Monday, 2 April 2018

F.M. Dobson / Evening Chronicle - EVAM-1 Newcastle & Sunderland's 100 Greatest Footballers (02) - 1979

EVAM-1 Newcastle & Sunderland's 100 Greatest Footballers
F.M. Dobson / Evening Chronicle
100 paper cards

I originally had these cards dated as 1982, that was probably when I first bought a complete set and assumed that they were new. I'd only just started expanding my collection of football cards at that time. Mark Hughesdon informed me that an item on the facebook page of Nigel's Webspace - English Football Cards includes an advert dating the set to 1979. I'd been collecting football cards for a few years but my main interest was collecting Cardiff City football programmes. Cardiff City were in Division Two in 1979-80 along with Newcastle United and Sunderland. I dug out the two programmes for the games against the Bluebirds and each included an advert for the cards - the Newcastle one, dated 10 November, 1979, is at the top and the Sunderland one, dated 8 December, 1979, underneath, so I've amended the date to 1979. The advert includes details of an album but I've never come across one, can anyone provide a scan?

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