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Bassett & Co. - (BAS-23) Football (1985-86)


(BAS-23) Football
Bassett & Co.
48 cards

When this collection was issued it was assumed for a time that all cards could be found with B, A, R or T. Then it was thought that all cards could be found with the letter B on the back and either A, R or T.

1.  Graeme Sharp (Everton)

2.  Adrian Heath (Everton)
3.  Derek Mountfield (Everton)
4.  Peter Reid (Everton)
5.  Danny Wallace (Southampton)
6.  David Armstrong (Southampton)
7.  Noel Brotherston (Blackburn Rovers)
8.  Peter Barnes (Coventry City)
9.  John Aldridge (Oxford United)
10.  Clive Walker (Sunderland)
11.  Tommy Wright (Leeds United)
12.  Jesper Olsen (Manchester United)
13.  Gordon Strachan (Manchester United)
14.  Mark Hughes (Manchester United)
15.  Paul Hayloch (Norwich City)
16.  Paul Walsh (Liverpool)
17.  Martyn Bennett (West Bromwich Albion)
18.  Bruce Grobbelaar (Liverpool)
19.  John Wark (Liverpool)
20.  Mel Sterland (Sheffield Wednesday)
21.  Lee Chapman (Sheffield Wednesday)
22.  Peter Hucker (Queens Park Rangers)
23.  John Chiedozie (Tottenham Hotspur)
24.  Graham Roberts (Tottenham Hotspur)
25.  Colin Gibson (Aston Villa)
26.  Ray Stewart (West Ham United)
27.  Mark Chamberlain (Stoke City)
28.  Tony Cottee (West Ham United)
29.  Billy Wright (Birmingham City)
30.  Kenny Wharton (Newcastle United)
31.  Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
32.  Luther Blissett (Watford)
33.  David Bardsley (Watford)
34.  Brian Stein (Luton Town)
35.  Colin Morris (Sheffield United)
36.  Eric Gates (Ipswich Town)
37.  Mark Hatley (AC Milan)
38.  Trevor Francis (Sampdoria)
39.  Steve Lynex (Leicester City)
40.  Peter Nicholas (Arsenal)
41.  Paul Mariner (Arsenal)
42.  Brian Talbot (Arsenal)
43.  Murdo McLeod (Glasgow Celtic)
44.  Roy Aitken (Glasgow Celtic)
45.  Bryan Robson (Manchester United)
46.  Ray Wilkins (AC Milan)
47.  Chris Turner (Sunderland)
48.  Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)

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