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Editoria Vecchi (Brazil) - Futebol Mundial 1962

Futebol Mundial 1962
Editoria Vecchi

By the time next year comes around this collection will be 52 years old. Some pages included team groups of previous World Cup winners. The Brazil section with the 1950 World Cup winners covers 3 pages and the listing here is complete. Likewise the listings for West Germany and Spain  (1 players name missing both these countries), England, Argentina and Uruguay. There are 99 cards listed here, so 133 more to find.

The cards can be found numbered (on the front) and without a number. The ones without a number come from this collection. It can be seen that the number has been removed but the players name has not be re-centred (Illustrations are not to scale).

Gilmar (Brasil)
Castilho (Brasil)
D. Santos (Brasil)
Bellini (Brasil)
Jair Martinho (Brasil)
Mauro (Brasil)
Zito (Brasil)
Zequinha (Brasil)
Zozimo (Brasil)
Jurandir (Brasil)
Nilton Santos (Brasil)
Altair (Brasil)
Garrincha (Brasil)
Jair Martinho (Brasil)
Didi (Brasil)
Mengalvio (Brasil)
Vava (Brasil)
Countinho (Brasil)
Pele (Brasil)
Amarildo (Brasil)
Pepe (Brasil)
Zagalo (Brasil)
Team Photo (Uruguay 1950)
Team Photo (Uruguay 1950)

Tilkowski (Alemanna)
Fabrian (Alemanna)
Nowak (Alemanna)
Schnellinger (Alemanna)
Szymaniak (Alemanna)
Wilden (Alemanna)
Schulz (Alemanna)
Kraus (Alemanna)
? (Alemanna)
Herrmann (Alemanna)
Haller (Alemanna)
Schafer (Alemanna)
Seeler (Alemanna)
Brulls (Alemanna)
Team Photo (Italia 1934)
Team Photo (Italia 1934)

Carrizo (Argentina)
Negri (Argentina)
Vidal (Argentina)
Simeone (Argentina)
Delgado (Argentina)
Cap (Argentina)
Rattin (Argentina)
Sosa (Argentina)
Corratta (Argentina)
Belen (Argentina)
Kalla (Argentina)
Sanfilippo (Argentina)
Menendez (Argentina)
Abeledo (Argentina)
Pagani (Argentina)

Araquistain (Espanna)
Carmelo (Espanna)
Calleja (Espanna)
Rivilla (Espanna)
Santamaria (Espanna)
Pachin (Espanna)
Gensana (Espanna)
Ruiz-Sosa (Espanna)
Gento (Espanna)
? (Espanna)
Collar (Espanna)
Del Sol (Espanna)
Suarez (Espanna)
Marcelino (Espanna)
Di Stefano (Espanna)

Springett (Inglaterra)
Armfield (Inglaterra)
Wilson (Inglaterra)
Robson (Inglaterra)
Flowers (Inglaterra)
Swan (Inglaterra)
Miller (Inglaterra)
Douglas (Inglaterra)
Charlton (Inglaterra)
Connolly (Inglaterra)
Greaves (Inglaterra)
Haynes (Inglaterra)
Hunt (Inglaterra)
Crawford (Inglaterra)
Hitchens (Inglaterra)

Scherer (Tchecoslováquia)
Kvasnak (Tchecoslováquia)
Kadraba (Tchecoslováquia)

Maidana (Uruguai)
Sosa (Uruguai)
Martinez (Uruguai)
Alvaraz (Uruguai)
Troche (Uruguai)
Goncalvez (Uruguai)
Gonzalez (Uruguai)
De Souza (Uruguai)
Cubilla (Uruguai)
Silva (Uruguai)
Escalada (Uruguai)

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  1. Many thanks for this, Alan. I have the Ray Wilson card and was uncertain as to whether or not it is a true card or just a magazine cut-out.


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