Friday, 18 December 2015

Merseyside Police - Total Team (2010)

Total Team
Merseyside Police
14 cards

Almost a complete checklist, just missing the name of one St. Helens rugby league player even though I only have six card numbers.
UPDATE (21-03-2020 19:16):  Ian Carr has provided all the missing information so this checklist is now complete.

1/14.  Chief Constable Bernard Lawson (Merseyside Police)
2/14.  Marouane Fellaini (Everton)
3/14.  Rachel Brown (Everton)
4/14.  Tim Howard (Everton)
5/14.  Alan Mahon (Tranmere Rovers)
6/14.  Bas Savage (Tranmere Rovers)
7/14.  John Welsh (Tranmere Rovers)
8/14.  Pepe Reina (Liverpool)
9/14.  Jamie Carragher (Liverpool)
10/14.  James Graham (St. Helens R.L.F.C.)
11/14.  Tony Puletua (St. Helens R.L.F.C.)
12/14.  Boots (St. Helens R.L.F.C. Mascot)
13/14.  Andrew Thompson (Everton Tigers Basketball)
14/14.  Dzaflo Larkai (Everton Tigers Basketball)


  1. Hi Alan,

    I recently acquired this set at an auction and can fill in the missing gaps for you;

    1. The name of the Chief Constable is Bernard Lawson
    5. Alan Mahon
    6. Bas Savage
    7. John Welsh
    10. James Graham
    11. Tony Puletua (St Helens)
    12. Boots (St Helens mascot)
    13. Andrew Thomson
    14. Dzaflo Larkai



    1. Hi Ian,

      Thank you very much, it's always a bit of a thrill when a checklist is completed. Thanks for your help.



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