Friday 5 January 2018

A. & J. Coudens - (C144-3/Ha.551) Sports Alphabet

(C144-3/Ha.551) Sports Alphabet
A. & J. Coudens
25 cards (1 football)

This card is usually referred to as a rugby card because the verse mentions scrimmage, but the last line seems to confirm him as a footballer. Thanks to IanSammel and tygartygar for helping with information relating to this collection.

A.  Angling
B.  Bicycling
C.  Cricket
D.  Diving
E.  Exploring
F.  Football
G.  Golf
H.  Hunting
I.  Indian Clubs
J.  Jumping
K.  Kite Flying
L.  Lacrosse
M. Motoring
N.  Nine Pins
O.  Otter Hunting
P.  Picnics
Q.  Quoits
R.  Rinking
S.  Scout
T.  Tennis
U.  Upper Cut (Boxing)
V.  Volunteering
W.  Wrestling
X.  Xercise
Y.  Yachting

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