Monday 24 October 2016

Futera - Greatest - Aston Villa F.C.

Greatest - Aston Villa F.C.
50 cards

The cards are unnumbered and a limited edition version of this set was issued with gold gilt edges.

Greatest - Aston Villa F.C.
Greatest - Aston Villa F.C. - Gilt Edged
Greatest - Aston Villa F.C. - Uncut Sheet

Charlie Aitken
Charlie Athersmith
Joe Bache
Danny Blanchflower
Mark Bosnich
Billy Brawn
Frank Broome
Jimmy Cowan
Gordan Cowans
Jimmy Crabtree
Vic Crowe
George Cummings
John Devey
John Dixon
Arthur Dorrell
Dickie Dorsett
Andy Ducat
Jimmy Dugdale
Albert Evans
Allan Evans
Trevor Ford
Billy George
Andy Gray
Harry Hampton
Sam Hardy
Gerry Hitchens
Dennis Hodgetts
Eric Houghton
Brian Little
Con Martin
Peter McParland
Freddie Miles
Tony Morley
Dennis Mortimer
Frank Moss Snr.
Harry Parkes
John Reynolds
Jimmy Rimmer
Gary Shaw
Nigel Sims
Tommy Smart
Howard Spence
Nigel Spink
Clem Stephenson
Billy Walker
Charlie Wallace
Tommy Waring
Freddie Wheldon
Peter Withe
Dwight Yorke

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