Saturday, 8 November 2014

Trebor Ltd. - Pop & Soccer All-Star Ring


Pop & Soccer All-Star Ring
Trebor Ltd.
12 photos (6 Footballers)

Should I be showing this here? Probably not. By sending off for the ring you get 12 photos - six pop stars and six footballers. I've no idea which footballers were included, after 40 years I don't expect anyone does. This advert comes from 'Tammy and June' comic, dated 2 November, 1974. It was also featured in 'Whizzer and Chips', also dated 2 November, 1974.

As the advert mentions the All-Star belt, I thought I'd add that the belt includes photos of six footballers, perhaps the same footballers that are available for the ring? Those players are:

Trevor Brooking

Pat Jennings
Jim McCalliog
Don Rogers
Tommy Smith
Mike Summerbee

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