Friday, 17 August 2018

Futera - World Football Online - Series 3 (03) - Stadium Cards

World Football Online - Series 3 - Stadium Cards
100 cards

World Football Online - Series 3 - Stadium cards - Bronze  (1:1 virtual packs)
31 cards

STADB001.  Programme Seller
STADB002.  Merchandise Seller
STADB003.  50 Standing East Stand
STADB004.  50 Standing West Stand
STADB005.  100 Standing North Stand
STADB006.  100 Standing South Stand
STADB007.  Public Toilets 
STADB008.  Small Car Park 
STADB009.  Flood Lights
STADB010.  Subs Bench
STADB011.  Training Pitch
STADB012.  25 Seater East Stand
STADB013.  25 Seater West Stand
STADB014.  15 Seater North Stand
STADB015.  15 Seater South Stand
STADB016.  Sponsorship Holding Boards
STADB017.  Club House
STADB018.  3 Hospitality Boxes
STADB019.  Burger Stand
STADB020.  75 Seater East Stand
STADB021.  75 Seater West Stand
STADB022.  50 Seater North Stand
STADB023.  50 Seater South Stand
STADB024.  Wooden Score Board
STADB025.  Drinks Stall
STADB026.  Turnstiles
STADB027.  Dog Track
STADB028.  100 Seater East Stand
STADB029.  100 Seater West Stand
STADB030.  85 Seater North Stand
STADB031.  85 Seater South Stand

World Football Online - Series 3 - Stadium Cards - Silver  (1:24 virtual packs)
29 cards

STADS001.  Programme Stall
STADS002.  Merchandise Stall
STADS003.  5,000 Standing East Stand
STADS004.  5,000 Standing West Stand
STADS005.  2,500 Stadning North Stand
STADS006.  2,500 Standing South Stand
STADS007.  Medium Car Park
STADS008.  Stadium Announcer
STADS009.  First Aid Room
STADS010.  Gym
STADS011.  500 Seater East Stand
STADS012.  500 Seater West Stand
STADS013.  250 Seater North Stand
STADS014.  250 Seater South Stand
STADS015.  Reolving Sponsorship Boards
STADS016.  Club Office 
STADS017.  6 Hospitality Boxes
STADS018.  1,500 Seater East Stand
STADS019.  1,500 Seater West Stand
STADS020.  1,000 Seater North Stand
STADS021.  1,000 Seater South Stand
STADS022.  Electronic Score Borad
STADS023.  Speedway Track
STADS024.  50 Match Day Stewards
STADS025.  Undersoil Heating
STADS026.  400 Standing East Stand
STADS027.  400 Standing West
STADS028.  200 Standing North Stand
STADS029.  200 Standing South Stand

World Football Online - Series 3 - Stadium Cards - Gold  (1:100 virtual packs)
25 cards

STADG001.  Programme Stand
STADG002.  Club Shop
STADG003.  10,000 Seater East Stand
STADG004.  10,000 Seater West Stand
STADG005.  5,000 Seater North Stand
STADG006.  5,000 Seater South Stand
STADG007.  Multi Storey Car Park
STADG008.  Cheerleaders
STADG009.  Academy
STADG010.  1,000 Corner East Stand
STADG011.  1,000 Corner West Stand
STADG012.  1,000 Corner North Stand
STADG013.  1,000 Corner South Stand
STADG014.  Electronic Sponsorship boards
STADG015.  Club Museum 
STADG016.  12 Hospitality Boxes 
STADG017.  8,000 Standing East Stand
STADG018.  8,000 Standing West Stand
STADG019.  4,000 Standing North Stand
STADG020.  4,000 Standing South Stand
STADG021.  TV Screen
STADG022.  Running Track
STADG023.  Restaurant/Bar
STADG024.  500 Match Day Stewards
STADG025.  Stadium Bus Station

World Football Online - Series 3 - Stadium Cards - Platinum  (1:3600 virtual packs)
15 cards

STADP001.  Club Megastore
STADP002.  50,000 Seater East Stand
STADP003.  50,000 Seater West Stand
STADP004.  25,000 Seater North Stand
STADP005.  25,000 Seater South Stand
STADP006.  Retractable Roof
STADP007.  Media Centre 
STADP008.  Training Complex
STADP009.  18 Hospitality Boxes
STADP010.  10,000 Corner East Stand
STADP011.  10,000 Corner West Stand
STADP012.  10,000 Corner North Stand
STADP013.  10,000 Corner South Stand
STADP014.  Hotel
STADP015.  Stadium Train Station

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