Thursday 17 December 2015

Look-in magazine - Elastoplast Heroes


Elastoplast Heroes
Look-in magazine
9 (1 football)

An unusual free gift - medal plasters! I think there are nine different ones, but who's counting.

The Trapped Hand in Car Boot Medal

The Big Boy Medal for Bravery in the Face of a Bully
Hero of the Great Cycle Crash
1833 Hero of the Battle of Wounded Knee
Survivor of the Gravel Trip
The Teardrop Medal
The Bruised Shin Cup Winners Medal
The Snapped Branch Award
Survivor of the Great Ant Bite


  1. Funny stuff. And hey, there's Adam Ant! No stranger to Elastoplast there...

  2. I remember getting these in that copy of Lookin back in 1981.

    1. Yeah, one of the more unusual items on my blog!


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