Saturday 7 April 2018

News Chronicle and Dispatch - (NEW-310/NFK-4) Pocket Portraits (04) - Reading F.C.

NEW-310-1 / NFK-4-01 Pocket Portraits (Footballers)
News Chronicle and Dispatch
804 cards (10-15 per set)

Chris Lee has provided scans of an extra Reading card in the News Chronicle Pocket Portrait series. It has always been assumed there were 12 Reading cards in the set but Chris had heard rumours of another card and he eventually tracked it down. So there is a 13th card even though it doesn't have the News Chronicle Pocket Portrait banner across the top, the back is the same as the other Reading cards. The Ray Reeves card is shown for comparison. Check out Chris' superb website The Biscuitmen.

NEW-310-40 / NFK-4-40 Reading F.C. - dated 14th January

B. Kirkup

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