Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Hoogvliet (Netherlands) - VUC Voetbalplaatjes Verzamelalbum 2017-2018

VUC Voetbalplaatjes Verzamelalbum 2017-2018
553 stickers

Manfred De Maker has provided a checklist and scans of this album, VUC are based in Den Haag and the collection is only available in two branches of Hoogvliet where, for every 10 euro spent you get one packet of 6 stickers. The album is of good shiny paper quality, consists of 68 pages and measures 22.3 x 31 cm. There are 553 stickers to collect but they are not numbered and measure 4.8 x 6.4 cm. The stickers can have two different backs.
VUC is an amateur club, the initials stand for Voorwaarts Utile Dulci Combinatie and they were founded in 1909. Although maybe not known abroad the team won the Dutch Cup in 1927 and almost won the Dutch title in 1944 but they lost the play-off game to De Volewijckers. Now they play in the "Tweede Klasse Zondag" which is 7th level in the Netherlands. Manfred has provided a complete list of all the stickers but the numbering is for reference purposes only.

The images and most of the checklist has been removed following contact from the legal department of Hoogvliet Supermarkten.

VUC 2017-2018 - VUC ZO 1

1.  Steven Verstraten
2.  Thomas Dijksman
3.  Memet Guzelmansur
4.  Danny Achterberg
5.  Dominique Ariës
6.  Youri Buwalda
7.  Danny Kettenis
8.  Gino van der Kleij
9.  Jergo Leijdekkers
10.  Guy Muller
11.  Dennis van der Poel
12.  Kevin van der Poel
13.  Jim Raaf
14.  Devin Rodenburg
15.  Burak Sarican
16.  Jason Schelfhout
17.  Jero Tellis
18.  Richard Versteden
19.  Wessel van Vliet
20.  Mark Moen
21.  Peter Looijesteijn
22.  Sandro Tarantino
23.  Bert Molenaar
24.  Karel Holstein
25.  Mike Ariës

VUC 2017-2018 - VUC Teamplaatjes

430.  VUC ZO 1
431.  VUC ZO 1
432.  VUC ZO 1
433.  VUC ZO 1

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