Friday 28 October 2016

Futera - Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.

Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.
50 cards

The cards are unnumbered and a limited edition version of this set was issued with gold gilt edges.

Greatest - Newcastle United F.C.
Greatest - Newcastle United F.C. - Gilt Edged
Greatest - Newcastle United F.C. - Uncut Sheet

Andy Aitken
Ivor Allchurch
Peter Beardsley
Frank Brennan
Ollie Burton
Frank Clarke
Andy Cole
Bobby Cowell
Reg Davies
Wyn Davies
George Eastham
Hughie Gallacher
Alex Gardner
Paul Gascoigne
Joe Harvey
Jim Howie
Frank Hudspeth
Kevin Keegan
Dick Keith
James Lawrence
Robert Lee
Wilf Low
Malcolm Macdonald
Roddy Mackenzie
Andrew McCombie
Billy McCracken
Tom McDonald
Alf McMichael
Peter McWilliam
Jackie Milburn
Bobby Mitchell
Bobby Moncur
James Nelson
George Robledo
Bryan Robson
Joe Richardson
Jack Rutherford
Jimmy Scoular
Stan Seymour
Len Shackleton
Alan Shearer
Ronnie Simpson
Charlie Spencer
Bobby Stokoe
Ernie Taylor
Colin Veitch
Chris Waddle
Sam Weaver
Len White
Title card

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