Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Don Diaz - Voetballers - International - Footballeurs (1976) (Cigar bands)

Voetballers - International - Footballeurs
Don Diaz
24 cigar bands

12 different players and trainer, each one features twice in the collection. Nos. 1-12 are green and nos. 13 to 24 are orange. Both versions of the Van der Elst band are shown.

1.  Raymond Goethals (Trainer - National Team)
2.  Frans Van der Elst (Anderlecht)
3.  Polleunis Odilon (R.W.D.M.)
4.  Raoul Lambert (F.C. Bruges)
5.  M. Maurice (R.W.D.M.)
6.  Hugo Broos (Anderlecht)
7.  Julien Cools (FC Bruges)
8.  Nico Deb (Standard Liège)
9.  Christan Pai (Standard Liege)
10.  Ludo Coeck (Anderlecht)
11.  De Vrindt (F.C.Lokeren)
12.  Gilbert van Binst (Anderlecht)
13.  Raymond Goethals (Trainer - National Team)
14.  Frans Van der Elst (Anderlecht)
15.  Polleunis Odilon (R.W.D.M.)
16.  Raoul Lambert (F.C. Bruges)
17.  M. Maurice (R.W.D.M.)
18.  Hugo Broos (Anderlecht)
19.  Julien Cools (FC Bruges)
20.  Nico Deb (Standard Liège)
21.  Christan Pai (Standard Liege)
22.  Ludo Coeck (Anderlecht)
23.  De Vrindt (F.C.Lokeren)
24.  Gilbert van Binst (Anderlecht)

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