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A.D. Jones & Co. - Our Footballers


Our Footballers
A.D. Jones & Co.
192 photos

192 cabinet sized photographs issued in eight publications. Some of the players and teams are obviously football, some are obviously rugby, but some are not so easy to identify, so not all the non-rugby ones are football, some will probably be rugby. 191 listed out of 192.

Team Group (Sheffield United)
&   Team Group  (Sheffield Wednesday)
W. Foulkes (Sheffield United)
&   Arthur Wharton (Rotherham)
F.C. Dauncey (Newport (Rugby))
&   Alf Martin (Lincolnshire County League Secretary)
T.O. Davies (Bristol (Rugby))
&   F. Parfitt (Newport (Rugby))
A. Montgomery (Bury)
&   Bert Gould (Newport (Rugby))
A. Scott (Notts Forest)
&   E. Redman (Leicester)
Gavin Crawford (Woolwich Arsenal)
&   J.F. Fernie (Corinthians)
H. Boyd (Woolwich Arsenal)
&   F.H. Maturin (Blackheath)
W.R. Moon (Old Westminsters)
&   R.G. McMillan (London Scots)
H. Packer (Newport (Rugby))
&   Paul R Clarke (Cheshire)
J.H. Buckett (Cumberland (Rugby))
&   T.H. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)
Team Group (Derby County)
&   Team Group (Corinthians)
Edward C. Bambridge (England (Rugby))
&   Stanley Briggs (Tottenham Hotspur)
D. Robson (Millwall Athletic)
&   G. King (Millwall Atheltic)
G.L. Lloyd (Newport (Rugby))
&   T. McLintock (Burnley)
R.R Sandilands (Old Westminsters)
&   Charles Dixon (Blackheath)
J. Hurst (Oldham)
&   W.H. Birch (Gloucester (Rugby))
M. Sanders (Preston North End)
&   W.A.  Lambie (Queens Park)
Team Group (Preston North End)
&   Team Group (Burnley)
W. Gulliland (Queens Park)
&   W. Neilson (Scotland (Rugby))
Charles E. Dixon (Averthorpe (Rugby))
&   T.H. Dobson (Yorkshire (Rugby))
Team Group (Brighouse Rangers (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Hunslet (Rugby))
Team Group (Heckmondwicke (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Hollbeck (Rugby))
M. Sutcliffe (Huddersfield (Rugby))
&   J.E. Taylor (Huddersfield (Rugby))
Team Group (Leeds Parish Church (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Hull (Rugby))
Liversedge v Hunslet (at Halifax (Rugby))
&   Huddersfield v Halifax (Rugby)
Team Group (Manningham (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Halifax (Rugby))
T. Howell (Wakefield Trinity (Rugby))
&   H. Hirest (Wakefield Trinity (Rugby))
Team Group (Wakefield Trinity (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Huddersfield (Rugby))
Donald Jowett (Yorkshire (Rugby))
&   Fred Clegg (Manningham (Rugby))
H. Lodge (Yorkshire (Rugby))
&   C. Walford (Heckmondwike (Rugby))
Team Group (Yorkshire (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Leeds (Rugby))
Team Group (Aston Villa)
&   Team Group (Bolton Wanderers)
Dennis Hodgetts (Aston Villa)
&   J. Reynolds (Aston Villa)
J.W. Crabtree (Aston Villa)
&   J. Campbell (Aston Villa)
W.C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
&   W. Ollis (Small Heath)
Team Group (Blackburn Rovers)
&   Team Group (Durham (Rugby))
A. Allport (Blackheath (Rugby))
&   M. O'C. Tandy (Blackheath (Rugby))
Team Group (Bradford)
&   Team Group (Lincoln City)
Team Group (Broughton Rangers (Rugby))
&   ??
Team Group (Bury)
&   Team Group (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Daniel Doyle (Glasgow Celtic)
&   Fred A. Sargent (West Herts)
Team Group (Cheshire (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Cambridge University (Rugby))
G. Cardenter (Coventry)
&   R.F. Loveitt (Coventry)
J. Pickin (Coventry)
&   E.A. Murphy (Coventry)
E. Knowles (Cumberland (Rugby))
&   D. McArthur (Glasgow Celtic)
Team Group (England)
&   Team Group (Scotland)
Frank Evershed (England)
