Friday, 18 December 2015

I.P.C. Magazines / Shoot - Great Brits


Great Brits
I.P.C. Magazines / Shoot
10 stickers

These stickers were given away over a five week period starting with the issue dated 26 September, 1989, when a free poster to collect the stickers on was also included, and ending with the issue dated 24 October, 1987. The information included here is not as complete as I would like, but at least the ten players are identified.

UPDATE (18-12-2015 20:59):  Thanks to Graham Bruton for providing issue dates for the Bryan Robson and Gary Lineker stickers.

1.  Peter Shilton
2.  Paul McStay (Celtic)  -   10 October, 1987
3.  Ian Rush (Liverpool)
4.  Alan Hansen (Liverpool)
5.  Bryan Robson (Manchester United)  -  24 October, 1987
6.  Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton)
7.  Glenn Hoddle (England)  -   10 October, 1987
8.  Neil Webb (Nottingham Forest)
9.  Gary Lineker (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  24 October, 1987
10.  Davie Cooper (Rangers)

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