Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Tempo (Italy) - Campionato del Mondo di Calcio (1966) (03) - Voronin/Scesterniev/Afonin

Campionato del Mondo di Calcio
358 cards

The cards on the left have the wrong images, the cards on the right have the correct images. I'm not sure who the player on the Albert Scesterniev is, it might be Valery Voronin but it's not the same image as the one on the Valery Voronin card.

Valentin Afonin (URSS)  -  picture is Albert Scesterniev 
Valentin Afonin (URSS)
Albert Scesterniev (URSS)  -  picture is Valery Voronin?
Albert Scesterniev (URSS)

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