (Real Zaragoza)
Vergés (C. de F. Barcelona)
Vicente (Real Madrid)
Zaldua (Real Sociedad)

Blue Band Margerine (Netherlands) - 40 Sporten en Spelen in Woord en Beeld (1955)

40 Sporten en Spelen in Woord en Beeld
Blue Band Margerine
150 cards

1.  Holland v Germany 1914
2.  Holland team 1931-35
3.  Holland v Belgium
4.  Holland v France 1949
5.  Holland v Belgium 1953
6.  Swimming
7.  Speed Skating
8.  Speed Skating
9.  Speed Skating
10.  Ice Hockey
11.  Motor Racing
12.  Athletics
13.  Athletics
14.  Athletics
15.  Athletics
16.  Hockey
17.  Hockey
18.  Hockey
19.  Ice Dancing
20.  Basketball
21.  Volleyball
22.  Draughts
23.  Netball
24.  Holland football team
25.  Cycling
26.  Cycling
27.  Cycling
28.  Cycling
29.  Athletics
30.  Athletics
31.  Athletics
32.  Athletics
33.  Angling
34.  Cricket
35.  Boxing
36.  Boxing
37.  Golf
38.  Pony & Trap
39.  Yachting
40.  Dutch league action 1951/52
41.  Willem II
42.  Heerenveen v Be Quick
43.  Dutch league action
44.  Hockey
45.  Cycling
46.  Cycling
47.  Cycling
48.  Speed Skating
49.  Ice Bowls
50.  Bowls
51.  Water Polo
52.  Water Polo
53.  Water Polo
54.  Dutch Football team 1953
55.  Gymnastics
56.  Gymnastics
57.  Gymnastics
58.  Gymnastics
59.  non football
60.  non football
61.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
62.  England v. Hungary (Billy Wright)
63.  Bert Trautmann (Manchester City), Tommy Lawton (Arsenal)
64.  Tottenham (Walters) v. Newcastle United
65.  Marathon
66.  Indoor Cycle Track
67.  Fishing
68.  Weight Lifting
69.  Skiing
70.  Cricket
71.  Rowing
72.  Rowing
73.  Swimming
74.  Swimming
75.  Swimming
76. Valencia v Rotterdam
77.  Swimming
78.  Hockey
79.  Chess
80.  Rowing
81.  Motor Cycling
82.  Tennis
83.  Tennis
84.  Olympic Torch
85.  Gliding
86.  Cycling
87.  Athletics
88.  Athletics
89.  Athletics
90.  Cross Country Running
91.  Swimming
92.  Speed Skating
93.  Gymnastics
94.  Motor Racing
95.  Boxing
96.  Cricket
97.  Show Jumping
98.  Rugby
99.  Billiards
100.  Fencing
101.  Broadis (England v. Switzerland - 1954 World Cup qualifier)
102.  Tom Finney (England v. Uruguay - 1954 World Cup)
103.  European Club line up
104.  Hungary squad
105.  Brazil v Yugoslavia
106.  Goalmouth scene
107.  Athletics
108.  Swimming
109.  Table Tennis
110.  10 pin Bowling
111.  Moto-cross
112.  Tennis
113.  Tennis
114.  Fishing
115.  Cycling
116.  Cycle-cross
117.  Speed Skating
118.  Cycling
119.  Cycling
120.  England v FIFA XI, 1953
121.  Athletics
122.  Gymnastics
123.  Bridge
124.  Boxing
125.  Boxing
126.  Cricket
127.  Athletics
128.  Billiards
129.  Skating
130.  Cycling
131.  Football - European action
132.  Swimming
133.  Swimming
134.  Swimming
135.  Cycling
136.  Cycling
137.  Cycling
138.  Cycling
139.  Cycling
140.  Moscow Dynamo
141.  Moscow Dynamo - Training scene
142.  Italian team
143.  English players training
144.  Green (Birmingham City); Hooper (West Ham United); McGarry (Huddersfield Town); Robb (Tottenham Hotspur)
145.  Indoor Football
146.  Hockey
147.  Cricket
148.  Athletics
149.  Moto-cross
150.  Moto-cross