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SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63)

Album per Figurine in Plastica e Cartone
Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale
Campionati Mondiali di Calcio
Calciatori (1962-63)
184+3 x 3 cards

Steve Owens has provided a large amount of information and illustrations relating to this collection: 
This was a very ambitious set that was produced by a new Italian publisher in 1962. The cards were distributed in 3 types of packets (red, blue and white). They were also one of the first to distribute via vending machines. The manufacturer had planned on a 258 card set that would each be produced in 3 different formats, mounted on plastic, cardboard, and paper. All 3 types can be easily purchased in secondary markets. Only 184 of the planned 258 cards were ever issued. Strangely, it has also been discovered that there are 3 players that have 2 cards each (Salvadore, Rivera, Germano) with both regular and full-length portrait cards. With 258 cards planned x 3 formats each means there were 774 cards planned for the collection, but only 184 + 3  = 187  x 3 = 561 were ever released to the public. The link provided has a fantastic article that goes into great detail about the history of the set, the historical significance, and the failures - http://www.figurinecartonate.it/index.php/le-raccolte-siam/sportive/calciatori-1962-63/le-figurine-presentazione (though it's in Italian).
•  Type 1 cards are full colour cards with team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have rounded corners and are mounted on plastic backs. Most backs are swirled colour (grey, blue, brown, pink). Plastic backs include the manufacturer name in raised letters. Size: 63mm x 93mm to edges of image. Distributed in red packets.
•  Type 2 cards are full colour cards with the team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have square corners and were printed on cardboard. Cardboard colour may be grey to white. Some cards have the manufacturer name and address printed on the back while others are blank.  Each card however only appears in one variation of cardboard colour/printing, meaning you will never find a player with both blank back and with writing on the back. Size: 64mm x 94mm. Distributed in blue packets.
•  Type 3 cards are full colour cards with team in the upper left corner and the player name at the bottom. Cards have rounded corners and are printed on thin white paper. The backs are blank. These essentially appear identical to Type 1 but are not mounted on plastic. Size: 63mm x 93mm. Distributed in white packets.
A few notes of my own: 
•  I didn't really know which title to go with, the three different packets have different titles and all of them are different to the title on the album cover.
•  I have added scans of both the Santos cards, the first one shows Gylmar dos Santos Neves, the Brazilian goalkeeper, more commonly known as Gilmar, and the other is Nilton dos Santos.
•  I have also added the Brazil team photo, Pelé's name is not listed but he's in the photo, kneeling third from the right. The names printed on the team photo cards represent a typical team line-up, not a list of the players in the photo.
•  As previously noted by Steve, three players can be found with two different cards each, a regular card and a full-length portrait card, Da Pozzo (Genoa) is only available as a full-length portrait.
•  Coppa de Martino (being presented to Juventus' Salvadore) was a tournament for Serie A reserve teams. Juventus won it in 1959-60).
•  Blankflowers (Inghilterra) is meant to be Danny Blanchflower. The only problem is Blanchflower was a Northern Ireland international. But they used the wrong picture, the one on the card is a photo of Mel Hopkins, another Tottenham Hotspur player, but he's a Welsh international! SAIM (Italy) - Campionati di Calcio Mondiali e Nazionale (1962-63) (02) - Blankflowers.

Galleria dei Campioni x 24 cards

Amarildo (Brasile)
Pelè (Brasile)  -  Brazil jersey, Santos badge
Santos (Brasile)
Santos (Brasile)
Blankflowers (Inghilterra)  -  (sic) Blanchflower - photo is Mel Hopkins (Wales)
Hichens (Inghilterra)
Altafini (Italia)
Buffon (Italia)
Ferrini (Italia)
Maldini (Italia)
Mattrel (Italia)
Mora (Italia)
Rivera (Italia)
Sivori (Italia)
Popovic (Jugoslavia)
Skoblar (Jugoslavia)
Del Sol (Spagna)
Di Stefano (Spagna)
Fele (Spagna)
Gento (Spagna)
Puskas (Spagna)
Santamaria (Spagna)
Suarez (Spagna)
Alleman (Svizzera)

Squadre Mondiali x 16 cards

Squadra (Argentina)
Squadra (Brasile)
Squadra (Bulgaria)
Squadra (Cecoslovacchia)
Squadra (Cile)
Squadra (Colombia)
Squadra (Germania)
Squadra (Inghilterra)
Squadra (Italia)
Squadra (Jugoslavia)
Squadra (Messico)
Squadra (Russia)
Squadra (Spagna)
Squadra (Svizzera)
Squadra (Ungheria)
Squadra (Uruguay)

