Tuesday, 31 December 2019

SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63) (02) - Blankflowers

Album per Figurine in Plastica e Cartone
Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale
Campionati Mondiali di Calcio 
Calciatori (1962-63)
184+3 x 3 cards

SAIM couldn't have got this card more wrong. Blankflowers is supposed to be Danny Blanchflower, they've got his name wrong, but on top of that, Danny Blanchflower is a Northern Ireland international. But the catalogue of errors doesn't end there, the photo actually shows another Tottenham Hotspur player - Mel Hopkins, but he's a Welsh international!

Blankflowers (Inghilterra)  -  photo is Mel Hopkins

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