Thursday 30 January 2014

Gallaher Ltd. / Park Drive Cigarettes - Champions

Gallaher Ltd. / Park Drive Cigarettes
48 (2 footballers)

Two different versions exist, as shown above.
UPDATE (31-10-2020 15:57):  I've updated this post with the complete checklist and illustrations of both sides of each of the two different versions of the two football cards. The first two sentences in Alex James biographies are different but the Dixie Dean biography is the same in both versions.

Champions - name on front
Champions - no name on front

1.  The Hon. Michael Scott (Golf)
2.  H.W. Austin (Tennis)
3.  Alex James (Arsenal)
4.  D.O. Finlay (Athletics)
5.  F.J. Perry (Tennis)
6.  Stanley Woods (Motorcycling)
7.  Helen Wills-Moody (Tennis)
8.  Kellsboro' Jack (Horse Racing)
9.  Hyperion (Horse Racing)
10.  T.W. Green (Walking)
11.  D.R. Jardine (Cricket)
12.  F.W. Southall (Cycling)
13.  I.S. Smith (RugbyUnion)
14.  R. Wyman (Ice Skating)
15.  R. Pearce (Rowing)
16.  "Tiger" Stevenson (Speedway)
17.  J. McKinlay (Bowls)
18.  The Daw (Greyhound Racing)
19.  Genial Nobleman (Greyhound Racing)
20.  Queen of the Suir (Greyhound Racing)
21.  Jack Peterson (Boxing)
22.  L.C. Bowkett (Rugby League)
23.  Velsheda (Yachting)
24.  Seminole (Horse Racing)
25.  J. Crawford (Tennis)
26.  W.R. Dean (Everton)
27.  J.A. Mollison (Aviation)
28.  Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
29.  W.R. Hammond (Cricket)
30.  Densmore Shute (Golf)
31.  Miss Enid Wilson (Golf)
32.  Sir Malcolm Campbell (Land Speed)
33.  G.T. Saunders (Athletics)
34.  A.L. Novis (Rugby Union)
35.  Harold Larwood (Cricket)
36.  Mrs Mollison (Aviation)
37.  D.E. Woods (Shooting)
38.  G.H. Stainforth (Aviation)
39.  H. Verity (Cricket)
40.  Primo Carnera (Boxing)
41.  Frank Varey (Speedway)
42.  Future Cutlet (Greyhound Racing)
43.  The Scapegoat (Greyhound Racing)
44.  Sidney Lee (Billiards)
45.  W. Lindrum (Billiards)
46.  Megan Taylor (Ice Skating)
47.  Miss Joyce Cooper (Swimming)
48.  T.G. Askwith (Rowing)

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