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Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate - Football Highlights / Voetbal Glanspunte


Football Highlights / Voetbal Glanspunte
Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate
South Africa

Cards from South Africa this time. Turnwright's issued a number of football card collections through the 1960s, Many of the featured players had been imported from the lower leagues in England. Which makes some of these cards the only ones to feature certain club players from England. I only know of card numbers for two of them - the ones in the illustrations. I've no idea how many cards make up a full set.

7.  Bryan Orritt (Durban United)

12.  Francis Exall (Durban United)
Terry Lloyd (Arcadia Shepherds)
Trevor Gething (Arcadia Shepherds)
Brian Tocknell (Arcadia Shepherds)
Jimmy Pearson (Bloemfontein City)
Alan Redpath (Bloemfontein City)
Bobby Braithwaite (Bloemfontein City)
Denis John (Corinthians FC)
Robin Gray (Corinthians FC)
Bob Ridley (Corinthians FC)
George Wootten (Durban City)
Jim Scott (Durban City)
Gary Brown (Durban City)
Jim Scott (Durban City)
George Luke (Durban City)
Colin Shaw (Durban Spurs)
Dave Loveridge (Durban Spurs)
Robin Lowe (Durban Spurs)
Keith Peterson (Durban United)
Adam Thomson (Durban United)
Jack McDowell (East London Celtic)
Michael Fox (Germiston Callies)
Dave Goodwin (Germiston Callies)
Wally Gould (Hellenic FC)
Hugh Maxwell (Hellenic FC)
Gerry Morton (Port Elizabeth City)
George Scott (Port Elizabeth City)
Walter Da Silva (Powerlines FC)
Peter Rath (Powerlines FC)
Stan Forster (Rangers FC)
Willie Donaldson (Southern Suburbs)
John Maltby (Southern Suburbs)
Des Horne (Southern Suburbs)
Henning Joubert (Southern Suburbs)


  1. I am the widow of Francis Exall pictured on this card displayed here. Francis sadly died in May last year and I have just relocated to England to be close to our son and grandchildren. I will be mailing you Alan Jenkins in this regard . Best wishes Ianthe Exall

  2. Some super players listed above that I used to watch at Hartleyvale and Green Point stadia ... super Friday nights out. Many of the players depicted on the various cards issued at intervals during the 1960s featured players from the UK and even from Latin American countries. This was the old NFL before unification.

  3. I hold 3 additional cards that are not listed;
    No.56 Dave Forsyth of Durban City
    No.5 Billy Higgins of Durban City
    No.65 Alex Cameron of Cape Town City

  4. I hold a few of these cards, the highest number of which is No.65 - Alex Cameron of Cape Town City. Other cards with Name and Card No. will be sent separately by email.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thank you for your help. There are 3 posts relating to this collection. The most recent incomplete checklist can be found here:

      Turner & Wright / Turnwright's Chocolate - Football Highlights / Voetbal Glanspunte (03)


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