Monday, 6 May 2013

Dorhams Press, Southampton - Football Caricatures (2)

Football Caricatures
Dorhams Press, Southampton

I've heard from Southampton collector Martin Bennett who has been able to supply some more photos of the Dorhams Press cards:

Hi Alan,
I have just found your great website via Nigel Mercer. With my extensive collection of Southampton cards, stickers and other memorabilia I should be able to fill in some gaps in due course. I was very interested in the newly discovered B.A.B. Shields and will need to look out for the Southampton ones which I have never seen. 
In respect of the Dorhams Press caricatures I have the following cards in addition to the Ron Davies you featured, which are attached on a scan.
This set must have been produced around 1971 as both O'Brien and O'Neil joined Southampton in 1970. It is very similar to a 15 card set of caricatures drawn by Ron Davies which were produced by Southern Newspapers Ltd and given away to readers of "The Pink" Sports Echo (scan available if required).
Hope this helps
Martin Bennett

Tony Byrne
Mike Channon
Ron Davies
Hugh Fisher
Tom Jenkins
Joe Kirkup
John McGrath
Eric Martin
Gerry O'Brien
Brian O'Neil
Terry Paine
David Walker

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