Monday 24 October 2016

Topps - UEFA Champions League Official Sticker Collection 2016/17 (05) - Albums

UEFA Champions League Official Sticker Collection 2016/17
312 stickers

Wila75 has sent in scans of the regular album available in Germany along with the free version. It seems that many of the items are coded which should make it much easier to create a definitive list and keep things in some sort of order.
UPDATE (24-10-2016 20:29):  Daniel Nedelcu has sent in a scan of the Polish/Romanian version of the album.
UPDATE (13-10-2016 20:40):  Two more album covers added - CLS17-A2001 and CLS17-A2005, both provided by Wila75.

1.  CLS17-A2001.  Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Russia
2.  CLS17-A2004.  Poland, Romania
3.  CLS17-A2005.  Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania
4.  CLS17-A2007.  United Kingdom (Starter Pack)
5.  CLS17-A2008.  Germany (Starter Pack)
6.  CLS17-A2009.  Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia (Starter Pack)
7.  CLS17-A2101.  Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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