Thursday, 17 December 2015

R. Scott & Co. - 1906 F.A. Cup Final (Everton v Newcastle United)

1906 F.A. Cup Final (Everton v Newcastle United)
R. Scott & Co.
2 postcards

The Everton postcard is sometimes refered to as being issued for the 1907 F.A. Cup Final when Everton lost to Sheffield Wednesday and is listed as such on The Everton Collection website. It's possible that it was also sold prior to this game but as the numbers of both these cards are so close it must have been issued originally for the 1906 F.A. Cup Final when Everton defeated Newcastle United 1-0. Hugh Bolton played in both games but doesn't feature in the team photo. Bob Balmer and Jeck Crelley each played in one game and both are in the photo. Both cards show the Crystal Palace ground, the regular venue for the F.A. Cup Final during this period.

957.  Newcastle United F.C. English Cup Team
960.  Everton Football Club

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