Thursday 1 May 2014

Futera - Futera Mythicals 'Taddy Originals’ Series 4


Futera Mythicals 'Taddy Originals’ Series 4
25 cards

Futera have kindly forwarded more information about the release of the 'Taddy Originals' series...

Futera Mythicals 'Taddy Originals’ Series 4

Futera Mythicals Series 4 ‘Taddy Originals' are ACTUAL 100 year old printed Taddy & Co. cards presented in a Futera 23ct gold plated frame set with precious stones, accompanied by a Certificate of Information. Limited to just 5 or less, with 1 of each card being released now.

Each mount is individually numbered and uniquely coded for use at (these cards give 5-star ‘Mythical' playing power). 


23 cards from this initial 25 card release will be allocated to redeem using Futera Tokens from FWF Online.  
The first 25 cards from Series 4 ‘Taddy Originals’ (to be continued) are shown with the 'Tokens redemption value’ for each card.  
 Collectors with enough Futera Tokens to make a redemption can email with a ‘wish list’ of their favourite top 10 cards, and where possible Futera will award a card from their wish list in line with their order of preference.

Futera Mythicals 'Taddy Originals’ feature an original, and actual Taddy card. 
These cards are 100 years old and their condition reflects their age; their condition is considered ‘good+’.


1.  Billy Barnes (Queens Park Rangers)
2.  Ernest Bracegirdle (Blackburn Rovers)
3.  Billy Bridgeman (Chelsea)
4.  Herbert Burgess (Manchester United)
5.  Lloyd Davies (Northampton)
6.  Samuel Downing (Queens Park Rangers)
7.  Bert Freeman (Woolwich Arsenal)
8.  Alfred Gittins (Queens Park Rangers)
9.  William Goldie (Fulham)
10.  Bert Gosnell (Newcastle United)
11.  Billy Grassam (West Ham United)
12.  Harry Hampton (Aston Villa)
13.  George Hilsdon (Chelsea)
14.  George Kitchen(West Ham United)
15.  Evelyn Lintott (Queens Park Rangers)
16.  Bert Lipsham (Fulham)
17.  Frank Lyon (Chelsea)
18.  Bob McRoberts (Chelsea)
19.  Frank Piercy (West Ham United)
20.  Harry Ross (Fulham)
21.  Charlie Shaw (Queens Park Rangers)
22.  Albert Shepherd (Bolton Wanderers)
23.  George Wall (Manchester United)
24.  Albert Wilkes (Fulham)
25.  Jimmy Windridge (Chelsea)

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