Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kenner - Sportstars ~ Forza Campioni!


Sportstars ~ Forza Campioni!

Plastic footballers packaged in plastic and cardboard and each one includes a special collectable card.

Trevor Cottrell has sent in lists of other collections of Sportstars issued at the same time as the U.K. version in a number of other countries. That's prompted me to go back into my database and sort the lists that I compiled from the checklists on the back of the packaging for each of the collections. I'll deal with them one country at a time. Here's the Italian one...

Rudolf Voller (AS Roma)

Giuseppe Giannini (AS Roma)
Lothar Matthaus (Inter Milan)
Nicola Berti (Inter Milan)
Riccardo Ferri (Inter Milan)
Andreas Brehme (Inter Milan)
Walter Zenga (Inter Milan)
Giuseppe Bergomi (Inter Milan)
Aldo Serena (Inter Milan)
Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan)
Roberto Donadoni (AC Milan)
Marco van Basten (AC Milan)
Ruud Gullit (AC Milan)
Franco Baresi (AC Milan)
Paolo Maldini (AC Milan)
Frank Rijkaard (AC Milan)
Marco Landucci (Fiorentina)
Roberto Baggio (Fiorentina)
Luca Fusi (Napoli)
Andrea Carnevale (Napoli)
Giovanni Francini (Napoli)
Massimo Crippa (Napoli)
Diego Maradona (Napoli)
Antonio Careca (Napoli)
Ruben Sosa Ardaiz (Lazio)
Angelo Adamo Gregucci (Lazio)
Giancarlo Marocchi (Juventus)
Stefano Tacconi (Juventus)
Ruisinho Barros (Juventus)
Luigi De Agostini (Juventus)
Nicola Berti (Italy)
Roberto Donadoni (Italy)
Roberto Baggio (Italy)
Franco Baresi (Italy)
Paolo Maldini (Italy)
Giuseppe Bergomi (Italy)
Roberto Mancini (Italy)
Walter Zenga (Italy)
Gianluca Vialli (Italy)
Riccardo Ferri (Italy)
Fernando de Napoli (Italy)
Giuseppe Giannini (Italy)

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