&   H. Matthews (Woolwich Arsenal)
G.O. Smith (England)
&   G.H. Cottrell (Surrey)
R.S.H. Baiss (Kent)
&   Guy Bulloch (Richmond (Rugby))
Team Group (Lancashire (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Moseley (Rugby))
Harry Varley (Lancashire (Rugby))
&   J. Valentine (Lancashire (Rugby))
Team Group (Leicester (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Nottingham Forest)
Team Group (Leicester Fosse)
&   Team Group (Midland (Rugby))
W.J. Foreman (Leicester (Rugby))
&   G. Jones (Leicester (Rugby))
W. Hay (London Caledonians)
&   John Graham (Millwall Athletic)
Team Group (Luton)
&   Team Group (Notts County)
W.J. Gilroy (Maidenhead)
&   C. McGahey (Middlesex)
Team Group (Manchester City)
&   Team Group (Huddersfield (Rugby))
Team Group (Middlesbrough)
&   Team Group (Sheppey United)
E.M. Baker (Midland (Rugby))
&   A.R. Badger (Midland (Rugby))
J.H. Rogers (Midland (Rugby))
&   John Devey (Aston Villa)
A.E. Geddes (Millwall Athletic)
&   W.P. Carpmeal (Blackheath (Rugby))
J.H. Gettins (Millwall Athletic)
&   Algernon Latter (Blackheath (Rugby))
Team Group (Morecambe (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Tyldesley (Rugby))
A.W. Boucher (Newport (Rugby))
&   J.W. Pearson (Newport (Rugby))
C.A.L. Jenkins (Newton Heath)
&   A.E. Cooke (Leicester)
Team Group (Northfleet)
&   Team Group (New Brompton)
A. Allsop (Nottingham Forest)
&   D. Jones (Bolton Wanderers)
J. McPherson (Nottingham Forest)
&   S. Bloomer (Derby County)
W. McCutcheon (Oldham)
&   J.F. Byrne (Moseley (Rugby))
Robert Holmes (Preston North End)
&   James Trainer (Preston North End)
Neil Gibson (Glasgow Rangers)
&   G.T. Neilson (Scotland)
William E. Bromet (Richmond (Rugby))
&   Edwin Field (Richmond (Rugby))
Team Group (Rochdale Hornets (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Warrington (Rugby))
Team Group (Runcorn (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Widnes (Rugby))
Team Group (Salford (Rugby))
&   Team Group (Oldham (Rugby))
W. Faulkner (Runcorn (Rugby))
&   S. Houghton (Runcorn (Rugby))
George Heath (Salford (Rugby))
&   H. Varley (Oldham (Rugby))
W. Manwaring (Salford (Rugby))
&   George Fawlett (Salford (Rugby))
G.F. Wheldon (Small Heath)
&   M. Whitham (Sheffield United)
Team Group (Southampton St. Marys)
&   Team Group (Chatham)
Team Group (Stockport (Rugby))
&   Team Group (St. Helens (Rugby))
F. Saville (Stockport (Rugby))
&   W. Cross (St. Helens (Rugby))
Team Group (Tottenham Hotspur)
&   Team Group (Millwall Athletic)
G. Woodward (Tyldesley (Rugby))
&   H. Chapman (Broughton Rangers (Rugby))
Team Group (Rowland Hill)
&   Roger Walker (Manchester City)
Team Group (Wales)
&   Team Group (Small Heath)
Team Group (West Bromwich Albion)
&   Team Group (Western Counties (Rugby))
C. Perry (West Bromwich Albion)
&   B.B. Tuke (Coventry (Rugby))
W.J. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
&   A.H. Frith (Midlands (Rugby))
W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)
&   J. Herbert & C. Fegan (Kent)
D. Brennan (Widnes (Rugby))
&   J. Simpson (Rochdale Hornets (Rugby))
Team Group (Woolwich Arsenal)
&   Team Group (Oxford University (Rugby))
H. Storer (Woolwich Arsenal)
&   R.C. Gosling (Old Etonians)
J. Caldwell (Woolwich Arsenal)
&   R.H. Cattell (Blackheath (Rugby))


  1. Just seen this entry Alan. Daft question I suppose but why are you missing one? Do you know which Part it was from? Maybe I should just go through them all!?!

  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for commenting. Accodring to my list it's whatever is on the reverse of the Broughton Rangers team photo.



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