Saturday, 19 December 2015

Taddy & Co. - Prominent Footballers (1907) (3)

Prominent Footballers
Taddy & Co.
595 cards (475 football, including 15 F.A. officials)

In a previous post Peter stated that he hadn't seen this card. I had originally listed the player incorrectly as H.J. Slater instead of H.J. Salter. The scan has been provided by Matthew Zubrot and the original checklist has been amended.

New Brompton (later to become Gillingham F.C.)
13 players

W.B. Floyd  -  Grapnel
D. Fullerton  -  Grapnel
J. Hartley  -  Imperial
E.A. Harvey  -  Imperial
J. Hopkins  -  Grapnel
G.H. Lloyd  -  Grapnel
W. Marriott  -  Grapnel
J. Martin  -  Grapnel
F. Mavin  -  Imperial
J. Pickering  -  Grapnel
H. Rowbotham  -  Imperial
H.J. Salter  -  Imperial
S. Smith  -  Imperial

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