Sunday 23 October 2016

Futera - Headlines / World Class / Boxing Legends (9 card Uncut Sheet)

Headlines / World Class / Boxing Legends
1 sheet

An uncut sheet of 9 cards, each of the cards is rare in it's own right, but to find them in an uncut sheet is something special. This sheet is numbered 86/100 and may have been a case exclusive insert.

HL2.  Kevin Keegan (Liverpool)
HL1.  Mark Lawrenson (Liverpool)
WC5.  Chris Lawler (Liverpool)
NNO.  Dick Tiger (Boxing Legends)
NNO.  Teofilio Stevenson (Boxing Legends)
HL3.  Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
NNO.  Jimmy Wilde (Boxing Legends)
NNO.  Mike Tyson (Boxing Legends)
NNO.  Gene Tunney (Boxing Legends)

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