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Topical Times - Football Stars of 1930 (2)


Football Stars of 1930
Topical Times
4 booklets

A Topical Times booklet collection displaying illustrations and biographies of 100 top players. The players are displayed on the right hand page and the pen-pictures on the left. Often found cut down to individual pages or even individual players. The biographies on the back would relate to players on the next page.

Part 1

Part 1, page 3

J. Stein (Everton)
T. Tait (Manchester City)
G. McLean (Bradford Park Avenie)
J. O'Dowd (Burnley)

Part 1, page 5

S. Littlewood (Oldham Athletic)
A.C.J. German (Nottingham Forest)
A. Harrison (Leicester City)
A. Cunliffe (Blackburn Rovers)

Part 1, page 7

E. Houghton (Aston Villa)
A. Jackson (Huddersfield Town)
W. McKay (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Shaw (Sunderland)

Part 1, page 9

S. Weaver (Newcastle United)
A.R. Finch (West Bromwich Albion)
J.D. Harkness (Heart of Midlothian)
A. McPherson (Liverpool)

Part 1, page 11

D. Gray (Rangers)
J. Jennings (Middlesbrough)
D. Duncan (Hull City)
J. Nelson (Newcastle United)

Part 1, page 13

H. HIbbs (Birmingham)
C. Bastin (Arsenal)
J. Connor (Sunderland)
R.G.C. Peden (Queen's Park)

Part 1, page 15

W. Imrie (Blackburn Rovers)

Part 2

Part 2, page 3

W.J. Price (Fulham)
F. Townrow (Bnstol City)
W. Telfer (Motherwell)
T.H. Chester (Bury)

Part 2, page 5

J. Maddock (Port Vale)
W. Cook (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Vallance (Brighton & Hove Albion)
J. Gilmour (Dundee)

Part 2, page 7

J. Easson (Portsmouth)
B. Yorston (Aberdeen)
J. Dunne (Sheffield United)
G. H. Smithies (Preston North End).

Part 2, page 9

A. Earl (West Ham United)
J.H. Wilkinson (Hibernian)
G.S. Waterfield (Burnley)
D. Dorward (Charlton Athletic)

Part 2, page 11

H. McLenahan (Manchester United)
M. McGregor (Falkirk)
G. Goddard (Queens Park Rangers)
G. Reed (Leeds United)

Part 2, page 13

M. Hooper (Sheffield Wednesday)
R. Williams (Swansea Town)
J. Hampson (Blackpool)
H. Gallacher (Chelsea)

Part 2, page 15

S.D. Crooks (Derby County)

Part 3

Part 3, page 3

F. Tunstall (Sheffield United)
T. Law (Chelsea)
F. Whitlow (Charlton Athletic)
B. Herod (Tottenham Hotspur)

Part 3, page 5

J. McIlwaine (Southampton)
T. Read (Grimsby Town)
G. Chance (Millwall)
W. Sampy (Swansea Town)

Part 3, page 7

F. Eaton (Reading)
F. Newton (Stockport County)
G. Walker (St. Mirren)
D.B.N. Jack (Arsenal)

Part 3, page 9

J.E. Cull (Stoke)
F.R. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)
J. Thomson (Everton)
N. Bullock (Bury)

Part 3, page 11

J. Craven (Preston North End)
W.R. Wainscoat (Leeds United)
E. Toseland (Manchester City)
A. Cochrane (Bradford City)

Part 3, page 13

R. Bruce (Middlesbrough)
H. Bedford (Derby County)
M. Gray (Oldham Athletic)
R. Rowley (Tottenham Hotspur)

Part 3, page 15

S. Black (Plymouth Argyle)

Part 4

Part 4, page 3

E.J. Rimmer (Sheffield Wednesday)
W.H. Scott (Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic)
A.L. Messer (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Thomson (Celtic)

Part 4, page 5

J.A.S. Gibson (Aston Villa)
D. Wilson (Hamilton Academicals)
J. Eddleston (Swindon Town)
W. Bussey (Stoke)

Part 4, page 7

J. Clough (Bradford Park Avenue)
G.F. Blackburn (Cardiff City)
W. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
J. Jackson (Liverpool)

Part 4, page 9

A. Heslop (Luton Town)
E. McLeod (Partick Thistle)
W.J. Corkindale (Millwall)
S. Tuffnell (Blackpool)

Part 4, page 11

J. Gilfillan (Portsmouth)
H. Adcock (Leicester City)
G. Morrall (Birmingham)
D. Fairhurst (Newcastle United)

Part 4, page 13

J. Barrett (West Ham United)
J. Deacon (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
H. Borland (Clyde)
J. Wallbank (Barnsley)

Part 4, page 15

T. Buck (Grimsby Town)

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