Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Topical Times - TOP-200-1a-b-c / TOA-16-1-32 - Footballers - Large (B&W) - caption at centre

TOP-200-1a/TOA-16-1-32 - Footballers - Large (B&W) - caption at centre
TOP-200-1b/TOA-16-2-32 - Footballers - Large (B&W) - Scottish - caption at centre
TOP-200-1c/TOA-16-2-32 - Footballers - Large (B&W) -  Irish - caption at centre
Topical Times

Another collection of large panel portraits issued by Topical Times


C.S. Bastin (Arsenal)
H. Blackmore (Bolton Wanderers) 
J.W. Bowers (Derby County) 
Robert Bruce (Middlesbrough) 
James Connor (Sunderland)
James Dunne (Sheffield United) 
C. Gee (Everton)
Ernest Hine (Leicester City)  
Mark Hooper (Sheffield Wednesday)
W.E. Houghton (Aston Villa)
E. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion)  
Jack Smith (Portsmouth)


Barney Battles (Heart of Midlothian)
Sam English (Rangers)
Frank Hill (Aberdeen)
R. McAuley (Rangers)
C. Napier (Celtic)
T. Smith (Kilmarnock)


Joe Bambrick (Linfield)
J. Geary (Glentoran)
J. Jones (Linfield)
Boy Martin (Royal Ulster Rifles and Cliftonville)

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