Atalanta x 12 cards

Battara (Atalanta)
Colombo (Atalanta)
Cometti (Atalanta)
Da Costa (Atalanta)
Domenghini (Atalanta)
Gardoni (Atalanta)
Merenghetti (Atalanta)
Nielsen (Atalanta)
Olivieri (Atalanta)
Roncoli (Atalanta)
Rota (Atalanta)
Squadra (Atalanta)

Bologna x 11 cards

Bulgarelli (Bologna)
Capra (Bologna)
Fogli (Bologna)
Haller (Bologna)
Janich (Bologna)
Nielsen H. (Bologna)
Pascutti (Bologna)
Perani (Bologna)
Santarelli (Bologna)
Squadra (Bologna)
Tumburus (Bologna)

Catania x 9 cards

Bicchierai (Catania)
Corti (Catania)
Milan (Catania)
Morelli (Catania)
Prenna (Catania)
Rombaldelli (Catania)
Szymaniack (Catania)
Vavassori (Catania)
Vigni (Catania)

Fiorentina x 11 cards

Castelletti (Fiorentina)
Dell'Angelo (Fiorentina)
Gonfiantini (Fiorentina)
Hamrin (Fiorentina)
Malatrasi  (Fiorentina)
Marchesi (Fiorentina)
Milani (Fiorentina)
Petris (Fiorentina)
Robotti (Fiorentina)
Sarti (Fiorentina)
Seminario (Fiorentina)

Genoa x 5 cards

Bean (Genoa)
Da Pozzo (Genoa)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Firmani (Genoa)
Occhetta (Genoa)
Squadra (Genoa)

Inter x 0 cards

Juventus x 11 + 1 cards

Crippa (Juventus)
Del Sol (Juventus)
Emoli (Juventus)
Leoncini (Juventus)
Nicolè (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)  -  Premiazione Coppa de Martino
Sarti (Juventus)
Sivori (Juventus)
Squadra (Juventus)
Stacchini (Juventus)

Lanerossi Vicenza x 0 cards

Mantova x 11 cards

Aleman (Mantova)
Cancian (Mantova)
Corradi (Mantova)
Giagnoni (Mantova)
Mazzero (Mantova)
Morganti (Mantova)
Negri (Mantova)
Pini (Mantova)
Recagni (Mantova)
Sormani (Mantova)
Squadra (Mantova)

Milan x 11 + 2 cards

Altafini (Milan)
David (Milan)
Germano (Milan)
Germano (Milan)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Ghezzi (Milan)
Maldini (Milan)
Pelagalli (Milan)
Pivatelli (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)  -  Full-Length Portrait
Sani (Milan)
Squadra (Milan)
Trapattoni (Milan)

Modena x 11 cards

Aguzzoli (Modena)
Bruels (Modena)
Cattani (Modena)
Cinesinho (Modena)
Conti (Modena)
Garzena (Modena)
Gaspari (Modena)
Goldoni (Modena)
Ottani (Modena)
Pagliari (Modena)
Tinazzi (Modena)

Napoli x 0 cards

Palermo x 5 cards

Calvani (Palermo)
De Robertis (Palermo)
Maggioni (Palermo)
Malavasi (Palermo)
Spagni (Palermo)

Roma x 12 cards

Squadra (Roma)
Angelilo (Roma)
Carpanesi (Roma)
Charles (Roma)
Corsini (Roma)
Cudicini (Roma)
Fontana (Roma)
Losi (Roma)
Manfredini (Roma)
Menichelli (Roma)
Orlando (Roma)
Pestrin (Roma)

Sampdoria x 6 cards

Battara (Sampdoria)
Bergamaschi (Sampdoria)
Da Silva (Sampdoria)
Toro (Sampdoria)
Vicini (Sampdoria)
Vincenzi (Sampdoria)

Spal x 6 cards

Bruschini (Spal)
Cervato (Spal)
De Souza (Spal)
Massei (Spal)
Micheli (Spal)
Squadra (Spal)

Torino x 12 cards

Bearzot (Torino)
Buzzacchera (Torino)
Cella (Torino)
Crippa (Torino)
Danova (Torino)
Ferrini (Torino)
Peirò (Torino)
Rosato (Torino)
Scesa (Torino)
Squadra (Torino)
Teneggi (Torino)
Vieri (Torino)

Venezia x 12 cards

Azzali (Venezia)
Bartù (Venezia)
Carantini (Venezia)
De Bellis (Venezia)
Frascoli (Venezia)
Grossi (Venezia)
Magnanini (Venezia)
Mencacci (Venezia)
Raffin (Venezia)
Santisteban (Venezia)
Squadra (Venezia)
Tesconi (Venezia)


    1. Type 1 - Pele': plastic SAIM back is upside down....
    2. Type 1 - SANTOS (BRASILE) plastic back - NO Manufacturer name - only plastic

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