Sunday, 31 December 2017

John Mundell & Co. (USA) - Solar Tip Shoes ~ Gerard College

Solar Tip Shoes ~ Gerard College
John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia
1 card

This card shows boys and girls with Philadelphia's Gerard College in the background and the boys are playing football. There are a number of different back designs and space was provided towards to the bottom of the cards for the wholesaler and retailers to add their own details. I've found one card where the front has been overprinted with the information relating to McCardell Bros. The cards measure 4⅞" X 3⅛". One of the examples shown has been badly trimmed but it's the card I've found with that wholesaler listed on the back.

John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia
John Mundell & Co., Philadelphia - overprinted McCardell Bros.

A Solar Scene

Wholesale - Carroll Adams & Co., Baltimore, MD.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - J.E. Dayton & Co., Williamsport, PA.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Fuller, Childs & Co., Toledo, OH.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Miller, Patterson & Co., Chillicothe, OH.; Retail - Kern & Son
Wholesale - Weiner, Wright & Watkin, Philadelphia, PA.; Michael W. Gress

On the other side of this card...

Wholesale - Batchelder & Lincoln, Boston, MA.; Retail - blank
Retail - R.R. Knapp, Yorktown Station, NY.

"Keep the Head Cool and the Feet Warm"

Wholesale - A.J. Bellows & Co., Philadelphia, PA.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Congdon & Aylesworth, Providence, RI.; Retail - blank
Wholesale - Dunn, Salmon & Co., Stracuse, NY.; Retail - blank

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