Saturday 19 December 2015

Local Authority Caterers Association - Keeping the Balance Sports Stars


Keeping the Balance Sports Stars
Local Authority Caterers Association
5 cards (1 football)

John Levitt has kindly supplied all the scans of these cards along with the relevant passage from the London Cigarette Card Company magazine Cigarette Card News from September 1997.

Issued to pupils during National School Meals Week to promote healthy eating, these are colour pictures of British sports stars Sally Gunnell, Tim Henman, Nasser Hussain, Paul Palmer and Alan Shearer, within a red border, with name and "K the B" (Keeping the Balance) below. Size 67 x 37mm with detailed texts on the backs.

Sally Gunnell (Atheltics)

Tim Henman (Tennis)
Nasser Hussain (Cricket)
Paul Palmer (Swimming)
Alan Shearer

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  1. LACA also produced a similar series (for the 1996 Olympics IIRC). The only one I can remember is Linford Christie.

    Up until now I had no idea these cards were distributed nationally. Ah well, didn't know much outside Sheffield when I was 5 or 6.


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