Friday, 18 December 2015

Panini - Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 (20) - River Plate

Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365
378 cards

River Plate cards replaced those of CSKA Moskva when the collection was released in Argentina. I haven't been able to compile a complete list of cards but this is how it stands at the moment. It's a list of all the CSKA Moskva cards from the original checklist.
UPDATE (18-12-2015 19:39):  All the missing names have been supplied by mszaby.
UPDATE (18-12-2015 19:55):  Card no. 6 has been confirmed as including River Plate. Thanks to the anonymous comment below.

6.  River Plate, Galatasaray AS, Juventus
67.  Team Logo (River Plate)
68.  Marcelo Barovero (River Plate)
69.  Jonathan Maidana (River Plate)
76.  Gabriel Mercado (River Plate)
77.  Leonardo Pisculichi (River Plate)
78.  Rodrigo Mora (River Plate)
184.  Lucas Alario (River Plate) - Goal Machine
185.  Carlos Sánchez (River Plate) - Key Player
186.  Éder Balanta (River Plate) - One To Watch

Fans' Favourite

235.  Javier Saviola (River Plate)


283.  Leonardo Ponzio (River Plate)

12th Man

302.  Fans (River Plate)


  1. 67. Team Logo (River Plate)
    68. Marcelo Barovero (River Plate)
    69. Jonathan Maidana (River Plate)
    76. Gabriel Mercado (River Plate)
    77. Leonardo Pisculichi (River Plate)
    78. Rodrigo Mora (River Plate)

    184. Lucas Alario (River Plate) - Goal Machine
    185. Carlos Sánchez (River Plate) - Key Player
    186. Éder Balanta (River Plate) - One To Watch

    235 - Javier Saviola - Fans Favourite
    283 - Leonardo Ponzio - Expert
    302 - Fans (River Plate) - 12th Man


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